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Distilled Water (4 suppliers)
Distilled water is a water that has virtually all of its impurities removed through distillation. It involves boiling the water and re-condensing the steam into a clean container, leaving contaminants behind. It is used as drinking water in arid seaside areas which do not have sufficient freshwater, by distilling seawater. It is quite common on ships, especially nuclear powered ships, which require a large supply of distilled water as coolant. It is preferable to tap water for use in automotive cooling systems. The minerals and ions typically found in tap water can be corrosive to internal engine components and can cause a more rapid depletion of the anti-corrosion additives found in most antifreeze formulations
Distillery Vats (1 supplier)
Distilling Tanks (2 suppliers)
Distometer (1 supplier)
Distortion Analyzers (3 suppliers)
Distortion analyzers produce a low-distortion sine wave signal that is applied as the input signal to the amplifier under test. In turn, the amplifier's output signal is applied back to the distortion analyzer, where the fundamental frequencies of the input signal is subtracted, leaving only the distortion residuals. The ratio of the distortion residuals to the output signal becomes the traditional THD+N specification. Distortion residuals can be observed with an oscilloscope, providing an educated guess of the distortion mechanism creating the distortion.
Distortion Meters (1 supplier)
Distribuiton Switchboard (5 suppliers)
Distributed Access Control (3 suppliers)
Distributed Access Points (1 supplier)
Distributed Acoustic Streamers (1 supplier)
Distributed Amplifier (2 suppliers)
Distributed Antenna System (2 suppliers)
Distributed Audio Kits (1 supplier)
Distributed Audio Matrix Switchers (1 supplier)
Distributed Audio Remote Control (1 supplier)
Distributed Audio Speakers (3 suppliers)
Distributed Contactor Panels (2 suppliers)
Distributed Control Systems (37 suppliers)
Distributed control system refers to a control system usually of a manufacturing system, process or any kind of dynamic system, in which the controller elements are not central in location but are distributed throughout the system with each component sub-system controlled by one or more controllers. The entire system may be networked for communication and monitoring. It typically uses computers as controllers and use both proprietary interconnections and protocols for communication. The input & output modules form component parts of the DCS. The processor receives information from input modules and sends information to output modules.
Distributed Control Systems (43 suppliers)
Distributed Control Systems, Process Automation (95 suppliers)
Distributed Control System refers to a control system of a manufacturing system, process or any kind of dynamic system. A distributed control system uses computers as controllers and use both proprietary interconnections & protocols for communication. Distributed control systems are used in industrial, electrical, computer and instrumentation & control engineering applications to monitor and control distributed equipment with or without remote human intervention. Distributed control systems are dedicated systems used to control manufacturing processes that are continuous or batch-oriented, such as oil refining, petrochemicals, central station power generation, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage manufacturing, cement production, steelmaking and papermaking. Distributed control systems are connected to sensors & actuators and use set point control to control the flow of material through the plant.
Distributed Controllers (1 supplier)
Distributed Digital Fault Recorder (1 supplier)
Distributed Drive Controller (1 supplier)
Distributed Energy Storage Modules (1 supplier)
Distributed Forwarding Cards (2 suppliers)
Distributed Frequency Converters (2 suppliers)
Distributed Generation Trip Controls (1 supplier)
Distributed Generator Interconnection Relay (1 supplier)
Distributed I/O Expansion Panels (1 supplier)
Distributed I/O Manual Override Modules (1 supplier)
Distributed I/O Systems (2 suppliers)
Distributed I/O, Manual Disconnect Modules (1 supplier)
Distributed I/O, Swivel Label Mounts (1 supplier)
Distributed Input Control Systems (1 supplier)
Distributed Motor Controllers (1 supplier)
Distributed Network Analyzers (1 supplier)
Distributed Network Monitoring (1 supplier)
Distributed Output Control Systems (1 supplier)
Distributed Power Busway (2 suppliers)
Distributed Process Controls (4 suppliers)
Distributed Relay Panels (2 suppliers)
Distributed Rotating Vane Anemometer (1 supplier)
Distributed Starters (1 supplier)
Distributed Temperature Sensing System (1 supplier)
Distributed Transmitter Monitors (1 supplier)
Distributed Turbine Controls (1 supplier)
Distributed, Electronic Drive System (1 supplier)
Distributing Steam Coil (1 supplier)
Distributing Table Equipment (1 supplier)
Distributing Valves (5 suppliers)
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