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Microwave Combiners (7 suppliers)
Microwave Communications Systems (2 suppliers)
Microwave Component Assemblies (26 suppliers)
Microwave Components (11 suppliers)
Microwave Consistency Transmitters (1 supplier)
Microwave Controller (1 supplier)
Microwave Counter Power Meters (1 supplier)
Microwave Couplers (11 suppliers)
Microwave Data Links (2 suppliers)
Microwave Design Consulting (1 supplier)
Microwave Designing Services (3 suppliers)
Microwave Detectors (6 suppliers)
Microwave Devices (116 suppliers)
Microwave Devices requires the use of cavities or circuits whose dimensions are related to the operating wavelength. This device makes use of the reciprocal propagation characteristics of ferrites close to or at a gyromagnetic resonance frequency. Microwave devices are generally assembled on a dielectric substrate, permittivity of which determines the basic properties of the device performance. These properties are easily controlled if the permittivity is altered. This device operates at high power and high frequency.
Microwave Dielectric Ceramics (2 suppliers)
Microwave Digestion Vessels (1 supplier)
Microwave Digestion Vessel is used for quick heating of materials, compounds such as water and other polar liquids that absorb microwave energy rapidly. A sample placed inside a microwave digestion vessel with a polar liquid or ionic solution usually acid is subjected to rapid heating and in the case of a sealed vessel, elevated pressures, causing the sample to digest or dissolve in a short time. Microwave sample preparation system is operated under full microprocessor control with constant monitoring of the door safety interlocks, pressure and if required temperature, within the digestion vessel. An exhaust tube to vent fumes is permanently connected to an adjacent fume cupboard. A microwave oven works by passing microwave radiation, usually at a frequency of 2.45 GHz through the material. Materials absorb energy from the microwaves in a process called dielectric heating. Many molecules such as those of water are electric dipoles, meaning that they have a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other and therefore rotate as they try to align themselves with the alternating electric field induced by the microwaves. This molecular movement creates heat as the rotating molecules hit other molecules and put them into motion.
Microwave Diode (6 suppliers)
Microwave Diplexers (9 suppliers)
Microwave Disc Resistors (2 suppliers)
Microwave Down Converter (1 supplier)
Microwave Equalizers (2 suppliers)
Microwave Equipment (46 suppliers)
Microwave Equipment Testing Services (1 supplier)
Microwave Filters (39 suppliers)
Microwave Flooring System (1 supplier)
Microwave Flow Switches (6 suppliers)
Microwave switches allow routing of microwave signals through desired paths in the system and sub-system, and enable the realization of different schemes for signal combinations necessary for system implementation. They are two-state devices for the control of RF power flow in a microwave circuit. They are essential elements for a number of widely varying applications, ranging from highly sophisticated space communications systems to more common applications requiring the switching of an RF signal from one path to another. It is a circuit element widely used in phase shifters. Microwave switches are also used in a range of RF commercial systems such as cellular GSM, UMTS, cable modems, direct broadcast and other point-to-point and point-to-multi-point broadcast systems and applications.
Microwave Frequency Counters (1 supplier)
Microwave Furnace (0 suppliers)
Microwave Gain Equalizers (2 suppliers)
Microwave Generators (7 suppliers)
Microwave generator converts the energy of relativistic electron beam into a high power microwave emission. It comprises an evacuated, cylindrical and hollow real cathode that is driven to relativistic electrons. The electrons are passed through a cylindrical and electron-transparent cylindrical anode and proceed toward a cylindrical electron collector electrode, which forms a cylindrical virtual cathode. Microwaves are produced by oscillations of the cylindrical virtual cathode and by electrons that reflex back and forth between the cylindrical virtual cathode and the cylindrical real cathode.
Microwave Guide Tubes (6 suppliers)
Microwave Insert (1 supplier)
Microwave Integrated Circuits (6 suppliers)
Microwave Intruder Detectors (1 supplier)
Microwave Isolators (7 suppliers)
Microwave Leak Detector (3 suppliers)
Microwave Leak Detectors, Rental (1 supplier)
Microwave Leakage Indicators (1 supplier)
Microwave Leakage Test Labels (1 supplier)
Microwave Leakage Visual Line Voltage Tester (1 supplier)
Microwave Level Sensors (6 suppliers)
Microwave level sensor is designed for non-contact level sensor. It is ideal for single point level detection. It is an On/Off switch for object position and plugged chute detection. It consists of microwave transmitter and receiver. When an object interrupts the path of the microwaves, the transmissions of the microwaves decreases. This damping is detected and converted into a relay output.
Microwave Level Switches (12 suppliers)
Microwave Level Switches are non-contact microwave level sensors for single point level detection of solid and liquid materials. These level switches are made up of two separate parts, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter emits a burst of energy at approximately 200 times a second toward the receiver and a substance interruption of the microwave between the two devices is the trigger. Microwave level switches are used to detect coal level in coal bunkers and detect metal plates on mill trains.
Microwave Limiters (4 suppliers)
Microwave Line Stretchers (1 supplier)
Microwave Links (6 suppliers)
Microwave Mixers (6 suppliers)
Microwave Moisture Analyzer (5 suppliers)
Microwave moisture analyzer is a device, which has been to set the microprocessor controller to a percentage of full power to control to the microwave output. Power settings are dependent upon the type of sample and the recommendations of the manufacturer of the microwave moisture analyzer. Next, the internal balance is tared with two sample pads on the balance. As rapidly as possible, a sample is placed between the two pads, and then pads are centered on the pedestal and weighed against the tare weight. The operator sets time for the drying operation and start is activated. The microprocessor controls the drying procedure, with percentage moisture indicated in the controller window.
Microwave Moisture Meters (1 supplier)
Microwave Moisture Monitor (1 supplier)
Microwave Monolithic IC (3 suppliers)
Microwave Mounting Kits (1 supplier)
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