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Gas & Process Industrial Liquid Vessels (6 suppliers)
Gas & Steam Combined Turbine Systems (2 suppliers)
Gas & Waste-Disposal Wells (1 supplier)
Gas & Water Well Drilling (17 suppliers)
Gas & Water Well Surface Testing (3 suppliers)
Gas Absorbers (3 suppliers)
Gas Absorption (3 suppliers)
In gas absorption, a soluble vapor is absorbed from its mixture with an inert gas by means of a liquid in which the solute gas is more or less soluble. A major application of absorption technology is the removal of CO2 and H2S from natural gas or synthesis gas by absorption in solutions of amines or alkaline salts. Another example is the washing of ammonia from a mixture of ammonia and air by means of liquid water.
Gas Absorption Refrigerators (2 suppliers)
Gas Accounting Services (1 supplier)
Gas Accumulation Indicators (1 supplier)
Gas Actuated Thermometer (5 suppliers)
Gas Adapter Tees (1 supplier)
Gas Aftercoolers (1 supplier)
Gas Air Compressors (8 suppliers)
Gas Alarms (10 suppliers)
Gas Alert Clips (1 supplier)
Gas Alert Clips measure the levels of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide in the air. Gas alert clip is a portable handheld gas detector that requires no calibration or maintenance of any kind. This device is a personal monitor that checks for oxygen and carbon monoxide.
Gas Analysis Instrumentation Services (1 supplier)
Gas Analysis Services (4 suppliers)
Gas Analytical Systems (5 suppliers)
Gas Analyzer Displays (1 supplier)
Gas Analyzer Systems (11 suppliers)
Gas Analyzers (87 suppliers)
Gas Analyzers for Low End Sulfur (16 suppliers)
Gas and Chemical Infusers (1 supplier)
Gas and chemical infusers use water or other liquids as the motive fluid, and operate on the venturi principle to inject gases or other liquids into a pressurized liquid stream. These gas infusers allow maximum gas or liquid injection with minimal differential pressure. Liquid is pumped through the infuser nozzle, emerging at a relatively high velocity, creating a zone of lower pressure contained within the suction chamber of the infuser. The suction fluid is drawn to this lower pressure zone, where the momentum of the motive liquid is transferred to the suction fluid, causing the suction fluid to be pumped.
Gas and Chemical Management Services (3 suppliers)
Gas and Dual Fuel Engines (4 suppliers)
Gas and Liquid Analysis Instruments (3 suppliers)
Gas and Liquid Back-Up Systems (1 supplier)
Gas and Liquid Sampling Bags and Liners (2 suppliers)
Gas and Vapor Actuated Thermometers (1 supplier)
Gas Assist Molds (3 suppliers)
Gas Assist Systems (1 supplier)
Gas Assisted (GA) Flare Tips for Low Calorific Value Gases (1 supplier)
Gas Assisted (GA) flare tips for smokeless combustion (1 supplier)
Gas Assisted Injection Moldings (8 suppliers)
Gas Atomized Venturi Scrubber (1 supplier)
Gas Backup Bars (1 supplier)
Gas Ball Valves (20 suppliers)
Gas Ballast Adaptors (1 supplier)
Gas Barrier Control Panels (1 supplier)
Gas Belt Drive Portable Compressor (2 suppliers)
Gas Bladder Accumulator (1 supplier)
Gas Blanketing for Storage Tanks (1 supplier)
Gas Blanketing Valves (4 suppliers)
Gas blanketing valves are pilot-operated, pressure reducing valve. It is used for extremely accurate pressure control on very low-pressure gas blanketing systems. It helps to control emissions and provides protection against any contamination from atmospheric conditions by providing a flushing action. It maintains a positive vessel pressure thereby reducing the possibility of vessel wall collapse during pump out operations.
Gas Blender Valves (1 supplier)
Gas Blender® (2 suppliers)
Gas Blending Systems (3 suppliers)
Gas Block Additives (1 supplier)
Gas Blowers (10 suppliers)
Gas Boilers (13 suppliers)
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