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Iridium Cigarette Lighter Adapter (2 suppliers)
Iridium Satellite Phones (5 suppliers)
Iridium Satellite Phones, Rentals (4 suppliers)
Iridium Spark Plug (1 supplier)
Iris Dampers (1 supplier)
Iris Valve (5 suppliers)
An iris valve is used to control the flow of bulk solid materials. It consists of a flexible cylindrical sleeve, a control ring, and a polymeric isolator disc. Rotating the control ring twists the flexible sleeve in an iris pattern to close an opening through the valve. Clamp bands attached to the upper body member and control ring include a machined helical pattern to securely grip the ends of the flexible sleeve, and a threaded handle locks the control ring in place against the body members.
Iron Galvanized Fitting (1 supplier)
Iron & Alloys (8 suppliers)
Iron & Steel Mills (3141 suppliers)
Iron Activators (1 supplier)
Iron Air Filter (6 suppliers)
Iron and Hydrogen Sulfide Water Filters (3 suppliers)
Iron and Manganese Water Filters (6 suppliers)
Iron Balance Weight (5 suppliers)
Iron Balusters (7 suppliers)
Iron Base Alloys (3 suppliers)
Iron Blanket Chest Hinges (1 supplier)
Iron Body Angle Valves (1 supplier)
Iron Body Ball Vibrators (1 supplier)
Iron Body Boiler Stop Check Valves (1 supplier)
Iron Body Chucks (1 supplier)
Iron Body Swing Check Valve (1 supplier)
Iron Bracket Lamp Bowl (1 supplier)
Iron Cabinet Hinges (2 suppliers)
Iron Camlocks (1 supplier)
Iron Casting Foundries (9 suppliers)
Iron Casting Grinding Job Shop (5 suppliers)
Iron Casting Molds (8 suppliers)
Iron Castings, Fully Machined (7 suppliers)
Iron Chromium Metal Powder (2 suppliers)
Iron Clad Batteries (1 supplier)
Iron Clad Cable Wraps (1 supplier)
Iron Clad Ties (1 supplier)
Iron Cleaner (1 supplier)
Iron Core Linear Motors (2 suppliers)
Iron Core Reactors (1 supplier)
Iron Core Reactors with coils consist of small wires, straps or cables wound about an iron core. This reactor is designed considering higher harmonic losses. These are designed with lower flux densities and are in smaller in dimensions. An applications of iron-core reactors are to increase the reactance of one branch of parallel circuits so the load will divide properly among the branches, to compensate for the leading charging current of a long transmission line as when used for shunt reactors operating at nearly constant voltage and to limit the current of an arc furnace transformer. These reactors are used in various branches of electrical engineering.
Iron Core Wheels (1 supplier)
Iron Cores (8 suppliers)
Iron Curtain Filtration System (1 supplier)
Iron Drill Bits (2 suppliers)
Iron Eagle Cylinder Heads (2 suppliers)
Iron Fencing (166 suppliers)
Iron Filtering (1 supplier)
Iron Filters (10 suppliers)
Iron Flanged Coupling Adapters (1 supplier)
Iron Forgings (5 suppliers)
Iron Fortification (1 supplier)
Iron Founders Foundry Services (6 suppliers)
Iron Gate Operator (2 suppliers)
Iron Glad Hand With Polyurethane Seals (1 supplier)
8101 to 8150 of 8469 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 160 161 162 [163] 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 >> Next 50 Results
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