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Oil Cleaning Service (8 suppliers)
Oil Coalescers (13 suppliers)
Oil Coalescing Breathers (1 supplier)
Oil Coalescing Filters (6 suppliers)
Oil Coating Roller (2 suppliers)
Oil Coatings (7 suppliers)
Oil Colors (2 suppliers)
Oil colors are made by mixing an adequate amount of cold-pressed linseed oil with a pigment to make a smooth buttery paint. When the paint is applied to a surface, the oil absorbs oxygen from the air and polymerizes to form a solid film, which binds the pigment to the canvas or panel. The dried film is tough and flexible, resistant to abrasion and water, and is not easily soluble in normal diluents, such as turpentine. The paint can keep well for long periods when stored in containers, such as tubes or jars, that exclude the air. It is desirable to use only as much oil as is absolutely necessary to bind the pigment in a film of good flexibility and adhesiveness. Since all linseed oil yellows to some degree the more oil that is used in the paint, the greater the amount of subsequent yellowing.
Oil Concentration Detector (1 supplier)
Oil Condition Monitoring Services (1 supplier)
Oil Condition Monitoring Solutions (1 supplier)
Oil Condition Monitoring Switch (1 supplier)
Oil Condition Monitoring Testing (1 supplier)
Oil Conditioning Systems (1 supplier)
Oil Consumer & Pharmaceutical Industries (2 suppliers)
Oil Consumption Meters (2 suppliers)
Oil Containment (11 suppliers)
Oil Containment Booms (5 suppliers)
Oil Containment Socks (1 supplier)
Oil Content Analyzers (4 suppliers)
Oil Content Monitors/Alarm (5 suppliers)
Oil Control Handle (3 suppliers)
Oil Control Piston Rings (2 suppliers)
Oil Control Rings (2 suppliers)
Oil Control Valves (0 suppliers)
Oil Coolant Pumps (1 supplier)
Oil Coolant Purifying Attachment System (1 supplier)
Oil Cooled Cathodic Protection Rectifiers (1 supplier)
Oil Cooled Diesel Engines (24 suppliers)
Oil Cooled Friction Discs (2 suppliers)
Oil Cooled Magnets (1 supplier)
Oil Cooled Rectifiers (4 suppliers)
Oil Cooled Series Rectifiers (1 supplier)
Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizers (12 suppliers)
Oil Cooled Transformer Rectifier Unit (4 suppliers)
Oil Cooled Vertical Diesel Engine (4 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Adapters (6 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Assembly (13 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Calorimeters (2 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Elbow (1 supplier)
Oil Cooler Hoses (2 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Housings (5 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Install Kit (1 supplier)
Oil Cooler Lines (2 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Mounting Brackets (2 suppliers)
Oil Cooler Repairs (3 suppliers)
Oil Cooler w/Hydraulic Motors (1 supplier)
Oil Cooler Wrenches (2 suppliers)
Oil Cooler/Warmer (4 suppliers)
Oil Coolers (164 suppliers)
Oil cooler can be connected to through hoses to the high-performance blocks by removing the plugs above the oil filter pad. It also contributes to lowering the engine-temperature. Of the three engine cooling systems (air, water, and oil), oil cooling is the most promising for getting big cooling gains with relatively little effort. It is necessary to keep the temperature of the oil, needed for the functioning of the engine and its subsystems, under control. Too high temperatures lead to a rapid degradation of the oil's lubrication characteristics with the risk of damaging mechanical parts. They may be designed to exchange heat between oil and air rather than oil and the coolant in the engine cooling circuit. The latter involves simplified oil circuits and low costs if compared to the oil-air solutions, which offer higher performances and do not imply an additional thermal load for the radiator.
Oil Coolers for Screw Compressors (2 suppliers)
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