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Brass Blind Plugs (1 supplier)
Brass Body Ball Valve (16 suppliers)
Brass Body Machining (3 suppliers)
Brass Body Valves for Non-corrosive Gases (1 supplier)
Brass Boiler Drain Shutoffs (3 suppliers)
Brass Boiler Drain Valves (3 suppliers)
Brass Boiler Drains (4 suppliers)
Brass Bolt Extenders (2 suppliers)
Brass Bolts (27 suppliers)
Brass Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge (1 supplier)
Brass Bowl Couplings (1 supplier)
Brass Bracket Cap (2 suppliers)
Brass Brake Rivets (2 suppliers)
Brass Brake Shoe Bolts (2 suppliers)
Brass Brightener (1 supplier)
Brass Brush Holders (3 suppliers)
Brass Bulkhead Fitting (1 supplier)
Brass Bushes (6 suppliers)
Brass Bushes Manifolds (2 suppliers)
Brass Cabin Light (1 supplier)
Brass Cable & Wire Glands (8 suppliers)
Brass Cable Glands (25 suppliers)
Brass Cap Nuts (11 suppliers)
Brass Carriage Lock (2 suppliers)
Brass Case Liquid Filled Gauges (2 suppliers)
Brass Castings (112 suppliers)
Brass Cement Mold Assembly (1 supplier)
Brass Check Valves (37 suppliers)
Brass check valves are designed to permit gas flow in one direction only. It directs the flow of inhaled and exhaled gases through the breathing system. During inhalation, pressure decreases in the mouthpiece chamber, which seats the exhalation check valve but opens the inhalation check valve. These are also used in a water well installation to keep the water from flowing back toward the pump when it is not pumping. These check valves can be provided with female pipe threads on both ends.
Brass Cleanout Plugs (2 suppliers)
Brass Close Pipe Nipple (3 suppliers)
Brass Cluster Coupling (1 supplier)
Brass Cluster Head (1 supplier)
Brass CNC Milling Services (10 suppliers)
Brass CNC Precision Milling Services (6 suppliers)
Brass CNC Precision Turning Parts (12 suppliers)
Brass Coil Stock (3 suppliers)
Brass Cold Heading Wire (3 suppliers)
Brass Cold Rolled Steel Metal Stampings (2 suppliers)
Brass Compression Adapters (4 suppliers)
Brass Compression Fittings (62 suppliers)
Brass Compression Nuts (12 suppliers)
Brass Compression Sleeves (6 suppliers)
Brass Compression Tube Fittings (15 suppliers)
Brass Compression Tube fittings are used in plumbing to join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together. In instances where two pipes made of dissimilar materials are to be joined, the fittings will also be made of one or more compatible materials appropriate for the connection. Compression fittings for attaching tubing commonly have ferrules in them. Brass compression tube fittings are also used extensively for hot and cold water faucets and toilet stop valves. As the name implies, compression fittings form a tight seal by applying a compressive force to the pipes and pipe fitting. The fitting is compressed against the pipe with a force sufficient to eliminate all space remaining in the joint, thus preventing fluid from leaking. This fitting is composed of an outer compression nut and an inner ring called an 'olive'. When the nut is tightened, it clamps-down on the olive, causing it to conform to the circumference of the pipe. Olives vary in shape and material according to the pipe material. To work properly, the olive must be oriented correctly. Typically the olive is fitted such that the longest sloping face of the olive faces away from the nut. Compression fittings are popular because they do not require soldering, so they are comparatively quick and easy to use. Compression fittings are especially useful in installations that may require occasional disassembly or partial removal for maintenance etc, since these joints can be broken and remade without affecting the integrity of the joint.
Brass Concrete Anchors (6 suppliers)
Brass Conduit Couplings (35 suppliers)
Brass Conduit Fittings (56 suppliers)
Brass Connected General Industrial Gauges (1 supplier)
Brass Connector Kit (3 suppliers)
Brass Connectors (27 suppliers)
Brass Control Knob (5 suppliers)
7801 to 7850 of 10780 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 [157] 158 159 160 >> Next 50 Results
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