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Wooden Mailbox Post (4 suppliers)
Wooden Mallets (4 suppliers)
Wooden Mats (2 suppliers)
A wooden mat assembly is disclosed for construction of temporary roadway surfacing, such as can be used to form a roadway or assembled to form a flat platform surface where wheeled or tracked vehicles can be turned around. The wooden mat assembly is formed from interlocking mats, each mat being formed from a plurality of layers or boards, each layer being formed from boards parallel to each other and perpendicular to boards forming the adjacent layer, the layers being fastened together at points of intersection by screw shank nails or other fastening means. The assembled roadway or turn-around has particular utility at or near oil well drilling sites and building construction sites.
Wooden Packaging (14 suppliers)
Wooden Packing Boxes (42 suppliers)
Wooden Paddle (2 suppliers)
Wooden Pallets (128 suppliers)
Wooden Panels (15 suppliers)
Wooden Pellets (3 suppliers)
Wooden Portable Cabins (13 suppliers)
Wooden Security Cabins (3 suppliers)
Wooden Sheet Cutting (2 suppliers)
Wooden Shutters (15 suppliers)
Wooden Sifter Frames (1 supplier)
Wooden Signs (2 suppliers)
Wooden Stairs (3 suppliers)
Wooden Stand For Punch & Chisel Sets (1 supplier)
Wooden Store Fixtures (9 suppliers)
Wooden Sucker Rod Kit (1 supplier)
Wooden Survey Stakes (4 suppliers)
Wooden Wall Containment Systems (1 supplier)
Woodgrain (2 suppliers)
Woodgrain express the alignment, texture and appearance of the wood fibres. A woodgrain texture that has many highly variant bundles of lines ranging from fine to coarse that run roughly parallel to each others, sometimes interrupted by swirls and knots. This is often important in its effect on woodworking techniques. In describing the alignment of the wood in the tree a distinction may be made. Basic grain descriptions and types include straight, cross, spiral and interlocked.
Woodruff Cutters (7 suppliers)
Woodruff Cutters are the solid cutters of the shank type. It is a circular cutter integral with a parallel shank that is used for holding and driving. They have a definite diameter and width with sides slightly concave. This is used to cut little groves inside a circle. These cutters are used to the seat for woodruff keys.
Woodruff Key Cutters (3 suppliers)
Woodruff Keys (7 suppliers)
Woodruff Keyseat Cutter (3 suppliers)
Woods White Paint (2 suppliers)
Woodsided Platform Trucks (1 supplier)
Woodtesting Intelligent Hammer (3 suppliers)
Woodturning Lathes (6 suppliers)
Woodturning Tools (6 suppliers)
Woodward Mechanical Governors (2 suppliers)
Woodwaste Combustion System (2 suppliers)
Woodwork Cleaning (1 supplier)
Woodworking Chisels (1 supplier)
Woodworking Cutter (4 suppliers)
Woodworking Cutting Tools (30 suppliers)
Woodworking Dust Collectors Systems (1 supplier)
Woodworking Equipment Training Services (1 supplier)
Woodworking Filters (1 supplier)
Woodworking Hot Melt (1 supplier)
Woodworking Jigs (3 suppliers)
Woodworking Lathes (1 supplier)
Woodworking Machinery (107 suppliers)
Woodworking Metal Castings (3 suppliers)
Woodworking Motors (2 suppliers)
Woodworking Saw Blades (9 suppliers)
Woodworking Screws (4 suppliers)
Woodworking Spindle Repairs (3 suppliers)
Woodworking Spindles (7 suppliers)
7701 to 7750 of 8337 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 [155] 156 157 158 159 160 >> Next 50 Results
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