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Polarimeters (25 suppliers)
Polarimeters are instruments used to measure the rotation of the plane of vibration in polarized light. Polarimetry of thin films and surfaces is called ellipsometry, which is used to provide information about layers that are thinner than the wavelength of the light itself, down to a single atomic layer or less. The most sensitive polarimeters are based on interferometers; while more conventional polarimeters use polarizing filters, wave plates or other devices.
Polaris Rangers (1 supplier)
Polaris Snow Mobiles (1 supplier)
Polarisation Coupons (1 supplier)
Polariscopes (8 suppliers)
Polariscope is an instrument for demonstrating the effects of polarised light. It consists of a polariser to obtain polarised light and an analyser to view the result. Polariscopes are a very useful, simple and inexpensive to make piece of gemological equipment. It is used to separate synthetic amethyst from genuine.
Polarising Microscopes (3 suppliers)
Polarity Check Low Voltage Screwdriver Tester (2 suppliers)
Polarity Testers (3 suppliers)
Polarization Analyzers (1 supplier)
Polarization Beam Combiners (5 suppliers)
Polarization Beam Splitters (4 suppliers)
Polarization Cell Replacement (1 supplier)
Polarization Cells (2 suppliers)
Polarization Cells (3 suppliers)
Polarization Components (5 suppliers)
Polarization Controllers (1 supplier)
Polarization Diversity Detectors (1 supplier)
Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters (1 supplier)
Polarization Keys (1 supplier)
Polarization Maintaining Cables (1 supplier)
Polarization Maintaining Couplers (2 suppliers)
Polarization Maintaining Filter Couplers (4 suppliers)
Polarization Maintaining Fused Fiber Couplers (1 supplier)
Polarization Measurement Systems (2 suppliers)
Polarization Scramblers (2 suppliers)
Polarization scrambler includes detecting, switching and controlling unit. The detecting unit is used to detect the output signal from the polarization scrambler coupled to the transmission line fiber. Switching unit is used for coupling one of the polarization scramblers to a transmission line fiber. Controlling unit is used for switching the polarization scrambler to another polarization scrambler using the switching unit when the output signal detected by the detection unit comprises a false output signal.
Polarization Stabilizers (1 supplier)
Polarization stabilizer is used for optimizing the performance of polarization dependent systems or devices.
Polarization Synthesizers (1 supplier)
Polarized Click-On Outlets (1 supplier)
Polarized Cube Tap (1 supplier)
Polarized Diode Modules (1 supplier)
Polarized Fire Alarm Strobes (1 supplier)
Polarized Lamp Testing Modules (1 supplier)
Polarized Light Microscopes (1 supplier)
Polarized Media Panels (1 supplier)
Polarized Microscopes (3 suppliers)
Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (4 suppliers)
Polarized refrigerant oil additives are liquids. It is designed to introduce into all sorts of refrigeration systems, including air conditioners and chillers. It saves energy and equipment by increasing the efficiency of heat exchange systems and reducing equipment wear. It can easily be added to virtually any refrigerant system to remove the oil particles that cling to heat exchange surfaces and reduce heat transfer.
Polarized Retro Reflective Sensors (1 supplier)
Polarizer Adaptors (2 suppliers)
Polarizer for Bar Light (2 suppliers)
Polarizing Filters (2 suppliers)
Polarizing Lighting Products (1 supplier)
Polarizing Microscopes (6 suppliers)
Polarizing Task Lights (1 supplier)
Pole Adapter (1 supplier)
Pole and Flat Surface Mounting Brackets (1 supplier)
Pole and Platform Mounted Voltage Regulators (6 suppliers)
Pole Auger Bits (1 supplier)
Pole Banner (1 supplier)
Pole Barn Kit Engineering (2 suppliers)
Pole Barn Kits (2 suppliers)
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