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Tubular Glass Brush (1 supplier)
Tubular Glass Level Gages (3 suppliers)
Tubular Glass Type Level Indicators (1 supplier)
Tubular Handling Equipment (3 suppliers)
Tubular Handling Systems (2 suppliers)
A tubular handling method is used to move the tubulars used from a horizontal position on a piperack adjacent the well bore to a vertical position over the wall centre or a mousehole which utilizes bicep and forearm assemblies and a gripper head for attachment to a tubular. The path of the tubular being moved is close to the conventional path of the tubular utilizing known cable transfer techniques so as to allow access to the drill floor through the V-door of the drill rig.
Tubular Handling Tools (1 supplier)
Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes (26 suppliers)
Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes are used for hardfacing and build up of new/worn out metallic components to provide greater wear resistance to abrasion, erosion, corrosion and friction. These electrodes comprise densely compacted alloy powders within a thin, flux coated, steel sheath.
Tubular Heat Exchangers (13 suppliers)
Tubular Heat Recuperators (2 suppliers)
Tubular Heaters (42 suppliers)
Tubular Heating Elements (8 suppliers)
Tubular Heating Insulators (1 supplier)
Tubular Heating Jackets (1 supplier)
Tubular Horizontal Evaporators (1 supplier)
Tubular Hydroforming Equipment (3 suppliers)
Tubular Inductive Proximity Sensors (1 supplier)
Tubular Inline Centrifugal Belt Drive Fan (1 supplier)
Tubular Inline Centrifugal Fans (4 suppliers)
Tubular Inspection Services (1 supplier)
Tubular J-Bends (1 supplier)
Tubular Key Cam Lock (1 supplier)
Tubular Keyswitches (1 supplier)
Tubular Ladder Racks (1 supplier)
Tubular Leg Workbenches (1 supplier)
Tubular Level Gages (8 suppliers)
Tubular Level Gauge (1 supplier)
Tubular Level Indicator (5 suppliers)
Tubular level indicator is a reliable device for reading the level of liquid. It is a simplest form of level indicator. This level indicator finds wide application for level measurement in process tanks, and batching tanks.
Tubular Lifting Systems (1 supplier)
Tubular Linear Motor Stages (1 supplier)
Tubular Linear Shafting (3 suppliers)
Tubular Liners (1 supplier)
Tubular Lock Saws (1 supplier)
Tubular Locks (1 supplier)
Tubular Locksets (3 suppliers)
Tubular Make Up Service (2 suppliers)
Tubular Membranes (2 suppliers)
Tubular membranes are not self-supporting membranes and they are classified as tubular, capillary and hollow fiber membranes. They are located on the inside of a tube, made of a special kind of material. This material is the supporting layer for the membrane. As the location of tubular membranes is inside a tube, the flow in a tubular membrane is usually inside out. The main cause for this is that the attachment of the membrane to the supporting layer is very weak. Tubular membranes have a diameter of about 5 to 15 mm. As of the size of the membrane surface, plugging of tubular membranes is not likely to occur.
Tubular Metal Heaters (6 suppliers)
Tubular Metallic O-Ring Seals (13 suppliers)
Tubular Metallic O-Ring Seals (10 suppliers)
Tubular Metallic O-Ring Seals (7 suppliers)
Tubular metallic O-ring seals are designed to provide a high sealing level under adverse working conditions whether the medium is gas or liquid. These are constructed of stainless steel or high temperature alloy tubing or wire. These are available in various sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 315″.
Tubular Metallic O-Ring Seals (13 suppliers)
Tubular Micro Filters (1 supplier)
Tubular Mobile Workstations (1 supplier)
Tubular Modules (1 supplier)
Tubular Mounting Clips (1 supplier)
Tubular Mounting Posts (1 supplier)
Tubular Piling (2 suppliers)
Tubular Pipe (1 supplier)
Tubular Poles (7 suppliers)
Tubular Posts (1 supplier)
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