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Single Chain Sling Adjustable (2 suppliers)
Single Chain Sling Type (4 suppliers)
Single Chamber Box Furnace (1 supplier)
Single Chamber Calcium Reactor (1 supplier)
Single Chamber Laboratory Ovens (13 suppliers)
Single Chamber Meter Runs (3 suppliers)
Single chamber fabricated meter run assemblies are manufactured from different alloys. These alloys are ideally suited for fluid conditions found in orifice flow measurement applications. The following service criteria should be considered in determining the correct material se-lection for the Orifice meter run assemblies. They are the fluid to be measured , temperature of the fluid and the pressure in the meter tube.
Single Chamber Orifice Fittings (6 suppliers)
Single Chamber Orifice Fitting is designed for use in installations in which the line can be depressurized to change or inspect the orifice plate. Single Chamber Orifice Fittings come standard with O-ring seals both on the body and the seal bar. This feature eliminates nuisance gasket maintenance and clamping bar screw breakage while providing superior sealing capability. The O- rings incorporated are standard shelf sizes and can be supplied in a wide variety of compositions. Gaskets can also be used when preferred or required. On 8″ and above, eccentricity of the Orifice Plate Carrier is fully accessible and adjustable from the exterior of the Orifice fitting.
Single Chamber Terminal Closure (1 supplier)
Single Chamber Vacuum Furnaces (1 supplier)
Single Chamber Vacuum Machine (3 suppliers)
Single Chamber Water Filled Fluid Diverter (1 supplier)
Single Channal Interface (1 supplier)
Single Channel Accelerometer Power Supply (1 supplier)
Single Channel Air Cooled Chillers (1 supplier)
Single Channel Air Coupled Instrument (1 supplier)
Single Channel Alarm Monitor (1 supplier)
Single Channel Analog Input Modules (1 supplier)
Single Channel Analog Inputs (3 suppliers)
Single channel analog inputs modules are complete single-channel data acquisition systems that are well suited to applications such as SCADA, data monitoring, data loggers, PLC's, process controllers and instrumentation. The analog signal input types include voltage, current, temperature, flow, bridge and load cell. It converts the digital signal data into engineering units using look-up tables. The resultant data is stored in a memory buffer. The module's ADC continuously converts data at the rate of 8 conversions per second and stores the latest result in the buffer.
Single Channel Analog Output Modules (1 supplier)
Single Channel Analyzers (1 supplier)
Single Channel Band Pass Cavity Filters (3 suppliers)
Single Channel Combustible Trip Amplifier Module (1 supplier)
Single Channel Consoles (1 supplier)
Single Channel Control System (1 supplier)
Single Channel Coupling Relays (1 supplier)
Single Channel Critical Speed Switches (1 supplier)
Single Channel Decoders (2 suppliers)
Single Channel Digital Video Recorders (1 supplier)
Single Channel Dispenser (1 supplier)
Single Channel Display Meter With Relays (1 supplier)
Single Channel Encapsulated Analog Isolators (1 supplier)
Single Channel Encapsulated Digital Isolators (1 supplier)
Single Channel Gas Controllers (1 supplier)
Single Channel Gas Leak Detector (2 suppliers)
Single Channel Hygrometer (2 suppliers)
Single Channel Isolated Switch (1 supplier)
Single Channel Leak Detection Relays (1 supplier)
Single Channel Length Sensors (1 supplier)
Single Channel Lifters (1 supplier)
Single Channel Limit Value Indicator (2 suppliers)
Single Channel Linear Variable Differential Transformers (2 suppliers)
Single Channel Loop-Powered Isolators (2 suppliers)
Single Channel Mass Flow Switch (1 supplier)
Single Channel Media Converter (3 suppliers)
Single Channel Microphone Preamplifier (1 supplier)
Single Channel Modules (1 supplier)
Single Channel Particle Counter (1 supplier)
Single Channel Pipettes (1 supplier)
Single Channel Point Level Switch (1 supplier)
Single Channel Point Thermal Level Switch (1 supplier)
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