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Fall Safe Systems (2 suppliers)
Fall-Guard Clear Aisles (1 supplier)
Fall-Guard Mezzanine Safety Gates (3 suppliers)
Fall-Guard Pivot Gates (1 supplier)
Fall-Guard Swing Gates (2 suppliers)
Fall-of-Potential Ground Testers (1 supplier)
Fallback Switches (2 suppliers)
Falling Ball Viscometer (1 supplier)
Falling Dart Impact Testers (3 suppliers)
Falling Dart Impact Testers is intended for the determination of mechanical properties of packaging material such as plastic films, laminates and paper. It comprises a horizontal base-plate on which a vertical column of steel is erected and which on its top carries a release mechanism in which the falling dart can be inserted. It consists of a hemispherical part of aluminum with polished surface and a vertical shaft in the center of the flat top surface. It is used to specify appropriate materials for applications involving impact or to evaluate the effect of secondary finishing operations or other environmental factors on plastic impact properties. It has special lighting design, easy to observe micro-computer processes test results, intelligent test enhances test efficiency, pneumatic clamping and releasing decrease test time and errors.
Falling Film Absorbers (6 suppliers)
Falling film absorbers comprise of absorption liquid distributor, cooling & absorption section and vapor-liquid separator. Absorption liquid distributor is for film forming and flows into absorption tube in cooling and absorption section. The cooling and absorption section has two models include shell and tube & block, basis of its heat transfer unit. The advantages of these absorbers include high efficiency of absorption, low outlet temperature and low flow resistance.
Falling Film Chillers (1 supplier)
Falling Film Evaporator Repairs (3 suppliers)
Falling Film Evaporators (25 suppliers)
Falling Film Evaporators (23 suppliers)
Falling film evaporator is a device used industrially to concentrate solutions, especially solutions with heat sensitive components. In falling film evaporators, liquid and vapors flow downwards in parallel flow. The liquid to be concentrated is preheated to boiling temperature. An even thin film enters the heating tubes via a distribution device in the head of the evaporator, flows downward at boiling temperature, and is partially evaporated. This gravity-induced downward movement is increasingly augmented by the co-current vapor flow. Falling film evaporators can be operated with very low temperature differences between the heating media and the boiling liquid, and they also have very short product contact times, typically just a few seconds per pass. These characteristics make the falling film evaporator particularly suitable for heat-sensitive products, and it is the most frequently used type of evaporator.
Falling Film Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers (19 suppliers)
Falling Film Tubular Evaporators (2 suppliers)
Falling Liquid Film Columns (4 suppliers)
Falling Needle Viscometer (1 supplier)
Fallout Shelters (2 suppliers)
Fallow Master Sweeps (1 supplier)
False Ceiling Adapter Plate (2 suppliers)
Fan Ambient Vaporizers (1 supplier)
Fan and Drive Inspection (2 suppliers)
Fan Aspirated Meteorological Measurement System (1 supplier)
Fan Assembly With Custom Dc Power Connector (1 supplier)
Fan Balance Clips (1 supplier)
Fan Balancing in Cooling Towers (21 suppliers)
Fan Balancing Services (1 supplier)
Fan Belts (1 supplier)
Fan Blade Assembly (7 suppliers)
Fan Blade Balancing Kits (3 suppliers)
Fan Blade Gages (4 suppliers)
Fan Blade Spacer Kit (3 suppliers)
Fan Blades (44 suppliers)
Fan Boots (1 supplier)
Fan Brackets (1 supplier)
Fan Casing (3 suppliers)
Fan Centers (1 supplier)
Fan Chalk Drying Batch Oven (0 suppliers)
Fan Cleaning Systems (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch & Belt Tools (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Bolt Holding Tools (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Controls (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Installers (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Nut Wrenches (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Pulley Holding Tools (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Remover/Installer Set with Serpentine Belt Tool (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Removers (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Seal Kits (1 supplier)
Fan Clutch Tools (1 supplier)
501 to 550 of 13417 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [11] 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 >> Next 50 Results
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