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Blast Hood w/ Bump Cap (2 suppliers)
Blast Hoods (1 supplier)
Blast Hoods are airline respirators that offer comfortable, reliable respiratory protection for abrasive blasters and painters. These are designed to protect head, neck and torso from abrasive rebound during abrasive blasting operations. Air flow is channeled directly to the worker's breathing zone for easy breathing. It has an assigned protection factor of 1,000 in lead environments.
Blast Hose (15 suppliers)
Blast Hose Couplings (2 suppliers)
Blast Hose Fittings (4 suppliers)
Blast Hose Nipples (1 supplier)
Blast Joints (7 suppliers)
Blast Joints are heavy wall tubes, which are run as an integral part of the tubing string. The purpose of a blast joint is to minimize the effect of external erosive action. Blast Joints are heavy wall connectors made up in tubing strings opposite the location where perforations are made in the production casing. These blast joints are commonly used when an oil or gas well are drilled, which encounters two or more producing formations or zones. Blast joints are designed and developed in order to protect the tubing. Blast joints are used as protective devices against tubing damage from the erosive effects of fluids jets from the perforations. Blast joints are placed opposite perforations in multiple string completions or single string multi-zone completions. These joints are used as protective devices against tubing damage from the erosive effects of fluids jets from the perforations.
Blast Machines (6 suppliers)
Blast Mitigation Systems (1 supplier)
Blast Nozzles & Couplings (4 suppliers)
Blast Nozzles & Couplings are used for cleaning in blast rooms and outside bridge contract cleaning. Couplings to connect your blast unit to the hose are usually called tank couplings. Quick couplings would connect the blast hose to the tank or to another hose for longer runs. Both the tank coupling and quick coupling can be made of aluminum, brass or plastic. They allow connecting the nozzle to the blast hose and have a male thread in order to screw in the nozzle.
Blast Pak Compressed Air Drying System (1 supplier)
Blast Pot Valves (2 suppliers)
Blast Protection Services (1 supplier)
Blast Resistant Equipment Centers (1 supplier)
Blast Resistant Panels (2 suppliers)
Blast Resistant Security Doors (6 suppliers)
Blast Resistant Ventilation Ducts (1 supplier)
Blast Room Blasting (5 suppliers)
Blast Room Curtains (3 suppliers)
Blast Room System (8 suppliers)
Blast Rooms (12 suppliers)
Blast rooms are large blasting enclosures. It is designed to handle work too large even for the biggest blast cabinet. It contains both the work piece and the operator. A dust collection system provides visibility; recovery floor sections convey the spent abrasive to an abrasive cleaning system, which returns only good abrasive to the blast machine. It consists of several key components that need to work in harmony with each other, and need to be selected based upon the specific needs of the application.
Blast Surface Profile Testing Kits (1 supplier)
Blast Testing Equipment (1 supplier)
Blast Tips (3 suppliers)
Blast Tips are suited for heating applications where an intense focusless flame is desirable. Blast tips are used for heating work on continuous soft silver soldering machines as well as batch type soldering set-ups. Blast tips are built to burn without the use of any refractory tunnel and are either self-piloting or built to prevent the flame from blowing away under normal conditions of operation. They are used in groups to heat a wide area such as the bottom of a kettle or mounted down a length of pipe as in a core oven.
Blast Valves (1 supplier)
Blast Wheel Assemblies (3 suppliers)
Blast Wheel Housings (2 suppliers)
Blaster Penetrating Catalyst (1 supplier)
Blasthole Bits (3 suppliers)
Blasthole Drills (5 suppliers)
Blasting (5 suppliers)
Blasting Abrasives (7 suppliers)
Blasting Abrasives are environmentally safe blast abrasives that can be used with water blasters, soda blasters, slurry blasters, or pressure washers. These abrasives are great for degreasing, cleaning and depainting while remaining harmless to the environment. Since these abrasives dissolve in water, cleanup is unbelievably easy. These abrasives are free from toxic fumes, silicate dusts and explosive dust. These are exceptionally useful for cooling towers, motor parts and hard to reach areas. These are used almost anywhere - even in areas where dust and sparks are a problem.
Blasting Away Debris (1 supplier)
Blasting Cabinets (25 suppliers)
Blasting Cables (1 supplier)
Blasting Consoles (1 supplier)
Blasting Equipment (17 suppliers)
Blasting Gloves (1 supplier)
Blasting Media (8 suppliers)
Blasting Pot (4 suppliers)
Blasting Trays (1 supplier)
Blazer (1 supplier)
BLDC Motor Controllers (5 suppliers)
Bleach Pulp Washers (1 supplier)
Bleached Board (2 suppliers)
Bleached Cotton Rag (1 supplier)
Bleached Liners (1 supplier)
Bleacher and Grandstand Installation (1 supplier)
Bleacher Seating Frames (2 suppliers)
Bleacher Seating Stampings (1 supplier)
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