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Dispenser Controller Computers (1 supplier)
Dispenser Drawer Tools (1 supplier)
Dispenser Foot Valve (1 supplier)
Dispenser Guns (1 supplier)
Dispenser Interface Modules (1 supplier)
Dispenser Manager (1 supplier)
Dispenser Manager Systems (2 suppliers)
Dispenser Pedestals (1 supplier)
Dispenser Sumps (3 suppliers)
Dispenser Valves (2 suppliers)
Dispenser valves include a valve outlet, which has a closure element configured to assume an opened condition when the pressure differential across the dispenser valve reaches a cracking pressure. The dispenser valve configured to flow in one direction when the closure element is in opened condition. A pump mechanism is configured to pump dispensable product from the connection to the dispenser valve. It generates the cracking pressure needed to configure the closure element in the opened condition. It is provided as a duckbill valve and a reed valve.
Dispensers (137 suppliers)
Dispensers & Refill Rolls (1 supplier)
Dispensing & Assembly Equipment (3 suppliers)
Dispensing Balance (0 suppliers)
Dispensing Bottles (5 suppliers)
Dispensing Cans (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Caps (3 suppliers)
Dispensing caps are designed for optimum dispensing of the product. Packaging developments, including use of sterilizing membranes fitted into dispensing caps, virtually prevent the possibility of microbial contamination. These dispensing caps are available in a variety of colors & sizes and fit most bottles while filling aesthetic desires at the same time. It is used for dispensing powders, pellets, resins and other solid material. A flexible slot at the top of the cap is opened by applying gentle pressure to the sides of the dispensing cap. The orifice closes automatically when the pressure is released. The cap orifice is controlled in a way that optimizes the flow rate depending on the particular properties of the respective solid compound. Thus high speed and high precision is achieved in the dispensing operation. The dispensing caps are available in a variety of different materials. They can be sealed by a tight cap and remain on the container during storage.
Dispensing Cells (1 supplier)
Dispensing Closures (6 suppliers)
Dispensing Devices (3 suppliers)
Dispensing Drum Carts (3 suppliers)
Dispensing Drum Carts can be used to both transport a drum and dispense its contents. Each cart comes with a self-storing removable handle. The carts are available in two sizes for 1,000- and 600-lb. capacity. It can easily pick up an upright drum, transport, then store horizontally. Rollers allow drum rotation to mix contents and also permits refilling by rotating plug to the top. Tilting ability permits drainage of remaining liquid. Handle conveniently stores on unit. Some features have drip pan to minimize the spillage of hazardous liquids and rolls easily on 2 swivel 3″ and 2 rigid 5″ casters
Dispensing Equipment (63 suppliers)
Dispensing Equipment, Semi-Automatic (1 supplier)
Dispensing Guns (4 suppliers)
Dispensing Heads (1 supplier)
Dispensing Hose Couplings (1 supplier)
Dispensing Hose Reels (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Machines (7 suppliers)
Dispensing Pumps (21 suppliers)
Dispensing Robot System (3 suppliers)
Dispensing Robotic Work Cells (1 supplier)
Dispensing Robots (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Robots are capable of unloading parts, dispensing substances and moving objects from one area & dispensing them in another. The proper size and reach of every robot is determined by the dispensing requirements. The advantages of a robotic dispensing system are consistency and tirelessness. These robots are suitable for conveyor operations and work cells requiring XYZ movement above work, such as form-in-place gaskets, seals, bonding, encapsulation and potting.
Dispensing Solutions (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Stations (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Syringes (3 suppliers)
Dispensing Systems (72 suppliers)
Dispensing Tables (1 supplier)
Dispensing Tools (1 supplier)
Dispensing Towers (2 suppliers)
Dispensing Valve with Tubing (1 supplier)
Dispensing Valves, Multi-Stage (3 suppliers)
Dispersal Systems (1 supplier)
Dispersants (20 suppliers)
Dispersants are a group of chemicals designed to be sprayed onto oil slicks that accelerate the process of natural dispersion. Spraying dispersants may be the only means of removing oil from the sea surface, particularly when mechanical recovery is not possible. Their use is intended to minimize the damage caused by floating oil. Dispersants are divided into two main components, a surfactant and a solvent. Surfactants are molecules, which have an affinity for two distinct liquids that do not mix, acting as an interface between them. A part of the surfactant molecule used in dispersants has an attraction to oil while another part has an attraction for water.
Dispersants / Friction Reducers (6 suppliers)
Dispersants and Application Equipment (3 suppliers)
Disperser Blades (3 suppliers)
Disperser Blades is used in a line of stainless steel and abrasion resistant, poly high speed dispersion blades in various kinds. It is supplied with a hard chrome plated coating or with plasma sprayed tungsten carbide coating for long life in abrasive and high temperature mixing environment. These blades are used in inks, coatings, adhesives, ceramic, rubber and chemical industries. It is used in high vehicle viscosity and high solid solutions.
Disperser Type Mixers (2 suppliers)
Dispersers (28 suppliers)
Dispersing With Highly Intensive Ultrasound (1 supplier)
Dispersion Bead Medias (1 supplier)
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