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Research Microflow Oven (1 supplier)
Research Plot Combines (1 supplier)
Research Polarimeter (1 supplier)
Research Reactors (2 suppliers)
Research Services (12 suppliers)
Research Vessels (1 supplier)
Reseating Tools (1 supplier)
Reserve Bladder Tanks (1 supplier)
Reserve Gas-Filled Surge Arresters (1 supplier)
Reservior Characterization (1 supplier)
Reservoir and Petrophysical Analysis (8 suppliers)
Reservoir Bin With Rotary Air Lock Units (1 supplier)
Reservoir Boxes (1 supplier)
Reservoir Characterization (1 supplier)
Reservoir Drill-In Systems (1 supplier)
Reservoir drill-in system have the properties of a good drilling fluid and a completion fluid. Its primary attribute is the development of a filter cake which effectively prevents formation damage and is easily removed, with fil-trate and filter cake being compatible with the completion process. They are usually composed of biopolymers and bridging materials and are designed to match specific reservoir criteria.
Reservoir Drilling & Oil & Gas Processing (1 supplier)
Reservoir Engineering (10 suppliers)
Reservoir engineering is a branch of petroleum engineering, typically concerned with maximizing the economic recovery of hydrocarbons from the subsurface. It is defined as the application of scientific principles to drainage issues arising during the development and production of oil and gas reservoirs. It is designed to incorporate high-resolution 3D geologic models into simulation for reservoir performance prediction.
Reservoir engineering Analyses (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Evaluation (3 suppliers)
Reservoir Filler Breathers (3 suppliers)
Reservoir Filler Guns (1 supplier)
Reservoir Filler Guns are used for refilling automatic lubrication reservoirs. These can dispense 14-ounces in less than 60 seconds and provides up to 1,000 PSI and will not pump air into a centralized lubrication system. These discharge grease cartridge in under one minute at 1 -100 psi. These are compatible with most electric drills.
Reservoir Filter Modules (1 supplier)
Reservoir Filters (1 supplier)
Reservoir Fluid Particle Analyzer (1 supplier)
Reservoir Fluid Sampling Tools (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Gaskets (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Leg Kits (1 supplier)
Reservoir Level Sensors (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Lining & Waterproofing (1 supplier)
Reservoir Low-Level Alarm Kit (1 supplier)
Reservoir Lubricators (13 suppliers)
Reservoir Management & Exploitation (8 suppliers)
Reservoir Modeling (8 suppliers)
Reservoir Performance Monitoring (5 suppliers)
Reservoir Performance Monitor is an advanced slim hole multi-function pulsed neutron tool. This reservoir performance monitor instrument combines multiple nuclear measurements in one system with industry-leading accuracy and precision.
Reservoir Permeability Tester (1 supplier)
Reservoir Refill Hose Assemblies (1 supplier)
Reservoir Remediations (3 suppliers)
Reservoir Repairs (3 suppliers)
Reservoir Seismic Services (3 suppliers)
Reservoir Sight Level Gauges (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Simulation (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Testing & Sand Control Services (2 suppliers)
Reservoir Testing/ Analysis (9 suppliers)
Reservoir Testing/ Analysis provides operators with the information they need to properly characterize reservoirs and determine the net present value of assets.
Reservoir Tube Welding (4 suppliers)
Reservoir Vent Cap Assemblies (1 supplier)
Reset Counters (1 supplier)
Reset Integrated Circuits (3 suppliers)
Reset Levers (1 supplier)
Reset Pads (1 supplier)
Reset Relief Valves (4 suppliers)
Reset relief valve with a body having an inlet port, an outlet port, and an interior wall partially defining an enclosed chamber. A piston disposed in the body and moveable between a first position at which the piston is disposed in fluid flow-blocking relationship between the inlet port and the outlet port of the body and a second position at which the piston is removed from that position. The piston having a head with opposed end surfaces one of which defines a portion of the enclosed chamber and at least one fluid flow passageway extending through the head and providing fluid communication. A preferred embodiment includes the crank assembly with cross bar support and a T-bar to prevent downward movement of the disc.
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