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Low Level Pedestal Mount Centrifugal Pumps (1 supplier)
Low Level PVC Strainer (2 suppliers)
Low Level Radioactive Waste Containers (2 suppliers)
Low Level Strainer Mounting Plates (1 supplier)
Low Level Strainers (6 suppliers)
Low Lift Pallet Jacks (1 supplier)
Low Lift Pallet Truck (1 supplier)
Low Lift Tables (0 suppliers)
Low Lift Wheel Dolly (1 supplier)
Low Light IR Sensitive Camera (1 supplier)
Low Light Lens (1 supplier)
Low Light Videoscopes (5 suppliers)
Low Limit Controllers (1 supplier)
Low Limit Temperature Controllers (1 supplier)
Low Line Differential Digital Gauges (1 supplier)
Low Loaders (4 suppliers)
Low Loss Cable Assemblies (1 supplier)
Low Loss Flow Tubes (5 suppliers)
Low Loss Generator Step Up Transformers (1 supplier)
Low Loss Semi-Flexible Coaxial Cable (2 suppliers)
Low Loss Serial Digital Coax (1 supplier)
Low Loss Transfer Tubes (1 supplier)
Low Loss/Low Dielectric Foam Products (1 supplier)
Low Maintenance Decking (2 suppliers)
Low Maintenance End Prep Tool (1 supplier)
Low Maintenance Fatigue Testing Machines (1 supplier)
Low Maintenance Industrial Fans (2 suppliers)
Low Maintenance Oil Water Separators (1 supplier)
Low Maintenance Respirators (1 supplier)
Low Maintenance Seal Plastic Control Valves (4 suppliers)
Low Mass Heater (0 suppliers)
Low Mass Lift Pins (1 supplier)
Low Melt Aluminum Solder (1 supplier)
Low Melt Glue Sticks (1 supplier)
Low Melt Heat Shrink Tubing (1 supplier)
Low Micron Oil Coalescing Filter (3 suppliers)
Low Mid Resolution Counting Scales (1 supplier)
Low Miniature Tantalum Capacitors (2 suppliers)
Low Misting Products (1 supplier)
Low Moderate Programmable Timer (1 supplier)
Low Mount Winches (2 suppliers)
Low Mount Worm Gear Winches (1 supplier)
Low Noise A/C Adapters (1 supplier)
Low Noise Adhesive Tapes (4 suppliers)
Low Noise Amplifier Filters (1 supplier)
Low Noise Amplifier Subsystems (1 supplier)
Low Noise Amplifiers (23 suppliers)
The low noise amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier or amplifier which is used in communication systems to amplify very weak signals captured by an antenna. It is also called an LNA or a preamplifier. It is often located very close to the antenna. If the LNA is located close to the antenna, then losses in the feedline become less critical. This active antenna arrangement is frequently used in microwave systems like GPS, because coaxial cable feedline is very lossy at microwave frequencies. For low noise the amplifier needs to have a high amplification in its first stage. Therefore JFETs and HEMT are used and distributed amplifiers could be used. They are driven in a high current regime, which is not energy efficient, but reduces the relative amount of shot noise. Input and output matching circuits for narrow band circuits enhance the gain and do not use resistors, as these will add noise. Biasing is done by large resistors, because energy efficiency is not needed, and a large resistor prevents leakage of the weak signal out of the signal path or noise into the signal path.
Low Noise Audio Amplifier (1 supplier)
Low Noise Audio Transformers (3 suppliers)
Low Noise Bamdpass Filter (1 supplier)
8651 to 8700 of 10204 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 [174] 175 176 177 178 179 180 >> Next 50 Results
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