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Centrifugal Roof Supply Fans (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Rotary Switches (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Sand Separators (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Screeners (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal screeners are mainly used in food processors for sorting out potential material contaminants. These can also be used for special purposes when trying to quickly deal with the sorting of lots that are suspected to be contaminated. Essentially, a centrifugal screener is designed in a format where the screen is mounted in a fixed fashion and fed via a screw auger. The feed meets a rapidly rotating paddle or series of beater bars encased in the center of the screener, and it is forcefully launched toward the waiting screen for classification.
Centrifugal Screw Pumps (12 suppliers)
Centrifugal Seal (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Sediment Filters (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Self-Priming Mag-Drive Pumps (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Separation System (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Separators (41 suppliers)
Centrifugal separators also called water separator or mechanical separators use centrifugal motion to force liquid water out of compressed air. The spinning causes the condensate to join together on the centrifugal separators walls when the condensate gains enough mass it falls to the bottom of the separators bowl where it pools in the sump until it is flushed out of the system by the automatic float drain valve. Centrifugal separator is also used for separating air, liquids & solids from contamination by using centrifugal force, which separates various solids & liquids mixed together in suspension.
Centrifugal Shoot Shell Feeder (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Siever (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Sifters (15 suppliers)
Centrifugal Slurry Pumps (17 suppliers)
Centrifugal Solids Handling / Trash Pumps (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Spin Dryer Machine (4 suppliers)
Centrifugal Spot Humidifier Units (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Stainless Steel Pumps (13 suppliers)
Centrifugal Strip Wheels (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Sump Pumps (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Surface Pumps (5 suppliers)
Centrifugal Switches (6 suppliers)
Centrifugal System Automation (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Trash Pump (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Truck Pumps (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Truck Pump is a kind of centrifugal pumps, which is ideal for many agricultural and industrial uses. These pumps consist of a set of rotating vanes, enclosed within a housing or casing, used to impart energy to a fluid through centrifugal force. The centrifugal truck pump design requires that pump and motor be mounted at base of tank which doesn't leave quite as much room in the bed of truck as the diaphragm pump system. The pump has two main parts a rotating element which includes an impeller and a shaft and a stationary element made up of a casing, stuffing box and bearings. Centrifugal truck pumps operate using kinetic energy to move fluid utilizing an impeller and a circular pump casing. The impeller produces liquid velocity and the casing forces the liquid to discharge from the pump converting velocity to pressure. This is accomplished by offsetting the impeller in the casing, and by maintaining a close clearance between the impeller and the casing at the cutwater. The fluid enters the pump near the center of the impeller and is moved to its outside diameter by the rotating motion of the impeller. The vanes on the impeller progressively widen from the center of the impeller that reduces speed and increases pressure. This allows centrifugal pumps to produce continuous flows at high pressure. By forcing the fluid through without cupping it, centrifugal pumps can achieve a very high flow rate. These pumps are also suitable for lawn spraying and watering applications.
Centrifugal Tubes (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Type Mist Collection Systems (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Type Utility Blower (9 suppliers)
Centrifugal Upblast Belt Drive Fan (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Upblast Direct Drive Fan (1 supplier)
Centrifugal Utility Fans (9 suppliers)
Centrifugal Vacuum Oil Purifier (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Ventilators (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Wall Exhausters (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Water Chillers (3 suppliers)
Centrifugal Water Pump Set (2 suppliers)
Centrifugal Water Pumps (46 suppliers)
Centrifugally Cast Babbitt Bearings (1 supplier)
Centrifugally Cast Chilled Iron Rolls (4 suppliers)
Centrifugally Cast Fiber Reinforced Composite/FRC Poles (9 suppliers)
Centrifugally Cast High Alloys (4 suppliers)
Centrifugally Cast Rings (2 suppliers)
Centrifugally Cast/Filament Wound Fiberglass Pipe Systems (7 suppliers)
Centrifuge (30 suppliers)
Centrifuge (140 suppliers)
Centrifuge Blanketing System (1 supplier)
Centrifuge Bowl Repairs (1 supplier)
Centrifuge Bowls (1 supplier)
Centrifuge Control Panel (3 suppliers)
Centrifuge Dryers (3 suppliers)
Centrifuge dryers are used to separate and dry the pellets from a suspension. These dryers have rotor that is equipped with conveyor blades and outside housing for collecting the liquid, which is enclosed coaxially by a hollow body formed of screen elements. The suspension of pellets and liquids are supplied continuously to the lower area of the space between the hollow body and the rotor. After that the pellets are transported upward by the conveyor blades rotating with the rotor while being thrown back & forth and dried between the conveyor blades and the screens. The dried pellets are thrown off at the upper end of the rotor. The liquid separate from the pellets passes through the screen jacket and flows out of the discharge port of the outside housing.
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