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Luminance Meters (2 suppliers)
Luminator LED Mini Bars (1 supplier)
Luminator Quad Lights (1 supplier)
Luminator Trio Lights (1 supplier)
Luminescence Sensors (3 suppliers)
Luminescent Scanners (1 supplier)
Luminous Rubber Materials (4 suppliers)
Luminous Systems (1 supplier)
Lump Abradors (1 supplier)
Lump abradors have a single large diameter rotor, evenly spaced impacting fingers and fixed combs on the sidewall. The blades intermesh with the breaker bars, acting as a series of crushing hammers. Particles smaller than the breaker bar slots continue through the machine while larger particles are trapped within the impact area, which continue to be crushed until small enough to flow through. It is constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel, sanitary stainless steel and other alloys.
Lump Breakers (14 suppliers)
Lump breakers are available as either low or high speed devices in the form of hopper or chute feed or as pipeline versions. The breakers are made in a range of sizes in single or twin shaft arrangements. The twin shafts machines contra-rotate, to draw lumps into the central breaking zone, providing a self cleaning action, thereby permitting the breaker to smash larger and denser lumps without bridging or clogging. Standard construction for the body section is in mild steel, with abrasion resistance breaker bars. Low speed versions are for gentle crushing duties on brittle products that require breaking down without the generation of excessive dust and fines. High speed breakers are more destructive of the granular materials, combining the effect of impact, wedging and trapping at a rapid rate, to fracture the chunks into a wide range of particulate fractions.
Lump Breakers (5 suppliers)
Lump Breakers are mounted by the bottom of the cone to break up limps to reduce caking and to control better agglomeration when liquid is added to achieve granulation. The lump breaker eliminates the need to pass the product through a mill on the completion of the drying/granulation process.
Lump Breaking Equipment (1 supplier)
Lump Busters (1 supplier)
Lump Crushers (7 suppliers)
Lumped Element Filters (1 supplier)
Lunar Ball Segment Valves (1 supplier)
Lunar Crimp Frame (1 supplier)
Lunar Roving Vehicle Bumper (1 supplier)
Lunar Sampling Valves (1 supplier)
Lung Powered Respirators (2 suppliers)
Lux Meter (2 suppliers)
LV - HV Cable Jointing (3 suppliers)
LV Crimp Connector (2 suppliers)
LV Hazardous Area Enclosures (1 supplier)
LV Mechanical Connectors (2 suppliers)
LV Variable Speed Motors (1 supplier)
LV-HV Cable Accessories (2 suppliers)
LVD Conformity Assessment (1 supplier)
LVDS Cables (1 supplier)
LVDS Oscillators (2 suppliers)
LVDT Accessories (2 suppliers)
LVDT Case Expansion Transducers (2 suppliers)
LVDT Core Connecting Rods (1 supplier)
LVDT Displacement Transducer (2 suppliers)
LVDT Gage Probes (2 suppliers)
LVDT Load Cells (1 supplier)
LVDT Mounting Blocks (2 suppliers)
LVDT mounting blocks is used for mounting the LVDT without the necessity of machining such an item, and providing a split block configuration that will not stress or distort the LVDT body. These blocks are made from linen based phenolic and are provided in LVDT mounting diameters suitable for most LVDTs. These blocks are featured with pre-drilled and tapped holes to facilitate mounting to a base on either the bottom or the side. These blocks are supported with clamp screw for clamping the LVDT.
LVDT Sensors (9 suppliers)
LVDT sensors are commonly used in electrode displacement measurement. These are fairly reliable in catching the signals during both initial touching and welding. The signals collected are usually cleaner than those of current or electrode force. The displacement signals measured using an LVDT sensor directly reflect the physical process involved in a welding cycle.
LVDT Signal Conditioner Module (1 supplier)
LVDT Signal Conditioners (6 suppliers)
LVDT signal conditioner is a device, which translates the linear of a ferromagnetic armature into an AC voltage that is proportional to the armature position. It receives AC or DC currents or AC or DC voltages as input signals. They excite a transducer according to defined parameters for voltage and frequency. A variable gain differential amplifier receives the resulting signal, which is then coupled to a synchronous detector, multi-step filter, analog-to-digital converter, and micro-controller. It has voltage or current outputs that power or activate the sensor that provides the input signals. LVDT signal conditioners vary in terms of filter and amplifier specifications. It includes signal filters block or decrease (attenuate) unwanted frequencies or signal wave characteristics. Integral filters allow some signal frequencies to pass while attenuating others. Integral amplifiers multiply a signal to the matching scale of the input.
LVDT Transducers (4 suppliers)
LVHV Extraction Systems (1 supplier)
LWC Copper Tubes (1 supplier)
LWD Drilling Tools (2 suppliers)
Lysimeters (1 supplier)
10151 to 10195 of 10195 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 200 201 202 203 [204]
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