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Liquid Packaging Machines (13 suppliers)
Liquid Paraffins (10 suppliers)
Liquid parafinn is a mixture of heavier alkanes. It has a number of names, including nujol, adepsine oil, alboline, glymol, medicinal paraffin, saxol, or USP mineral oil. It is used in infrared spectroscopy, as it has a relatively uncomplicated IR spectrum. When the sample to be tested is made into a mull, liquid paraffin is added so it can be spread on the disks to be tested. Liquid paraffin is used to aid bowel movement in persons suffering chronic constipation; it passes through the alimentary canal without itself being taken into the body, but it limits the amount of water removed from the stool.
Liquid Particle Counter (5 suppliers)
Liquid Particle Counter is used to detect particles in the 5 to 100 ,im size range with acceptable resolution. It features 0.2-micron sensitivity. Liquid particle counter uses volumetric sampling for high precision particle analysis.
Liquid Particle Monitor (1 supplier)
Liquid Penetrant Inspection Systems (12 suppliers)
Liquid Penetrant Inspection System components make it possible to provide a customized system for each installation. The equipment and stations are constructed to mutually compatible sizes and couplings and are made of compatible materials. This system includes a plumbed wash basin, a dryer rack and full system control including intensity of inspection lighting, dryer temperature range and water and penetrant pressure and temperature regulation.
Liquid Penetrant Testing (11 suppliers)
Liquid Penetrant Testing allows for visible examination for penetrants to detect discontinuities such as cracks, opening in seams and isolated porosity. These testing are used to detect surface breaking damage, porosity and edge delamination and are employed for composite testing because of the cleaning process. Penetrant testing is a time-consuming process composed of six phases and includes cleaning of the surface inspected, spraying of a liquid penetrant onto the material surface, removal of excess liquid and inspection of the component. Liquid penetrant testing is mainly used to identify or confirm steel fatigue cracking in the field.
Liquid Penetration Solutions (1 supplier)
Liquid Pentrant Inspection (1 supplier)
Liquid Peracetic Acid Chemical Indicator (1 supplier)
Liquid Permeameters (1 supplier)
Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment Equipment (1 supplier)
Liquid Phase Carbon Unit (1 supplier)
Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels (2 suppliers)
Liquid Phase Epitaxy Systems (2 suppliers)
Liquid phase epitaxy system has an LPE boat, which consists of a slider section, a source holder & a contacting well section. The distance between the first two contacting wells is different from that between the first two source holding wells, so that the concentration of the solutions are controlled by a proper temperature profile. It is used in the development and production of light emitting diode & liquid crystal display devices and infrared detector.
Liquid Phase Odor Control Systems (2 suppliers)
Liquid Phase Waste Heat Recovery Systems (1 supplier)
Liquid Pipeline Filtration (2 suppliers)
Liquid Piston Compressors (8 suppliers)
Liquid Pleated Bag Filters (11 suppliers)
Liquid Poly Tanks (2 suppliers)
Liquid Polymer Blend and Feed Systems (1 supplier)
Liquid Polymer Feeders (2 suppliers)
Liquid Polymer Systems (1 supplier)
Liquid Polymers Recycling (4 suppliers)
Liquid Positive Displacement Meters (2 suppliers)
Liquid Pressure Amplification Systems (1 supplier)
Liquid Pressure Amplifier (1 supplier)
Liquid Pressure Gauge (5 suppliers)
Liquid Pressure Regulators (8 suppliers)
Liquid pressure regulators are spring-loaded pressure regulating regulator for use in maintaining precise pressure set points in low-pressure gas and liquid services. It maintains the downstream pressure at settings from 1″ water column to 7 psi. It is completely self-operated and requires no external power source or air supply for operation.
Liquid Pressure Sensor (2 suppliers)
Liquid Pressure Vessel Filters (8 suppliers)
Liquid Process Filters (9 suppliers)
Liquid Process Managment (2 suppliers)
Liquid Processes (1 supplier)
Liquid Propane Cargo Trucks (1 supplier)
Liquid Propane Gensets (1 supplier)
Liquid Propane Injection Systems (2 suppliers)
Liquid Pumping Systems (10 suppliers)
Liquid Pumping Tanks (2 suppliers)
Liquid Pumping Tanks are used to collect photo solutions.
Liquid Pumps Repairs (9 suppliers)
Liquid Purification Products (5 suppliers)
Liquid Radiator Repair (2 suppliers)
Liquid Receivers (1 supplier)
Liquid Recirculating Systems (1 supplier)
Liquid recirculating system is used with rust and bacterial inhibitor plus coolant. It is easy to clean stainless steel removable settling tank. It accomplishes evaporator by recirculating liquid without liquid pumps. These systems are used for ammonia and halocarbons.
Liquid Recirculation Chemical Pump (1 supplier)
Liquid Recovery Systems (1 supplier)
Liquid Recovery Vacuums (1 supplier)
Liquid Refrigerant Pumps (3 suppliers)
Liquid Release Agent (3 suppliers)
Liquid Rental Containers (2 suppliers)
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