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Flow Sample Systems (1 supplier)
Flow Selector Valves (3 suppliers)
Flow Sensitive Unloaders (1 supplier)
Flow Sensor Electrodes (1 supplier)
Flow Sensor for Continuous Flow Measurement (5 suppliers)
Flow Sensor for Continuous Low-Flow Measurement (1 supplier)
Flow Sensor Valves (1 supplier)
Flow Sensor Valves eliminate the problem of vacuum loss through non-working standard cups or valved cups. These are manifolded or located in-line rather than at the suction cup. It has spring-loaded actuation, Bleed vent and Slotted poppet to improve performance. It is tested for proper operation and is helium leak tested at the envelope to a maximum leak rate of 4 x 10-9 std cm3/s.
Flow Sensor with Integral Head (1 supplier)
Flow Sensors (98 suppliers)
Flow sensor is a device used for sensing the rate of fluid flow. It is a sensing element used in a flow meter, or flow logger, to record the flow of fluids. There are various kinds of flow meters, including some that have a vane that is pushed by the fluid, and can drive a rotary potentiometer, or similar device. These are related to devices called velocimeters that measure velocity of fluids flowing through them. Laser-based interferometry is often used for air flow measurement, but for liquids, it is often easier to measure the flow.
Flow Sentry Crusher (1 supplier)
Flow Shut Off Valves (2 suppliers)
Flow Simulation (15 suppliers)
Flow Smasher Crusher (1 supplier)
Flow Solders (2 suppliers)
Flow Splitters (1 supplier)
Flow Stations (1 supplier)
Flow Straighteners (8 suppliers)
Flow Straighteners are designed to avoid any effect that flow disturbances generate on metering. Flow straighteners are available to eliminate vortexing of product when there is a short distance of straight pipe before and after the meter. The flow straightner lengths are 2″ x 24″, 3″ x 36″ and 4″ x 48″.
Flow Straightners (1 supplier)
Flow Strainer (1 supplier)
Flow Switch Assembly (7 suppliers)
Flow Switch Controllers (2 suppliers)
Flow Switch Kits (1 supplier)
Flow Switch Power Converter (3 suppliers)
Flow Switch Solutions (1 supplier)
Flow Switch Time Delay Relays (2 suppliers)
Flow Switch with Flanges (1 supplier)
Flow Switch with Flow Indicator (1 supplier)
Flow Switch with Retards (1 supplier)
Flow Switch, Dry Materials (2 suppliers)
Dry material flow switch is used to detect the flow of dust through a filter in a dust collector or bag house. It can also be used as a flow/no-flow switch for powders or granulars in chutes or pneumatic conveying lines. It comes complete with the electronic circuit board mounted in an enclosure, low noise coaxial cable and connectors, and a stainless steel probe mounted in an explosion-proof enclosure.
Flow Switches (75 suppliers)
Flow Switches indicate the presence of flow, actuating the contacts when a certain flow rate is reached. It is based on the use of a reed switch. The fluid flow displaces the magnet, which then closes the reed contacts. These are sensors that generally insert into the pipe or duct in which flow is measured.
Flow Switches (100 suppliers)
Flow Switches are sensors that generally insert into the pipe or duct in which flow is measured. It indicates the presence of flow actuating the contacts when a certain flow rate is reached. They are based on the use of a reed switch. These devices passes signal when the water in a system is flowing. It prevents systems from bleeding and feeding chemicals when the cooling tower is not operating.
Flow Switches, Pressure & Differential (21 suppliers)
Flow Tees (5 suppliers)
Flow Tees are used in older loop systems. The flow tees scoup water off and also keeps the flow going to the rest of the system. Flow tees are also available to turn an existing single flow outlet into a dual flow lubricator for maximum performance. Flow tees are available to convert a single-outlet lubricator to a dual-outlet lubricator.
Flow Testing Equipment (10 suppliers)
Flow Testing Springs (1 supplier)
Flow Testing Systems (3 suppliers)
Flow Through Aspirator (1 supplier)
Flow Through Bowls (1 supplier)
Flow Through Cooling Ultrasonic Power Supply (1 supplier)
Flow Through Core Cleaners (1 supplier)
Flow Through Handles (1 supplier)
Flow Through Heating Elements (1 supplier)
Flow Through Parts Washer Brushes (1 supplier)
Flow Through Sample Cylinders (1 supplier)
Flow Through Sampler (1 supplier)
Flow Through Trap Primers (1 supplier)
Flow Through Tub Finishers (1 supplier)
Flow Through Wash Brushes (1 supplier)
Flow Through Washers (1 supplier)
Flow through washer is a high-pressure pump. It has a high-pressure nozzle. It provides the suitable combination for fast, efficient cleaning of parts in the flow through jet spray washers. It conveys parts through a tunnel of various pre-soaking, cleaning, and rinsing stages. The conveyor moves the parts through the single or multiple-stage cabinet. The pressure of the spray combined with the high temperature cleaning solution does all the work. Scrubbing parts down to the bare metal.
Flow Thru Folders (1 supplier)
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