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Immuno Electrophoresis Apparatus (0 suppliers)
Impact & Environmental Recorders (3 suppliers)
Impact Acrylic Thermoplastic Resins (1 supplier)
Impact Adapters (2 suppliers)
Impact Attenuator Systems (1 supplier)
Impact Attenuators (1 supplier)
Impact attenuator is a crash attenuator. It is a device intended to reduce the damage done to structures, vehicles and motors. It is designed to absorb the errant vehicle like kinetic energy and redirect the vehicle from the hazard. It is a collection of sand and water filled barrels and are placed in freeways, such as gore points and overpass supports. It is available in two types such as truck-mounted and freestanding impact attenuators. Truck-mounted attenuators are safety devices used for mobile operations conducted in traffic.
Impact Bar Assemblies (4 suppliers)
Impact Bars (4 suppliers)
Impact Beds for Conveyors (5 suppliers)
Conveyor impact bed provides maximum support for the entire loading area to prevent belt damage and minimize spillage. Conventional impact bed supports the belt across the width of the belt to prevent it from severe damage, when the large material is dropped from several feet height. Its heavy steel I-beam construction eliminates damage to stands.
Impact Binders (1 supplier)
Impact Bumper (1 supplier)
Impact Chucks (1 supplier)
Impact Cleaner (1 supplier)
Impact Conveyors (1 supplier)
Impact Cover Plates (1 supplier)
Impact Cradles (1 supplier)
Impact Crimp Tool (2 suppliers)
Impact Crushers (65 suppliers)
Impact crushers come in several forms that include vertical shaft impactors, hammer mills, ball mills and rod mills. Hammer mills comprise a horizontal rotor with hammers attached, spinning at high speed within a chamber lined with breaker plates. The feedstock enters at the top of the chamber and passes through a discharge plate at the bottom when it is the correct size. The rotor spins at between 750 and 1800 rpm. The feedstock is broken by the combination of direct impact by the hammers, impact with the breaker plates lining the chamber, and impact with other particles of the feedstock.
Impact Cutter (2 suppliers)
Impact Date/Timer (1 supplier)
Impact Detection Devices (3 suppliers)
Impact Detection Equipment (3 suppliers)
Impact Detection Labels (1 supplier)
Impact Digital Multimeter (2 suppliers)
Impact Doors (20 suppliers)
Impact Drill Bits (2 suppliers)
Impact Drill Kit (3 suppliers)
Impact Drills (24 suppliers)
The impact drill consists of a shaft that can move back and forth about an eighth of an inch. The back of the shaft has a corrugated plate attached to it, which rests on a similar stationary plate. When the shaft rotates and pressure is applied on the drill, the cam action of the rotating plate against the stationary one causes a rapid hammering effect which allows the bit to penetrate hard materials.
Impact Drive Adapters (1 supplier)
Impact Driver Combo Kit (1 supplier)
Impact Driver Set (1 supplier)
Impact Drivers (8 suppliers)
Impact Dryer Mills (2 suppliers)
Impact Dryers (1 supplier)
Impact Echo System (2 suppliers)
Impact Extension Adapters (1 supplier)
Impact Extensions (2 suppliers)
Impact Fine Crusher (6 suppliers)
Impact Grips (1 supplier)
Impact Hammer Drills (1 supplier)
Impact Hammers (7 suppliers)
Impact Hex Bits (1 supplier)
Impact Idlers (7 suppliers)
Impact Indicators (1 supplier)
Impact Locking Extensions (1 supplier)
Impact Mills (7 suppliers)
Impact Mill consists primarily of a serious of hinged of fixed hammers revolving in an enclosed chamber lined with cast, wear-resistant plates. Grinding results from a combination of hammer impact on the larger particles and attrition of the smaller particles on one another and across the grinding surfaces. An air system with the fan mounted either internally or externally on the main shaft induces a flow through the mill. An internal or external type of classifier may be used. This class of mill is simple and compact, is low in cost, and may be built in very small sizes.
Impact Modal Testing (0 suppliers)
Impact Monitoring System (1 supplier)
Impact Monitors (1 supplier)
Impact Nutdrivers (1 supplier)
451 to 500 of 8469 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 [10] 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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