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Ionized Air Rinsers (1 supplier)
Ionized Alkaline Water Filters (5 suppliers)
Ionizer Air Purifiers (4 suppliers)
Ionizer Tester (1 supplier)
Ionizing Air Blowers (1 supplier)
Ionizing Air Guns (5 suppliers)
Ionizing air guns neutralize static charges on materials and clean the surface using ionized compressed air. It cleans the surface and prevents dust and dirt particles by neutralizing the static charges. The compressed air is free from oil and water. The guns are connected to a power unit, which supplies the required voltage.
Ionizing Air Knifes (4 suppliers)
Ionizing air knifes uses static bar to blow a stream of ionized air on a charged surface to eliminate static and contaminants. It is used for extended range ionizer and as a cleaning device for webs and plastic parts. It features low air consumption, variable force & flow and ionized air for neutralizing a static charge. It is available in stainless steel or aluminum.
Ionizing Air Nozzles (1 supplier)
Ionizing Bars (6 suppliers)
Ionizing Blow-off Guns (2 suppliers)
Ionizing Blowers (3 suppliers)
Ionizing Gloves (1 supplier)
Ionizing Guns (1 supplier)
Ionizing Nozzles (3 suppliers)
Ionizing Particulate Scrubbers (2 suppliers)
The ionizing particulate scrubber is provided for the removal of particulate from a gaseous exhaust stream. It consists of two sections which includes charging section and collection section. The charging section comprises one or more cylindrical tubular ground chambers each with a rigid threaded rod electrode extending through the center . The transformer/rectifier is provided to supply high voltage DC power to the electrode such that the cylindrical tubular ground chambers act as the ground to enable a corona to form on the threaded rod electrode. Ground rods in the packing and liquid sump allow the entire section to act as a grounded collector for the charged particulate. The gas stream and charged particulate are immediately sent from the charge section to the collection section of the system, and clean gas is then passed through an entrainment separator section to remove liquid droplets.
Ionizing Rods (3 suppliers)
Ionizing Wet Scrubbers (4 suppliers)
Ionizing Wet Scrubbers combines the principles of electrostatic particle discharging, inertial impaction and gas absorption. High voltage ionization is used to electrostatically charge particles before they enter a packed bed scrubber section. In the packed bed, particulate is removed by attraction of charged particles to neutral surface. The electrostatically charge particles are attracted to the neutral surfaces by a phenomenon called "image force attraction″.gas flow through an I system is typically horizontal. This system can remove particulate as small as 0.1 micron.
Ionometer (1 supplier)
iOS Meter (1 supplier)
IOS Software (2 suppliers)
IOSH Managing Safely Training Services (2 suppliers)
IP Addressable Loudspeaker System (1 supplier)
IP Addressable Single Zone Interface (1 supplier)
IP Color Fixed Dome Camera (10 suppliers)
IP Encryption Devices (2 suppliers)
IP Fixed Color Camera (12 suppliers)
IP Fixed Day/Night Camera (11 suppliers)
IP Network Video Recorders (3 suppliers)
IP Over Combat Net Radio (1 supplier)
IP Phone Systems (2 suppliers)
IP Rated Enclosures (1 supplier)
IP Routing Products (2 suppliers)
IP Solutions (4 suppliers)
IP Telephony Availability Systems (8 suppliers)
IP Thermometers (4 suppliers)
IP Video Distribution Systems (1 supplier)
IP Video Surveillance (9 suppliers)
IP VSAT Satellite WAN Modules (2 suppliers)
IP/Network Color Bullet Cameras (3 suppliers)
IP66 Switches (3 suppliers)
IP67 Switches (2 suppliers)
IP68 Switches (1 supplier)
iPad Mini Vibration Analyzer (1 supplier)
IPC Operator Training Services (4 suppliers)
IPC Standards Training Services (6 suppliers)
IPC Training (3 suppliers)
IPC Training Services (5 suppliers)
IPC, WHMA-A-620 Training Services (4 suppliers)
IPC-A-610 Class A Training Services (4 suppliers)
Ipod USB Cable (2 suppliers)
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