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Wind Farm Cable Assemblies (1 supplier)
Wind Farm Construction (1 supplier)
Wind Field Service (1 supplier)
Wind Generation Services (1 supplier)
Wind Generator Relay (1 supplier)
Wind Generator Repair Services (2 suppliers)
Wind Generator Towers (6 suppliers)
Wind Generators (22 suppliers)
Wind Industry Safety (1 supplier)
Wind Machine Gear Boxes (1 supplier)
Wind Measurement Systems (4 suppliers)
Wind measurement system is a passive, aerodynamic yaw system with an operating mode, which uses the electrical power generated as an indicator of wind speed. Sequence control and yawing requires measuring the wind speed and direction, in case of larger turbines. It is better to measure wind speed directly by means of the electric power output. The rotor is the wind measuring instrument of a turbine. The precise measurement of wind speed and direction is an essential element in weapon and decoy systems control, helicopter and fixed wing aircraft handling, navigation and fuel management. In addition to supplying basic meteorological information, vectored wind velocity measurements are essential to the analysis of small caliber ballistic trajectories, optical wave propagation in the lower atmosphere, and wind shears as well as vorticies.
Wind Meter (6 suppliers)
Wind Monitoring Systems (3 suppliers)
Wind Noise Test Sets (1 supplier)
Wind Power Flange (1 supplier)
Wind Power Generation Services (4 suppliers)
Wind Power Shaft (1 supplier)
Wind Power Systems (26 suppliers)
Wind power system is meant for the conversion of wind energy into more useful forms, usually electricity using wind turbines. Most modern wind power is generated in the form of electricity by converting the rotation of turbine blades into electrical current by means of an electrical generator. In windmills, wind energy is used to turn mechanical machinery to do physical work, like crushing grain or pumping water. Wind power is used in large scale wind farms for national electrical grids as well as in small individual turbines for providing electricity to rural residences or grid-isolated locations. Wind energy is abundant, renewable, widely distributed, cleans and mitigates the greenhouse effect if used to replace fossil-fuel-derived electricity.
Wind Power Systems Maintenance and Repair Services (1 supplier)
Wind Power Tensioners (0 suppliers)
Wind Powered Aerators (1 supplier)
Wind Powered Generators (16 suppliers)
Wind Powered Turbine Ventilators (9 suppliers)
Wind powered turbine ventilator is a type of ventilator, which is widely used in a variety of ventilation applications. It is suitable for ventilation of the under-roof space of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It is mainly used in the accumulation of hot air either internally generated or as a result of sun loading on the roof. Its construction usually includes a vaned head mounted for rotation relative to a stationary mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is configured for attachment onto a roof-mounted airflow conduit such as an adjustable sheet metal elbow fitting, which is centered over a circular cutout opening in direct communication with the space to be ventilated.
Wind Safety Kits (1 supplier)
Wind Screen Systems (6 suppliers)
Wind Sensors (4 suppliers)
Wind Sentry Anemometer (1 supplier)
Wind Speed Alarm Systems (1 supplier)
Wind Speed Anemometers (1 supplier)
Wind Speed Indicating System (1 supplier)
Wind Speed Indicators (4 suppliers)
Wind Speed Meters (0 suppliers)
Wind Speed Recording System (3 suppliers)
Wind Speed Sensor (5 suppliers)
Wind Temperature Meter (1 supplier)
Wind Tower Flange Bolting (2 suppliers)
Wind Tower Flanges (3 suppliers)
Wind Tower Mast Fabricating Machinery (1 supplier)
Wind Tower Raising Systems (1 supplier)
Wind Transmitter (2 suppliers)
Wind Tunnel Engine Pressure Probes (2 suppliers)
Wind tunnels (8 suppliers)
Wind Turbine Assemblies (5 suppliers)
Wind Turbine Bolt Tensioning Equipment (2 suppliers)
Wind Turbine Brakes (1 supplier)
Wind Turbine Cables (1 supplier)
Wind Turbine Fasteners (2 suppliers)
Wind Turbine Gear Oil (1 supplier)
Wind Turbine Gearbox (2 suppliers)
Wind Turbine Generators (10 suppliers)
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