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Semiconductor Processing Chambers (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Processing Equipments (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Processing Heaters (10 suppliers)
Semiconductor Processing Heaters are used in wafer processing industries. It demands precise heat uniformity and unmatched performance from a heating device.
Semiconductor Protection Fuses (2 suppliers)
Semiconductor Prototypes (4 suppliers)
Semiconductor Prototyping (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Pumps (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Recycling (5 suppliers)
Semiconductor Seals (5 suppliers)
Semiconductor Sensors (2 suppliers)
Semiconductor Shield Cleaning (2 suppliers)
Semiconductor Spacers (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Stages (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Standoffs (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Strain Gauges (2 suppliers)
Semiconductor Switches (9 suppliers)
Semiconductor Switching Devices (2 suppliers)
Semiconductor Temperature Sensors (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Test and Measurement (7 suppliers)
Semiconductor Test Instruments (15 suppliers)
Semiconductor Test Sockets (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Testers (23 suppliers)
Semiconductor Testing Equipments (9 suppliers)
Semiconductor Testing Probes (4 suppliers)
Semiconductor Testing Systems (17 suppliers)
Semiconductor Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems (6 suppliers)
Semiconductor Vacuum Valve Seals (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Vacuum Valve Seats (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Vaporizers (1 supplier)
Semiconductor vaporizers are designed for the vaporization of high purity gas applications in the electronics industry. Natural draft vaporizers utilize convection as the heat transfer mechanism. It comprises a number of individual multi-finned aluminum heat transfer extruded elements lined with a cold drawn bright-annealed electro polished stainless steel tube. Extrusions are connected in series. Liners are hydrostatically expanded into the extrusion element to ensure 100% contact and efficient heat transfer.
Semiconductor Wafer Cards (3 suppliers)
Semiconductor Wafer Cleaners (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Wafer Dicing (6 suppliers)
Semiconductor Wafer Handling Systems (4 suppliers)
Semiconductor Wafer Tape (1 supplier)
Semiconductor Wafers (10 suppliers)
Semiconductor Wet Process Tool (1 supplier)
Semiconductors (978 suppliers)
Semiconductors are those substances whose electrical conductivity lies between conductors and insulators. In terms of energy band, the valance band is almost filled and conduction band is almost empty. In a semiconductor, the outermost orbit will be partially filled. For example, the number of valance electrons is 4 in Germanium and Silicon. A comparatively smaller electric field is required to push the electrons from the valance band to conduction band. At low temperature, the valance band is completely filled and the conduction band is completely empty. Therefore a semiconductor virtually behaves as an insulator at low temperature. However even at room temperature some electrons crossover to the conduction band giving conductivity to the semiconductors. As temperature increases, the number of electrons crossing over to the conduction band increases and hence electrically increases. Hence a semiconductor has negative temperature coefficient of resistance. The types of semiconductor are intrinsic semiconductor, extrinsic semiconductor, N-type semiconductor and P-Type semiconductor. Pure semiconductor is called intrinsic semiconductor. A small amount of impurity is added to intrinsic semiconductor is referred as extrinsic semiconductor. The amount of impurity added is extremely small say 1 to 2 atoms of impurities for 106 intrinsic atoms. A small amount of pentavalent impurities such as arsenic, antimony or phosphorus is added to the pure semiconductor to get N-Type semiconductor. A small amount of trivalent impurities such as aluminum or boron is added into the pure semiconductor to get the P-Type semiconductor.
Semiconductors ADSL Modem (6 suppliers)
Semiconductors Analog Switches (11 suppliers)
Semiconductors Design Services (6 suppliers)
Semiconductors Emulation (2 suppliers)
Semiconductors for Audio Signal Processing (6 suppliers)
Semiconductors for Microcontrollers (3 suppliers)
Semiconductors Fuses (21 suppliers)
Semiconductors Manufacturing Equipment (8 suppliers)
Semiconductors Memory (13 suppliers)
Semiconductors Microprocessor (7 suppliers)
Semiconductors Modem (8 suppliers)
Semiconductors Packaging (1 supplier)
Semiconductors Production Equipment (5 suppliers)
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