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Rotary Screen Head (1 supplier)
Rotary Screen Labels (1 supplier)
Rotary Screen Printers (3 suppliers)
Rotary Screen Tablet Dusters (1 supplier)
Rotary Screens (35 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Air Compressors (45 suppliers)
A rotary-screw air compressor has a separator, a cooler fan assembly, and a mounting apparatus. The separator has a first chamber and a second chamber. The first chamber separates compressed air and coolant. The second chamber separates compressed air and moisture. The separator is disposed in a chasm formed by a first platform. The mounting apparatus elevates a motor and air end vertically above and spatially apart from the separator. A cooler fan assembly is vertically above the motor and air end. The cooler fan assembly has a first heat exchanger vertically above a second heat exchanger. A shroud having an opposite open end is connected to the first heat exchanger at one open end and the shroud is connected to the second heat exchanger at the other open end. A cooler fan is disposed completely within the shroud and between the first and second heat exchangers.
Rotary Screw Chillers (2 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Compressor Central Chillers (4 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Compressor Kit (6 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Compressor Parts (6 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Compressors (102 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Compressors, Rentals (12 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Cooling Chiller (1 supplier)
Rotary Screw Gas Engine Compressors (5 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Lubricants (4 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Portable Compressors (1 supplier)
Rotary Screw Vacuum Packages (1 supplier)
Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps (8 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Vacuum Systems (4 suppliers)
Rotary Screw Varnish Cleaner (1 supplier)
Rotary Screwdrivers (1 supplier)
Rotary Scrubbers (2 suppliers)
Rotary Seal Feeders (1 supplier)
Rotary Sealers (1 supplier)
Rotary Sealing Dies (3 suppliers)
Rotary Seals (32 suppliers)
Rotary Seals are suitable for a wide range of temperature and pressure/velocity applications. Seal solutions include flange seal, insert seals and seals with metal locking devices. They feature high performance material, metal retaining ring designs and memory lip designs. Rotary Seals are designed to seal dynamic rotating motions. Some rotary seals are designed for dry-run, including rotary shaft seals and radial lip seals.
Rotary Selector Switches (4 suppliers)
Rotary Selector Valves (1 supplier)
Rotary selector valve is a multi-port valve usually provided with 2-8 ports. This valve can be used as quiet replacement for solenoid valves. It internally supports a rotatable trunnion having an elbow passage between a nozzle portion of the trunnion and a lower end outlet that communicates with a test port of the valve body. The outer end of the nozzle has an axially reciprocable hollow seal piston with a seal support ring whose outer face is formed with an endless groove to receive an O-ring. It can control the communication of a plurality of conduits with an outlet opening into a chamber of a stationary valve casing. It can be used in installations for the detection of fuel-element-casing failure or whenever variable communications between a certain numbers of inlet passageways traversed by a fluid and one or more outlet passageways are desired.
Rotary Self Opening Die Heads (2 suppliers)
Rotary Self Opening Standard Straight Shanks (1 supplier)
Rotary Separator Turbines (2 suppliers)
Rotary separator turbine uses unique technology to separate oil, water and gas, while offering the opportunity to recover energy lost in conventional pressure letdown operations. A rotary-separator turbine is built with full flow capacity for a 500 F downhole temperature with 850,000 lbm/hr production rate. The preliminary design is for the 10-megawatt wellhead power plant for the Roosevelt type resource. This system shows a specific power of .0013 kW hr per lbm, which is 20 percent greater than an optimized wellhead single stage flash plant. This is 26 percent greater than a central plant of 20 to 50 MW capacity when consideration is given to steam-gathering system pressure drop between the wells and central plant.
Rotary Separatory Funnel Racks (1 supplier)
Rotary Servo Actuators (2 suppliers)
Rotary Servo Motors (5 suppliers)
Rotary Servomotors (2 suppliers)
Rotary Shackle Locks (1 supplier)
Rotary Shaft Feed Throughs (1 supplier)
Rotary Shaft Seals (20 suppliers)
Rotary Shaft Sensors (2 suppliers)
Rotary Shakers (7 suppliers)
Rotary Shear Cutters (3 suppliers)
Rotary Shear Knives (3 suppliers)
Rotary Shear Machine (5 suppliers)
Rotary Shear Shredder (1 supplier)
Rotary Shearing Machines (28 suppliers)
Rotary Shearing Machine is ideally suited for cutting/shearing circles, segments, strips of unlimited length, ring shearing, contour shearing, blanking, flanging & beading operations, shearing of cutouts and shearing of notches. Rotary shears can shear circles with high accuracies of +/- 0.05 mm and used for production of stator & rotor stampings with additional accessories like ball screws & PLC controls. The constriction of rotary shearing machine consists a bed, a cutter holder frame, a sheet holder frame and mechanical & hydraulic drive units.
Rotary Shears (15 suppliers)
Rotary Shears are used in the process of recycling plastics for converting scraps into particles of required size. Rotary shears are low speed devices characterized by two counter rotating shafts. The shafts rotate at different speeds. The size reduction involves a shearing or tearing action rather than the impact or crushing reduction. More than one pair of shredding shafts is mounted at the bottom of a simple, rectangular feed hopper. They are particularly well suited for the processing of pallets, drums, automobile tires and furniture where coarse size reduction is required. Due to their low speed and open construction, they are not prone to explosion. In comparison with the hammer mills, they are low noise and low potential dust device. They are not applicable to produce particles of small or controlled size.
Rotary Sheeter (1 supplier)
Rotary Shoes and Burning Shoes (2 suppliers)
Rotary Shot Blast Machines (1 supplier)
Rotary Shoulder Configurator (1 supplier)
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