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Polyurethane Spiral Cables (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Spray Coating (5 suppliers)
Polyurethane Spray Insulation (3 suppliers)
Polyurethane Spring Coils (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane Spring Coils are suitable for draining a/c and refrigeration condensate. It allows flexible piping applications. Its maximum operating pressure is 8 bars at 20°C. The operating temperature is -20 to +60°C.
Polyurethane Statuaries For Outdoor Furnishings (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Straps (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane Swivel Caster (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane Threaded Post Lift Stools (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Threaded Swivel Casters (1 supplier)
PolyUrethane Timing Belts (10 suppliers)
Polyurethane Tired Wheels (4 suppliers)
Polyurethane Tooling (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane Tread Wheels (3 suppliers)
Polyurethane Tubes (4 suppliers)
Polyurethane Tubing (24 suppliers)
Polyurethane tubing combines the properties of both plastic and rubber. It offers improved abrasion resistance, flex-life, flexibility at low temperatures, tear strength, and higher working pressures. It has exceptional resistance to most gasolines, oils, kerosene, and other petroleum-based chemicals. Polyurethane tubing is available in two formulations: polyester and polyether. Polyester based polyurethane tubing has better physical characteristics than polyether based tubing and is recommended for fuels, solvents and other hydrocarbon based liquids. Polyether based polyurethane tubing is recommended for fuels, solvents and other hydrocarbon based liquids. It is an ideal choice for applications with contact to water and other aqueous solutions. It also exhibits better low temperature characteristics.
Polyurethane Tubing & Sleeves (3 suppliers)
Polyurethane Twin Wheel Casters (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane Twin Wheel Swivel Casters (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane U-Seals (2 suppliers)
Polyurethane Urns For Outdoor Furnishings (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Vapor Recovery Hose (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Vibration Control Mounts (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Washers (8 suppliers)
Polyurethane Wear Pads (3 suppliers)
Polyurethane Welded Upright Frames (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Wetpour Binders (1 supplier)
Polyurethane Wheels (20 suppliers)
Polyurethane Wire Trucks (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Acetate Homopolymer (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Alcohol (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl alcohol is a water-soluble synthetic polymer. It is the major protective colloid used in PVA adhesives. The properties of the adhesive are strongly influenced by the properties and concentration of the polyvinyl alcohol used in the preparation, or added during compounding. It can be manufactured by acid or alkaline hydrolysis or methanolysis of polyvinyl acetate. It is marked according to its degree of hydrolysis from the parent polyvinyl acetate, and also its solution viscosity.
Polyvinyl Butyral Resin (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Chloride (5 suppliers)
Polyvinyl Chloride Adjusted Pressure Regulators (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Chloride Based Tapes (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Chloride Conservation Vent (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Chloride Gasket (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Chloride Gauge Guard with Stainless Steel Liquid filled Gauge (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Chloride Injection Molding (2 suppliers)
Polyvinyl Chloride Insulation (2 suppliers)
Polyvinyl Chloride Unplastizised (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Coated Duct Fittings (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Copolymers (2 suppliers)
Polyvinyl Isobutyl Ether (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Plating Tapes (1 supplier)
Polyvinyl Tubing Hose (1 supplier)
Polyvinylidene Flouride (1 supplier)
Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Coating (7 suppliers)
Polyweld Kits (1 supplier)
Polywire Plus Hose (1 supplier)
Polywound Filter Cartridges (6 suppliers)
11751 to 11800 of 22185 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 [236] 237 238 239 240 >> Next 50 Results
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