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L-P Gas Corrosion Test Cylinders (2 suppliers)
L-Port Pvc Three Way Diverter Ball Valves (1 supplier)
L-rail Cable Clamps (2 suppliers)
L-Sealer Controllers (1 supplier)
L-Sealer Systems (1 supplier)
L-Sealers (6 suppliers)
L-Shape Dock Seals (2 suppliers)
L-Shape Power Units (1 supplier)
L-Shape SDS Rotary Hammer Kit (1 supplier)
L-Shape Transfer Tanks (1 supplier)
L-Shaped Rotary Hammers (1 supplier)
L-Shaped Snap Rings (1 supplier)
L-Track Double Stud Fittings (1 supplier)
L-Track Fasteners (1 supplier)
L-Track Single Stud Fittings (1 supplier)
L-Trim Casing Beads (1 supplier)
L-Trims (1 supplier)
L-type Cable Collection Rails (1 supplier)
L-Type Holders (1 supplier)
L-Type Jaw Couplings (2 suppliers)
L-Type Mix Heads (2 suppliers)
L.C.Blowers with Filter Inlet (1 supplier)
L.C.Blowers with Filter Inlet are rugged, dependable and constant pressure machines. These blowers are used for many industrial and commercial applications requiring air at a specific pressure & volume.
L.T. Current Transformers (37 suppliers)
L9 Tension Washers (1 supplier)
La Man Filters (1 supplier)
Lab & Vacuum Motors (1 supplier)
Lab Agitators (3 suppliers)
Lab Bath Circulators (2 suppliers)
Lab Benches (2 suppliers)
Lab Bottle Crate (1 supplier)
Lab C-Clamp Mount Mixers (1 supplier)
Lab C clamp mount is a direct drive for stirring liquids up to 400 centipoises in vessels up to 5 gallons. The air drive specification has 1/6-Hp air motor, 1/4″ NPS-M inlet air connection, muffler and speed control. Its speed range is 0-6000 rpm. The electric drive has TEFC, EXP and wash down ratings. It has stainless 3″ triple blade propeller.
Lab Conductivity Meters (16 suppliers)
Lab Conductivity Meter is used for electrodes and buffer solutions. This instrument offers exceptional performance and can be used for GLP procedures. This instrument is setting new standards for electrochemical measurement.
Lab Dispersators (1 supplier)
Lab Dispersers (2 suppliers)
Lab Dispersers are using stainless steel and zinc-plated components for long life. These are designed for low to medium materials.
Lab Foam Downstream Equipments (1 supplier)
Lab Furnaces (11 suppliers)
Lab Heating Baths (1 supplier)
Lab Homogenizers (8 suppliers)
Lab Hood Monitors (1 supplier)
Lab Hot Plates (5 suppliers)
Lab Laminating Machines (1 supplier)
Lab Mixer Accessories (4 suppliers)
Lab Mixer Shaft (2 suppliers)
Lab Mixers and Magnetic Stirrers (17 suppliers)
Magnetic stirrers are commonly used to homogenize the content of an opened beaker, erlenmeyer flask, or other flasks. They are very effective for homogenizing liquids, and liquids with small amounts of suspended solids as long as these solids do not have magnetic properties. Laboratory mixer is used to mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate and dissolve samples. There are several basic types of products. Dual-shaft mixers use a three-wing or helical anchor to generate flow and remove mixed materials from the vessel wall. Double-planetary mixers use a rectangular or finger-shaped blade to feed material to an orbiting high-speed dispenser. Laboratory mixers vary in terms of user interface options, display types, and special features.
Lab Mixing Impellers (2 suppliers)
Lab Model Centrifuges (8 suppliers)
Lab Model Sample Heaters (1 supplier)
Lab Mount Mixers (5 suppliers)
Lab Ovens (28 suppliers)
Lab Pack With Screw Top Lid (1 supplier)
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