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Drill Stem Guides (1 supplier)
Drill Stem Pipe (6 suppliers)
Drill Stem Tensioner (1 supplier)
Drill Stem Testing (7 suppliers)
Drill Stem Testing Tools (2 suppliers)
Drill Stems (7 suppliers)
Drill Step Grinders (4 suppliers)
Drill Stop Collars (5 suppliers)
Drill Stop Sets (1 supplier)
Drill Stops (3 suppliers)
Drill String Compensator Systems (2 suppliers)
Drill String Pull Testing (1 supplier)
Drill String Radars (1 supplier)
Drill String Radars provides many benefits for improved mining and oil extraction, which includes reduced cost and more efficient mining by providing more accurate information about geologic structures. It increases fuel production rates and enhanced recovery of oil and gas. It enhances safety for miners and minimal surface disturbance, which preserves the environment and prevents dangerous fractured roof rock. It is highly adaptable to many sizes and grades of drill pipe. It is used in conjunction with the industry's existing down whole sensors. It does not require re-engineering or modification of existing equipment. It has specialized radar developed for use on a drill string (vertical drill pipe, horizontal directional drill pipe, or coiled tubing drilling systems) to provide sensitivity to nearby structures and geologic layering. It maximizes the horizontal distance potential by minimizing the number of well bores required to access a given area.
Drill String Repair Services (3 suppliers)
Drill Tank Mounts (1 supplier)
Drill Tapper (2 suppliers)
Drill Tapping Center (4 suppliers)
Drill Teeth and Adapters (1 supplier)
Drill Tool & Pipe Inspection (6 suppliers)
Drill Tool Alternators (1 supplier)
Drill Trailers (2 suppliers)
Drill Tube Drivers (2 suppliers)
Drill Tube Packing Glands (2 suppliers)
Drill Type Tip Cleaner Wire Gauges (1 supplier)
Drill Units (4 suppliers)
Drill-Mounted Wire Brushes (1 supplier)
Drill-Mounted Wire Wheels (1 supplier)
Drill-Out Bi-Center Bits (1 supplier)
Drill-Out Damaged Bolt Extractors (1 supplier)
Drill-Press Toggle Clamps (1 supplier)
Drill-Spot-Heel Clamp Straps (1 supplier)
Drill-Tap Indexes (1 supplier)
Drill/Tap/Stud Insertion Machines (2 suppliers)
Drillable Cement Retainers (3 suppliers)
Drilled Balls (2 suppliers)
Drilled Bolts (2 suppliers)
Drilled Cutting Injection System (1 supplier)
Drilled Displacement Piles (1 supplier)
Drilled Footings (2 suppliers)
Drilled Head Screws (2 suppliers)
Drilled Linear Rails (1 supplier)
Drilled Piers (2 suppliers)
Drilled Press Rolls (1 supplier)
Drilled Roll Rubber Production Mills (1 supplier)
Drilled Rotors (3 suppliers)
Drilled Scalloped Brake Rotors (1 supplier)
Drilled Shaft Downhole Camera System (1 supplier)
Drilled Shaft Inspection Device (1 supplier)
Drilled Shaft Sidewall Sampler (1 supplier)
Drilled Shafts (4 suppliers)
Drilled shaft is a deep foundation that is constructed by placing concrete in an excavated hole. It can carry both axial and lateral loads. They are also called as bored piles, piers, drilled piers, caissons, drilled caissons, or cast-in-place piles. To increase the bearing capacity, drilled shafts are commonly socketed into rock. The portion of the shaft drilled into rock is referred to as a rock socket. It can penetrate through soils with cobbles or boulders. They can also be socketed into rock. The diameter or length of the drilled shaft can be easily changed during construction to compensate for unanticipated soil/rock conditions.
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