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Polymer Heaters (2 suppliers)
Polymer heaters combine resistive heating elements with thermoplastic compounds to create a heated assembly. Polymer heaters in a manufacturing process can make the process more efficient because the polymer heater serves as the heating solution, not just the heating element. It can provide better product performance through uniform heat distribution and by putting the heat only where it is needed. It is resistant to corrosion and scale. It also reduces power consumption. It is used in medical equipment, analytical equipment, freeze protection, and battery heating.
Polymer Hemispheres (2 suppliers)
Polymer Housing (1 supplier)
Polymer Injection Systems (2 suppliers)
Polymer Insulators (5 suppliers)
Polymer Interconnect Systems (1 supplier)
Polymer Lined Knife Gate Valve (2 suppliers)
Polymer Lithium Ion Cells (4 suppliers)
Polymer Make Down / Make Up Equipment (1 supplier)
Polymer Materials (10 suppliers)
Polymer Melt Viscometers (1 supplier)
Polymer Membrane Electrodes (2 suppliers)
Polymer Membranes (2 suppliers)
Polymeric membranes are membranes that take the form of polymeric interphases, which can selectively transfer certain chemical species over others. There are several mechanisms that could be deployed in their functioning. Knudsen diffusion and solution diffusion are prominent mechanisms. Polymeric membranes are of particular importance in gas separation applications. Polymer membrane filtration processes are increasingly employed for water desalination and purification, being inherently less energy intensive than distillation and more reliable than flocculation methods. Some industrial applications include oxygen-nitrogen separation, removal of organics and natural gas enrichment.
Polymer Metering and Injection Equipment (1 supplier)
Polymer Modified Asphalt (5 suppliers)
Polymer Modified Asphalt is a cold-applied liquid waterproofing system. Polymer modified asphalt is superior to coal tar modified polyurethane in elasticity, crack-spanning ability, rescalability but inferior in resistance to chemicals. Polymer-modified asphalt roofing materials are used in single-ply roofing or in built-up roofing systems. Polymer-modified asphalt is bonded to fiberglass or polyester reinforcing to form sheets of roofing membrane.
Polymer Optical Fiber Cables (10 suppliers)
Polymer optical fiber cable is basically used for connecting digital audio devices. It is a low-attenuation and efficient product. These advantages include high transmission capacity, excellent noise-resistance, lightweight, and flexibility. It is used in diverse fields, such as short-distance communications, industrial and decorative sectors.
Polymer Patterning and Finishing (2 suppliers)
Polymer Pencil Plant (1 supplier)
Polymer Preparation Systems (1 supplier)
Polymer Processing (8 suppliers)
Polymer Processing Machineries (6 suppliers)
Polymer Production Plants (4 suppliers)
Polymer production plants are basically a simple construction designed to efficiently mix and dissolve bitumen, residual aromatic extracts and polymers to form bituminous compounds. It is suitable for use as binders in asphalt mixes; joint sealants, adhesives and roofing felt coatings. This plant normally comprises three stages such as raw materials storage and handling, mixing and dissolving, product storage and loading.
Polymer Production Pumps (1 supplier)
Polymer Pumps (6 suppliers)
Polymer Renders (1 supplier)
Polymer Repair Systems (2 suppliers)
Polymer Scrapers (1 supplier)
Polymer seal (3 suppliers)
Polymer seals withstand high-viscosity, abrasive fluids, and high cycling velocities inherent in cold-adhesive dispensing applications. These seals are made of blended PTFE or other engineered polymers, and use pressure-energized, canted-coil spring technology. This provides near-constant contact force over a wide range of working deflections and allows wide tolerances between mating parts.
Polymer Separation Systems (1 supplier)
Polymer Sheet Stock (2 suppliers)
Polymer Sheets (5 suppliers)
Polymer Shelf Bins (1 supplier)
Polymer Siding (2 suppliers)
Polymer Soft Blow Mallet (1 supplier)
Polymer Tanks (3 suppliers)
Polymer Test Components (10 suppliers)
Polymer Testing Services (11 suppliers)
Polymer Track Pans (1 supplier)
Polymer track pans are used for spill containment to compliment loading platforms, loading racks, and loading equipment. It is generally constructed of polymer material. It is available in many different sizes and lengths.
Polymer Trench Drain Systems (2 suppliers)
Polymer Tubing (4 suppliers)
Polymer Utility Chemical Carts (1 supplier)
Polymer Valves (3 suppliers)
Polymer Vibration Isolation Pads (1 supplier)
Polymer Web Heat Treating Oven (1 supplier)
Polymer Wire Shelf Posts (1 supplier)
Polymer-Lined Bushings (2 suppliers)
Polymeric Bulk Waste Stabilizer (1 supplier)
Polymeric Dispersants (2 suppliers)
Polymeric Drainage Pipes (12 suppliers)
Polymeric Housing Post Insulators (4 suppliers)
11251 to 11300 of 22185 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 220 221 222 223 224 225 [226] 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 >> Next 50 Results
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