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Centralized Lubrication System (17 suppliers)
Centralized Lubrication System for Cranes/Earth Moving Equipment (12 suppliers)
Centralized Lubrication System for Presses/Shears (2 suppliers)
Centralized Lubrication System contains a doser with electromagnetic drive and controlled by a command apparatus & jets. A centralized lubrication system consists of a conventional lever gun that supplies lubricant to a single grease fitting and then feeds a number of grease distribution lines to many lube points. Centralized lubrication system includes a reservoir to store lubricant, a pump to deliver the lubricant, injectors to dispense a quantity of lubricant and associated fittings to connect the components.
Centralized Oil Lubrication System (7 suppliers)
Centralized Wireless Controllers (1 supplier)
Centralizer / Stabilizers Joints (2 suppliers)
Centralizers (18 suppliers)
Centrally Managed Access Solution (3 suppliers)
Centre Break Disconnectors (2 suppliers)
Centre Discharge Batch Concentrators (1 supplier)
Centre Grinding Machines (5 suppliers)
Centre Leg Female Tee (1 supplier)
Centre Leg Male Tee (1 supplier)
Centre Pivot Hi-therm Roof Window (1 supplier)
Centre Pivot Thermal Roof Window (1 supplier)
Centre Pivot White Finish Roof Window (2 suppliers)
Centre Support Bearings (6 suppliers)
Centre-Driven Numbering Machines (1 supplier)
Centreless Grinding (16 suppliers)
Centri-Thrift Centrifugal Pumps (1 supplier)
Centric / Offset Disc Butterfly Valves (8 suppliers)
Centrifix Separators (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Air Blow-Offs (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Air Compressors (24 suppliers)
In centrifugal air compressor, centrifugal supercharger is disclosed that includes an internal drive mechanism which embodies the present invention. A pair of sprockets are connected to parallel input and output drive shafts and drivingly connected by a taut, high tension, endless cog-belt seated and running on the two sprockets. A plurality of belt stabilizing components are incorporated therein to provide maintenance-free, low-temperature operation of the drive mechanism. These stabilizing components include air ducts formed in the output sprocket, tensioning members formed in the belt, heat-resistant and high-speed ceramic ball bearings and shock absorbing springs that alone and in combination provide a highly efficient drive mechanism.
Centrifugal Air Supply Units (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Ammonia Compressors (16 suppliers)
Centrifugal Atomizing Humidifier (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Babbitt Lining Machines (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Barrel Finishing Machine (0 suppliers)
Centrifugal Barrel Machines (6 suppliers)
Centrifugal Barrel or Disc Units (4 suppliers)
Centrifugal Blower Housings (6 suppliers)
Centrifugal Blower Mounts (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Blower Wheels With Forward Curved Blades (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Blowers (155 suppliers)
Centrifugal blowers maximize static pressure to provide concentrated airflow in one defined direction. These blowers can be used in a fixed position or mounted on moving parts, and are optimal for local cooling and airflow through ducts. It moves air by means of the centrifugal force generated by rotating a cylindrical runner on which blades are arranged. It has a small outlet, which concentrates air in a single direction, and is therefore suitable for local cooling.
Centrifugal Boiler Blow Off Condensate Cooler (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Boiler Fans (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Boost Pumps (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Bowl Feeders (6 suppliers)
Centrifugal Bucket Elevators (9 suppliers)
Centrifugal bucket elevator is a type of bucket elevator having a belt, which travels at sufficient speed to discharge material from the buckets by centrifugal force. It sends material that is first crushed by jaw crusher into ball mill for grinding. It is matched with vibration feeder. It is widely used for transporting power, grain and piece material, which is non-abrasiveness and half -abrasiveness, such as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore.
Centrifugal Capsule Mixer (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Cast Bronze Bar (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Cast Tubes (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Casting Machines (16 suppliers)
A centrifugal casting machine consists of a rotatable shaft that has a mounting plate for receiving a pair of molds containing the casting cavities. A passage in the shaft has one end connected to a source of vacuum and the other end opening in the plate. A conduit is provided from the casting cavities to the exterior of the molds. Connection means are provided for applying the vacuum in the passage to the cavity through the conduit. The vacuum so applied improves both the operation of the casting machine and the quality of the castings.
Centrifugal Casting Pipes (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Castings (64 suppliers)
Centrifugal Central Chillers (4 suppliers)
Centrifugal Chamber Pump Housings (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Charge Pumps (5 suppliers)
A centrifugal charge pump is direct driven by a flameproof electrical motor, suitably sized to provide 1.5 times the input flow volume. It is horizontal, non clogging, and single stage centrifugal pump. It is constructed in back pull out design. It consists of a semi open, single shrouded, curved vane impeller. It has heavy duty duplex set of angular contact bearing and double row ball bearing.
Centrifugal Chillers (8 suppliers)
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