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Direct Drive Suspension Blowers (3 suppliers)
Direct Drive Synchronous Motor (2 suppliers)
Direct Drive Torque Motors (2 suppliers)
Direct Drive Tubeaxial Fans (4 suppliers)
Direct Drive Turbo Air Blowers (2 suppliers)
Direct Drive Turntables (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Type B Vaneaxial Fans (2 suppliers)
Direct Drive Type Fire Extinguisher Gauge (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Type J Vaneaxial Fans (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Type P Vaneaxial Fans (2 suppliers)
Direct Drive Units (2 suppliers)
Direct Drive Upblast Fans (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Upblast Propeller Exhausters (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Vane Axial Fans (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Vertical Small Cartridge Filter (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Wall Fan (1 supplier)
Direct Drive Wall Propeller Fans (7 suppliers)
Direct Driveline Adapters (1 supplier)
Direct Driven Axial Fans (12 suppliers)
Double stage axial fans is a two-stage axial flow fan, which develops double the pressure rise compared to that of a conventional single stage fan. The fan has two impellers mounted on a common shaft with a guide vane arrangement between the two impellers. The fans operating point is quickly adjusted to the system load demand by varying the pitch of the hydraulically adjustable impeller blades. These fans are applied where high static pressure is required or where the static pressure per stage should be reduced so that a smaller hub diameter can be used. There are two ways to design these fans: (1) with two fan wheels rotating in the same direction and with guide vanes placed between the two stages or (2) with two counter-rotating fan wheels and no guide vanes at all. By either method, the two-stage unit will approximately double the static pressure.
Direct Driven Centaxial Fans (1 supplier)
Direct Driven Liquid Coolers (1 supplier)
Direct Driven Low Pressure Wall Fans (1 supplier)
Direct Driven Motor (2 suppliers)
Direct Driven Positive Displacement Blowers (1 supplier)
Direct Driven pressure Blowers (30 suppliers)
Direct Driven Rotary Compressors (1 supplier)
Direct Driven Single Stage Fans (6 suppliers)
Direct Driven Upblast Roof Ventilators (2 suppliers)
Direct Driven Wall Mounted Filtered Air Supply Fans (1 supplier)
Direct Dyes (42 suppliers)
Direct Earth Burial Distribution Wires (2 suppliers)
Direct Execution Logic Processor (1 supplier)
Direct Expansion Chillers (2 suppliers)
Direct Expansion Coils (5 suppliers)
Direct Expansion Evaporators (1 supplier)
Direct Expansion Refrigerated Dryers (1 supplier)
Direct Extraction Negative Ion Source (1 supplier)
Direct Field Light (1 supplier)
Direct Fill Link (1 supplier)
direct filtration tubular filter elements (1 supplier)
Direct Fire Crack Sealants (1 supplier)
Direct Fire Tar Kettles (1 supplier)
Direct Fired Air Handling Units (1 supplier)
Direct Fired API Heaters (2 suppliers)
Direct Fired Burners (2 suppliers)
Direct Fired Equipments (1 supplier)
Direct Fired Fuel Gas Heating Systems (3 suppliers)
Direct Fired Fuel Oil Mobile Space Heaters (3 suppliers)
Direct Fired Gas Air Make Up Units (1 supplier)
Direct-fired gas air make-up units are air supply system in a self-contained package with fan, burner and controls. It is used in connection of gas line and power source. It features heavy-duty forward curved or backward inclined DWDI centrifugal blower and peaked roof to eliminate standing water. It contains 14-gauge galvanized steel housing and remote operating station.
Direct Fired Heaters (50 suppliers)
The direct fired heater refers to heating equipment that burns gas directly in the fresh air stream resulting in the most efficient method of heat transfer. It generates the lowest cost per BTU of heating when compared to indirect-fired and electric strip heaters. These direct-fired heaters are well suited and widely accepted for applications such as commercial kitchens, service garages, transit facilities, factories, warehouses and paint-booths. The direct-fired heater incorporates intelligent flame monitoring equipment. This equipment ensures that the airflow through the burner and gas flow to the burner are optimized to produce the most efficient and clean combustion process.
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