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Checkmate Crane Scales (3 suppliers)
Checkweigher Reject Systems (1 supplier)
Checkweigher Systems (23 suppliers)
Checkweighers (78 suppliers)
Checkweighing Bench Scales (8 suppliers)
Checkweighing Bench Scales are used for basic weighing, check weighing, and parts counting. These scales have higher capacities and extra standard features. The built-in memory can store high and low limits for up to ten samples, allowing the most commonly tested items to be checked even faster. To minimize overfill errors, a capacity tracker has been added to alert operators with audible and visual signals when the scale's capacity is being exceeded. The bi-directional interface allows data to be transmitted to printers or PC's. The final upgrades are added to the new CBK line include built-in time date/time for better tractability, and multi-language text output. The numeric keypad allows to enter numeric values for preset tare, check weigh limits and piece weights while the color-coded keys quickly identify the most commonly used functions. The scale's large backlit LCD display is easy to read even in poorly lit industrial locations. The internal rechargeable battery with low-battery indicator permits the CBK to be used where external power is not readily available. It has six models ranging from 8-lb/4000 g x 0.0002-lb/0.1 g to 100-lb/48000 g x 0.005 lb/2 g.
Checkweighing Display Indicators (1 supplier)
Checkweighing Scales (40 suppliers)
Cheek Benders (2 suppliers)
Cheek Blocks (1 supplier)
Cheek Plates (2 suppliers)
Cheese Auger (1 supplier)
Cheese Block Cutter (2 suppliers)
Cheese Fastener (2 suppliers)
Cheese Head Screws (3 suppliers)
Cheese Head Slotted Screws (3 suppliers)
Cheese Process System (1 supplier)
Cheesehead Rough Cutter (2 suppliers)
Chef Hat (1 supplier)
Chelant Passivation (2 suppliers)
Chelant Passivation is used for stainless steel equipments and piping especially for industries like pharmaceutical, dairy, food, beverages, cosmetics. It provides improved and faster removal of free iron from the surfaces, optimum corrosion resistance of process piping and equipments. It has ideal depth improvement of the passive layer optimizing chrome iron ratio on the surfaces. It provides a clean and non-rusting surface. It is used for cleaning in pre-operational maintenance and post-operational stainless steel process systems. It increases corrosion resistance when applied on pickled and electro polished surfaces. It provides an absolutely environmentally safe chemistry that offers ease of disposal in the sewage system. It does not affect epoxy flooring.
Chelating Agents (1 supplier)
Chelating agents are capable of forming coordinate bonds with metals through two or more atoms of the organic compound. The compound formed by a chelating agent and a metal is called a chelate. A chelating agent that has two coordinating atoms is called bidentate; one that has three, tridentate or ethylenediaminetetraacetate is a common hexadentate-chelating agent. Chlorophyll is a chelate that consists of a magnesium ion joined with a complex chelating agent; heme, part of the hemoglobin in blood, is an iron chelate. Chelating agents are important in textile dyeing, water softening, and enzyme deactivation and as bacteriocides.
Chelating Resins (1 supplier)
The chelating resin is an ion-exchange resin. It has been developed as a functional polymer, which selectively catches ions from solution including various metal ions and separates them. It is made of a polymer base of three-dimensional mesh construction, with a functional group that chelate-combines metal ions. Chelating resins are used to treat plating wastewater to remove heavy metals remaining after neutralization and coagulating sedimentation, or to collect metal ions by adsorption from wastewater whose metal-ion concentration is relatively low.
Chem-Feed Metering Pumps (3 suppliers)
Chemi-Washer Fabrics (1 supplier)
Chemi-Washer Fabric is a seamed fabric developed to give optimum drainage and long life. Pulp mills operating cantilevered chemi washers needs seamed fabric so that the washer does not have to be cantilevered for fabric change. It is used in chemi washer, where the pulp discharges over a fixed height weir formed by the floor plate and via a flexible apron cloth onto the drainage fabric. Air-tight rubber seals are provided between the hood end panel and the head box roof and sides and the head box floor supports an adjustable rubber strip which forms a seal with the surface of the chemi-washer fabric as it passes on to the head box drain cover.
Chemical & Biological Detection and Monitoring Systems (1 supplier)
Chemical & Refinery Boiler Systems (0 suppliers)
Chemical & Non-Chemical Coolant Filters (4 suppliers)
Chemical Absorbent Pads (9 suppliers)
Chemical Absorbent Pillows (2 suppliers)
Chemical Absorbent Roll (7 suppliers)
Chemical Absorbent Split Rolls (6 suppliers)
Chemical Absorbents (3 suppliers)
Chemical Absorption (6 suppliers)
Chemical Adhesives (1 supplier)
Chemical Agent Monitor (1 supplier)
Chemical Analysis and Testing (8 suppliers)
Chemical Analysis Services (15 suppliers)
Chemical Analyzers (13 suppliers)
Chemical Anchoring Systems (4 suppliers)
Chemical Anchors (9 suppliers)
Chemical and Mechanical Analyses (4 suppliers)
Chemical and Methanol Tank Covers (1 supplier)
Chemical Applicator Pump (4 suppliers)
Chemical Applicators (1 supplier)
Chemical Barrier Testing for Clothing (7 suppliers)
Chemical Black Plating Services (3 suppliers)
Chemical Blacking (8 suppliers)
Chemical Blending & Dilution Systems (12 suppliers)
Chemical Bolted Flanges (2 suppliers)
Chemical Bottle Carts (1 supplier)
Chemical Box Spill Kit (4 suppliers)
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