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Burpless Funnel (1 supplier)
Burr Blade Holders (2 suppliers)
Burr Busters (1 supplier)
Burr End Router Diamond Cuts (1 supplier)
Burr Grinders (2 suppliers)
Burr Masher Rolls (1 supplier)
Burr Mashers (1 supplier)
Burr Removal Systems (1 supplier)
Burr Sets (3 suppliers)
Burr-Type Carbide Cutters (2 suppliers)
Burrs (2 suppliers)
Burst & Durability Test Bench (1 supplier)
Burst Chokes (1 supplier)
Burst Disc Indicator Alarm System (1 supplier)
Burst Disc Indicators (2 suppliers)
Burst Disk Monitor (1 supplier)
Burst Indicators (1 supplier)
Burst Pipe Flood Damage Services (1 supplier)
Burst Pipe Flooding Services (1 supplier)
Burst Pressure Test Equipment (3 suppliers)
Burst Sensors/Monitors (4 suppliers)
Burst Strength Tester (1 supplier)
Burst Testing (2 suppliers)
Burst testing is used for materials selection, materials optimization, materials research, and safety concern and design verification. In burst testing a high speed rotating machinery store huge amounts of kinetic energy, which is released upon burst of one or more of its components. The burst testing should be done to avoid the liberated projectile that penetrates machine housing and pose a significant threat to personnel. A typical burst-containment test involves a spinning disk, a properly supported containment structure, high-speed video, witness rings and other instrumentation needed to quantify the event.
Bursting Discs (11 suppliers)
Bursting Discs (5 suppliers)
Bursting discs are thin membranes, which act like a blank flange under normal conditions. The membrane is very thin compared to the other pressure retaining parts, and when the pressure exceeds the rated pressure, the membrane ruptures and allows the fluid to escape. Unlike most relief valves, the bursting disc cannot close once the pressure has been relieved, and the disc must be replaced. However, they do have the advantage of being completely leak-free during normal working. When handling hazardous fluids, bursting discs can be used in conjunction with relief valves to provide protection, preferably with the bursting disc being fitted before the relief valve.
Bursting Machines (2 suppliers)
Bursting Safety Discs (2 suppliers)
Bursting Testers (8 suppliers)
Bus Adapter Cards (1 supplier)
Bus Adapters (3 suppliers)
Bus Adapters connect peripherals to computers that do not provide native support for a peripheral's interface. These components can be added or removed without interrupting the operation of the main unit. They have enable communication between video cards and computer processors that do not share the same protocol. These are housed in cables that connect one bus to another. These are also differing according to the number of terminating connections or the range of acceptable ports or slots that can be added to the system.
Bus Amplifiers (1 supplier)
Bus Analysers (1 supplier)
Bus Analyzers (4 suppliers)
Bus Applied Switchboard (3 suppliers)
Bus Articulation System (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Accessories (8 suppliers)
Bus Bar Brackets (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Clamps (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Connector (5 suppliers)
Bus Bar Heat Shrinkable Tubings (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Insulator (4 suppliers)
Bus Bar Interconnects (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Mounted Shunts (2 suppliers)
Bus Bar Protection Relays (20 suppliers)
Bus Bar Spacer (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Supports (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Terminal Blocks (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Terminals (1 supplier)
Bus Bar Wires (2 suppliers)
Bus Bars (37 suppliers)
10251 to 10300 of 10781 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 200 201 202 203 204 205 [206] 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 >> Next 50 Results
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