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Chain Mills (2 suppliers)
Chain Monorail Conveyors (1 supplier)
Chain Mount Cable Pullers (1 supplier)
Chain Mounted Belt-Drive Blowers (1 supplier)
Chain Mounts (1 supplier)
Chain Nest Hooks (2 suppliers)
Chain Nose Pliers (3 suppliers)
Chain Oil (8 suppliers)
Chain oils are needed to protect the metal elements of the chain in very hot temperatures and very high load situations. The main purpose of the chain oil is to prevent breakdowns. It is an economical uninhibited mineral oil for the lubrication of chain saw bars, chains, and other applications with non-critical requirements or where oxidizing influences are not severe. Chain oils should always have certain properties such as good creeping ability so that the oil can penetrate deep into the chain links and protect the contact surfaces.
Chain Oilers (1 supplier)
Chain on Edge Conveyors (2 suppliers)
Chain On Edge Spindle Ovens (1 supplier)
Chain on Flat Conveyors (1 supplier)
Chain Operated Tri-cocks (1 supplier)
Chain Operator (3 suppliers)
Chain Operators and Handwheel for Valves (5 suppliers)
Chain Paddle Conveyors (3 suppliers)
Chain Pallet Systems (2 suppliers)
Chain Pipe Wrenches (4 suppliers)
Chain Position Adjusters (2 suppliers)
Chain Position Adjuster uses a heavy-duty shaft bearing mounted in an aluminum hosing. The stable base creates a location for turning the removable counter balanced handle. The handle is attached into a 5/16-inch hex pocket for moving the .25-inch pitch plastic chain with dependable accuracy.
Chain Positioners (1 supplier)
Chain Pullers (2 suppliers)
Chain Pullers are used for pulling, lifting and dragging loads. This is available from 3/4 ton to 6-ton capacity. These are completely enclosed for protection from outdoor elements. Chains can be easily pulled by hand in either direction for fast, attachment to the job. Upper and lower drop forged hooks swivel in both directions. The narrow jaws are designed to fit in between chain links to enable the chain link to be removed or replaced.
Chain Pulley Blocks (44 suppliers)
Chain Racks (1 supplier)
Chain Rails (1 supplier)
Chain Reduction Auger Drives (1 supplier)
Chain Register System (1 supplier)
Chain Repair Links (1 supplier)
Chain Repair Pliers (1 supplier)
Chain Repair Tools (1 supplier)
Chain Retainer Systems (1 supplier)
Chain Riders (1 supplier)
Chain Roller, Hollow Pin (3 suppliers)
Chain Safety Guards (2 suppliers)
Chain Saw (52 suppliers)
The chain saw is a portable mechanical, motorized saw. It is most commonly used in logging activities such as felling, delimbing, and bucking; by tree surgeons to fell trees and remove branches and foliage; to fell snags and assist in cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and to harvest firewood. It consists of a small two-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine the guide bar and the cutting chain itself. Usually each segment in this chain features a small sharp blade, called a tooth.
Chain Saw Accessories (1 supplier)
Chain Saw Bars (3 suppliers)
Chain Saw Blade Sharpening Tools (2 suppliers)
Chain Saw File Guide (1 supplier)
Chain Saw Files (4 suppliers)
Chain Saw Mortiser (2 suppliers)
Chain Saw Protective Gloves (6 suppliers)
Chain Saw Scabbards (2 suppliers)
Chain Scrapers (1 supplier)
Chain Screw Actuators (2 suppliers)
Chain Sets (2 suppliers)
Chain Shackle Oversized Screw Pins (1 supplier)
Chain Shackles (8 suppliers)
Chain shackles are available in screw pin and round pin models. The screw pin and round pin chain shackles requirements include federal Specification RR-C-271D, Type IVB; Grade a, Class 2, except for those provisions required of the contractor.
Chain Sheaves (1 supplier)
Chain Sizers (1 supplier)
Chain Sizing Equipment (1 supplier)
Chain Sizing Equipments are available in rubber belting, draper and belted chain. These are also available in 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ widths. The length is from 3' to 11'. They have hexagon opening chain sizer, plain or rubber coated.
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