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Hot Metal Carriers (1 supplier)
Hot Metal Detectors (11 suppliers)
Hot metal detectors are used for the determination of bar position in metals rolling mills. It typically consists of a sensor, mounting bracket, air nozzle, and mill interconnecting junction box. It is ideal for the detection of hot metal or hot product in a rod mill, bar mall, hot strip mill or other steel mill and industrial applications.
Hot Metal Laddle Transfer Cars (2 suppliers)
Hot Metal Laddles (1 supplier)
Hot Metal Ladles (3 suppliers)
Hot Mill Drive Spindles (1 supplier)
Hot Mill Gloves (2 suppliers)
Hot Mill Runout Tables (1 supplier)
Hot Mix Asphalt Storage Silos (5 suppliers)
Hot Mix Transport Systems (1 supplier)
Hot Molded Carbon Element Potentiometers (1 supplier)
Hot Molten Sulphur Hose (1 supplier)
Hot Mounting Consumables (1 supplier)
Hot Mounting Presses (3 suppliers)
Hot Mounting Resins (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Boilers (2 suppliers)
Hot Oil Circulation Pumps (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Duoflow Unions (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Filtration (2 suppliers)
Hot Oil Heaters (3 suppliers)
Hot Oil Heating Systems (4 suppliers)
Hot Oil Monoflow Unions (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Pumps (4 suppliers)
Hot Oil Reclamation (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Roll Calender Machines (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Seal (0 suppliers)
Hot Oil Service (4 suppliers)
Hot oil service includes pumping fluids at high pressure, removing paraffin from oil well tubing and pipelines, heating oil or water, circulating and cleaning oil and gas processing equipment, pumping fluid down well bore to kill well, steam cleaning and washing production equipment, treating well bore with chemical and condensate, and pressure testing tubing and casing.
Hot Oil System Cleaners (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Systems (16 suppliers)
Hot Oil Systems are designed for use in heating revolving rolls, platens, molds, jacketed tanks and autoclaves. Hot oil systems are designed for a wide variety of thermal fluids with properties matching operating requirements based on fluid characteristics. Hot oil systems employ an expansion tank positioned to maintain suction head on the circulation pumps. Hot oil systems are used as die heaters in die casting operations as well as other industrial heating applications.
Hot Oil Temperature Control Units (2 suppliers)
Hot Oil Temperature Controllers (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Treating of Oilfield Tanks (7 suppliers)
Hot Oil Trucks (3 suppliers)
Hot oil trucks are used for various applications including removing paraffin from oil well tubing and pipelines, pumping fluids at high pressure, circulating & cleaning oil and gas processing equipment, and heating oil or water. These trucks are also suitable for steam cleaning & washing production equipment, pumping fluid down well bore to kill well, and treating well bore with chemical and condensate.
Hot Oil Unit Propane Fired (1 supplier)
Hot Oil Units (4 suppliers)
Hot Oil Valves (2 suppliers)
Hot Oil Well Services (2 suppliers)
Hot Oilers (1 supplier)
Hot Oiling (6 suppliers)
Hot oiling is a method used to remove paraffin and asphaltene deposits from oil wells. These are used for the removal of deposited paraffin and asphaltene in the tubing and casing. Oil removed from a nearby storage tank is heated, and then pumped down the annulus. While the hot oil is moving down the annulus, it comes in contact with the outside of the tubing and begins to melt the deposited paraffin and asphaltene from the outside in. While the pumping continues the paraffin and asphaltene is melted and removed along with produced oil.
Hot Oils (3 suppliers)
Hot Oils are petroleum-based and consist of paraffinic and/or napthenic hydrocarbons. Hot oils are used in a multitude of heat processing applications. Hot oils have a recommended maximum bulk fluid temperature of 550°F - 600°F. Hot oils are applied to high precision engineering components.
Hot Oils (2 suppliers)
Hot oils are ideal in providing and transferring heat to area near machinery or process equipment. It provides an indirect heating or cooling and never contact with the machinery or process equipment. These oils are mainly used in circulating process heaters and chillers.
Hot Oven Chain Lubricant (1 supplier)
Hot Pin-Sample Carriers (1 supplier)
Hot Plate Bearing Heaters (1 supplier)
Hot Plate Welder (5 suppliers)
Hot Plate Welding (15 suppliers)
Hot Plate Welding Machine (14 suppliers)
Hot Plate With Thermostat (1 supplier)
Hot Platen Presses (3 suppliers)
Hot Plates (24 suppliers)
12101 to 12150 of 15134 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 240 241 242 [243] 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 >> Next 50 Results
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