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Angular Expansion Joints (6 suppliers)
Angular Expansion Joints have a single bellows with overall length restrained by hinge hardware designed to accommodate pressure thrust. A hinged expansion joint allows angular movement in a single plane. Those systems, which consist of two gimbals and a hinge can accommodate very large movements with very low reaction loads on the adjacent equipment. This is a very attractive application for large diameter hot piping systems even if the movements are complex and not in a single plane.
Angular Fittings (1 supplier)
Angular Geared Motors (3 suppliers)
Angular Infeed Grinder (2 suppliers)
Angular Interferometers (1 supplier)
Angular Linear Position Transducers (1 supplier)
Angular Machine Vices (3 suppliers)
Angular Misalignment Chain Coupling Covers (1 supplier)
Angular Notches (1 supplier)
Angular Optic Kits (1 supplier)
Angular Pilots (1 supplier)
Angular Pneumatic Grippers (2 suppliers)
Angular Pockets (1 supplier)
Angular Position Measurement Kits (1 supplier)
Angular Position Transducer (1 supplier)
Angular Position Transmitter (1 supplier)
Angular Reflectors (1 supplier)
Angular Spline (1 supplier)
Angular Stirrups (1 supplier)
Angular Style Cutter (2 suppliers)
Angular Tube Cut Off Die (1 supplier)
Angular Turning Holders (1 supplier)
Angular Turning Holders is used for chamfering operations. The angular position of the beater is adjusted by loosening the screw bolts, then turning the beater holder to the desired angular position around the locating device, and then fastening the screw bolts.
Angulated Head Cutters (2 suppliers)
Anhydride Curing Epoxy Fiberglass Pipe (1 supplier)
Anhydrous Ammonia Applicators (1 supplier)
Anhydrous Ammonia Cylinder Emergency Kits (2 suppliers)
Anhydrous Ammonia Injection Systems (1 supplier)
Anhydrous Ammonia Knives (2 suppliers)
Anhydrous Ammonia Unloading Stations (2 suppliers)
Anhydrous Equipment (1 supplier)
Anhydrous HCL Recovery Systems (2 suppliers)
Anhydrous Shutoffs (1 supplier)
Aniline Oil (1 supplier)
Aniline Oil is brown-coloured liquid, heavier than water and pure enough for the preparation of the aniline colours. It is oily poisonous liquid amine obtained from nitrobenzene and used to make dyes, plastics, and medicines. The aniline oil is also removed by means of filter paper. Aniline oil boils at 175° or 180°C.
Aniline Point Apparatus (0 suppliers)
Anilox Brushes (3 suppliers)
Anilox Cleaning Machines (4 suppliers)
Anilox Rollers (13 suppliers)
Animal Livestock Scale (2 suppliers)
Animal Resistant Containers (1 supplier)
Animal Scales (9 suppliers)
Animated Sign Motors (1 supplier)
Animation Control Systems (1 supplier)
Animation Lighting Controllers (1 supplier)
Animation of Power Projects Overall View and Walk Through of the Buildings (2 suppliers)
Anion Analysis Services (1 supplier)
Anion Exchange Membranes (3 suppliers)
In the case of an anion exchange membrane, free anion in the electro-deposition coating bath move from the painting bath to cathode. Then free anions permeate the anion exchange membrane, move to the electrode solution and connect with H+ ions produced at the anode to form acid and discharged from the upper overflow nozzle together with the electrode solution. In the case of cation exchange membranes as well as anion exchange membranes, anions in the electro-deposition coating bath move from the painting bath to the anode. However the cation exchange membranes prevent anions from permeating to the electrode solution, whereas H+ ions permeate the cation exchange membranes and acid remains in the painting bath as it is.
Anion Exchange Resins (4 suppliers)
The anion exchange resins are commonly used resin. It contains hydroxide ions and are divided into strong and weak base classes. These are used to remove negatively charged ions, such as SO2-4. Anion exchange resins are generally lower in their exchange capacity and durability than cation exchange resins and are seldom used for industrial separation.
Anionic Foaming Agents (3 suppliers)
Anionic Polyacrylamide Viscosifiers (1 supplier)
Anisotropic Tetrahedral Extrusion (1 supplier)
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