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Ammonia Handling Equipment (1 supplier)
Ammonia handling equipments include unloading stations, storage tanks & accessories, ammonia feed forward pumps, ammonia process control unit, ammonia distribution manifolds, and ammonia injection grid.
Ammonia Heaters (1 supplier)
Ammonia Hose Connectors (4 suppliers)
Ammonia Injection Grid Headers (1 supplier)
Ammonia Injection Grids (2 suppliers)
Ammonia injection grid offers a plurality of air foils across a flue conveying flue gas. It is located in the flue leading to the SCR catalyst at a point far enough upstream to ensure optimal flue gas and reagent distribution across section of the catalyst. The primary design parameters for the ammonia injection grid involves total ammonia delivery capacity, header velocity, nozzle area concentration and injection velocity.
Ammonia Injection Pipes (1 supplier)
Ammonia Injection Vaporizing Skids (1 supplier)
Ammonia Lances (1 supplier)
Ammonia Leak Detection Sensors (1 supplier)
Ammonia Liquid Level Controllers (2 suppliers)
High Level controllers monitor, regulate, and control liquid or solid levels in a process. There are three basic types of control functions that high-level controllers can use. The limit control works by interrupting power through a load circuit when the level exceeds or falls below the limit set point. A limit controller can protect equipment and people when it is correctly installed with its own power supply, power lines, switch and sensor.
Ammonia Lower Mount (1 supplier)
Ammonia Markers (1 supplier)
Ammonia Measurement In Gasification Reaction Process (1 supplier)
Ammonia Monitor Single Pump (2 suppliers)
Ammonia Monitor Triple Pump (1 supplier)
Ammonia Monitoring In Gasification Process (1 supplier)
Ammonia Monitors (2 suppliers)
Ammonia Plants (3 suppliers)
Ammonia plants are used to produce ammonia. The primary purpose of the ammonia plants is to supply liquid ammonia to the di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) plant, for the production of DAP/MAP fertilizer. These plants comprise of several units that include natural gas compression and desulfurization, reforming, waste heat recovery and boilers, CO shift conversion, CO2 removal and methanation, syngas compression, ammonia synthesis, refrigeration, ammonia and hydrogen recovery, ammonia storage, and shipping facilities.
Ammonia Probe (1 supplier)
Ammonia Process Control Units (1 supplier)
Ammonia Processing Control Units (1 supplier)
Ammonia Pumps (2 suppliers)
Ammonia Receivers (1 supplier)
Ammonia Refrigerant Compound Gauges (1 supplier)
Ammonia Refrigerant Compressors (1 supplier)
Ammonia Refrigeration Equipment (7 suppliers)
Ammonia Refrigeration System (3 suppliers)
Ammonia Removal Systems (2 suppliers)
Ammonia Screw Compressor (1 supplier)
Ammonia Scrubbers (4 suppliers)
Ammonia Skids (1 supplier)
Ammonia Storage Tanks (11 suppliers)
Ammonia Strippers (1 supplier)
Ammonia Tank Decals  (1 supplier)
Ammonia Tank Valves (1 supplier)
Ammonia Trace Gas Analyzer (3 suppliers)
Ammonia Unloading Systems (1 supplier)
Ammonia Valves (3 suppliers)
Ammonia Vaporizers (3 suppliers)
Ammonia Vapour Tests (1 supplier)
Ammonia/Freon Pressure Gauges (14 suppliers)
Ammoniated Glass Cleaners (3 suppliers)
Ammoniation Systems (8 suppliers)
Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode (1 supplier)
Ammonium Sulfate (2 suppliers)
Ammunition Chutes (3 suppliers)
Ammunition Grade Containers (3 suppliers)
Amorphous Coated End Mills (1 supplier)
Amorphous Cores (4 suppliers)
Amorphous Graphite (4 suppliers)
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