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Interface Collectors (1 supplier)
Interface Components (1 supplier)
Interface Connectors (9 suppliers)
Interface Contactors (2 suppliers)
Interface Contactors are designed to be directly driven by the transistor output of a programmable sequence controller. It has low coil power consumption by combining an electromagnet with permanent magnet, coil operating current is reduced to DC24V 55mA for SD-Q11, Q12 and 75mA for SD-Q19. It has compact construction, width 45mm, height 51mm, depth 66.5mm in type SD-Q11 and it can be mounted on 35mm rails. It has coil surge absorber and safety clear terminal covers. These have easy wiring with all terminals, which are in the same plane. These are available in auxillary contact blocks.
Interface Control Panels (4 suppliers)
Interface Control Valves (1 supplier)
Interface Converters (14 suppliers)
Interface Conveyors (1 supplier)
Interface Detection Systems (3 suppliers)
Interface Detectors (37 suppliers)
Interface detectors enable the operator to precisely control the interface level in the most difficult of applications. These detectors are made of two basic components: antenna and the power supply/signal conditioning circuitry. By measuring the energy absorption of the fluid surrounding the antenna, the interface detector senses the water concentration in an emulsion regardless of fluid density, viscosity, density, temperature, pressure or pH. The high frequency signal from the antenna allows the interface detectors to see through coatings that may adhere to the probe, a problem that is common with capacitance probes. The output can be a simple on/off adjustable relay to activate a solenoid valve. The interface detector is not limited to oil/water applications but may be used wherever an accurate interface control is a priority such as, desalter/dehydrator and production separators, automatic dewatering of crude and refined storage tanks, waste water treatment and slop oil recovery systems.
Interface Drivers (1 supplier)
Interface Enclosures (2 suppliers)
Interface Expansion Boards (1 supplier)
Interface Grouting (1 supplier)
Interface Level Monitoring Systems (2 suppliers)
Interface Level Switches (2 suppliers)
Interface Management (1 supplier)
Interface Manual Network Switches (1 supplier)
Interface Module Power Supplies (1 supplier)
Interface Modules (5 suppliers)
Interface Modules, RTD (2 suppliers)
Interface Panels (8 suppliers)
Interface Plate Testing Equipment (1 supplier)
Interface Power Supplies (1 supplier)
Interface Probes, Rental (2 suppliers)
An interface probe uses a conductivity sensor or a combination of refractive index/conductivity sensors to determine the presence of air, water, or hydrocarbon within an observation well. The system is calibrated so that the depth from ground surface to the liquid levels can be accurately recorded. An interface probe is a portable electronic system that is simple to operate and requires minimal maintenance. A minimum thickness of 1/32 in. is detectable with an interface probe. The interface probe resembles a common tape measure. It is very useful when used alone with soil gas probes during site investigation. The probe is used in wells to detect the level at which both oil and water are present.
Interface Relay Modules (1 supplier)
Interface Sensors (1 supplier)
Interface Software (1 supplier)
Interface Software, JTAG (2 suppliers)
Interface Speed Alarms (1 supplier)
Interface Systems (4 suppliers)
Interface Terminals (1 supplier)
Interface Torque Sensors (1 supplier)
Interface Transformers (1 supplier)
Interface Transmitters (1 supplier)
Interface USB Cables (1 supplier)
Interfaces for Encoder (5 suppliers)
Interfacial Tensiometer (1 supplier)
Interfacial Tension Meters (2 suppliers)
Interfacing Components (3 suppliers)
Interfacing Magnets (1 supplier)
Interfacing Operator System (4 suppliers)
Interference Analysis (1 supplier)
Interference Cancellation Systems (1 supplier)
Interference Filters (1 supplier)
Interference Protection Wiring Systems (1 supplier)
Interferometer Optical Measurement Instruments (3 suppliers)
Interferometers (8 suppliers)
Interferometers, Infrared (1 supplier)
Interferometric Microscopes (1 supplier)
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