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RF Microwave Calibration (1 supplier)
RF Microwave Design (2 suppliers)
RF Mixers (5 suppliers)
RF Modems (1 supplier)
RF Modules (9 suppliers)
RF Network Analysers (3 suppliers)
RF Network Analyzers (3 suppliers)
RF network analyzers offer a wide range of RF solutions from basic S-parameter measurements to advanced multiport and balanced measurements. It is the ideal solution for manufacturing and R&D engineers evaluating RF components and circuits typically from 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz. It is used to measure the transfer function of the sensor head by sweeping the AM-modulation frequency of a laser.
RF Networking Components (8 suppliers)
RF Ovens (1 supplier)
RF oven is a shielded chamber in which the material to be heated is placed between the plates or electrodes. The electrodes and the material form the output capacitor of the RF generator. The material then converts high frequency energy supplied by the generator into instantaneous heating of the entire cross-section of the material.
RF Over Fibre Links (2 suppliers)
RF Packaging (1 supplier)
RF PCB Designing Services (15 suppliers)
RF PCB Laminates (11 suppliers)
RF Pen Detectors (1 supplier)
Rf Pin Diodes (1 supplier)
RF Point Level Switch (6 suppliers)
RF point level switch is a RF capacitance level switch. It is available in both integral and remote electronics. As media rises and falls in the tank, the amount of capacitance developed between the sensing probe and the ground reference also rises and falls. This change in capacitance is sensed by the electronics and converted into a relay operation. It is applicable in viscous liquid, liquid slurries and corrosive liquid applications.
RF Positive Ion Source (1 supplier)
RF Power Generators (2 suppliers)
RF Power Sensors (2 suppliers)
RF Power Switch Adaptor (1 supplier)
RF Power Transformers (8 suppliers)
RF Preheaters (1 supplier)
RF preheater is used to heat the inside of the part before it enters the heated die. RF preheating increases the line speed and helps to produce a better quality product by reducing or eliminating stress cracking of the part.
RF Probe Type Level Switches (11 suppliers)
RF probe type level switches use RF Admittance technology to produce switching action when a material level crosses the set point of its sensing probe. Many probe configurations are available. The interface position between two liquids with different dielectric constants can be accurately detected by the switches. The units will even average out a cloudy interface and produce a precise switching action as its position passes the set point. A limitation is that one of the liquids must be nonconductive. They are not sensitive to specific gravity variations. Water/hydrocarbon interfaces produce excellent results. Detecting a liquid interface as it moves down a pipeline is another useful application.
RF Product Build Capability (7 suppliers)
RF Pulse Amplifier (1 supplier)
RF Redundancy Switches (1 supplier)
RF Relay Switches (1 supplier)
RF Remodulator Cards (1 supplier)
RF Remote Indicator (1 supplier)
RF RMS Detectors (1 supplier)
RF Router (3 suppliers)
RF Schottky Peak Detectors (1 supplier)
RF Sealing (5 suppliers)
RF Seaming/Sealing (1 supplier)
RF Sensing Probes (1 supplier)
RF sensing probes are available in many different configurations to handle a wide variety of application conditions. As the level changes in a tank, the amount of capacitance between the probe and the tank wall changes. This capacitance is converted to a level measurement. It is used in a wide range of hydrocarbons and solvent applications.
RF Sensors (1 supplier)
RF Shielding Gaskets (7 suppliers)
RF Signal Detectors (6 suppliers)
RF Signal Environment Generator (1 supplier)
RF Signal Generators (26 suppliers)
RF signal generators produce sine waves at frequencies ranging from 100 kHz to 50 kHz or higher. This is a high-frequency version of the audio function generator. The RF generator emits a radio frequency signal that can be adjusted via front panel control over a wide range of frequencies. It often includes a simple 1 kHz audio oscillator that can be used to modulate either the frequency or the amplitude of the main carrier wave signal. The RF generator is primarily used to test and troubleshoot radio receivers, tuners, intermediate frequency amplifiers and detector circuits, and to determine band edges.
RF Single Pen Recorders (1 supplier)
RF Single Pen Recorders includes recording thermometer, recording temperature controller, pneumatic recording temperature controller and modulating temperature recorder.
RF Spiltter (1 supplier)
RF Splitters (1 supplier)
RF Switch Drivers (1 supplier)
RF Switch Matrix (1 supplier)
RF Switch Matrix Receiver (3 suppliers)
RF Switches (19 suppliers)
RF Switching Contactors (1 supplier)
RF System Optimization & Maintenance Services (1 supplier)
RF Tags and Labels (3 suppliers)
7351 to 7400 of 13484 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 [148] 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 >> Next 50 Results
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