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Acoustic Emission Sensors (2 suppliers)
Acoustic Emission Testing (5 suppliers)
Acoustic Enclosures (64 suppliers)
Acoustic Enclosures for Generators (23 suppliers)
Acoustic enclosures are commonly used in industry to box noise sources in. It is useful to analyze some of the main principles involved in the design of enclosures for the purpose of controlling machinery noise. Acoustic enclosures are frequently fitted over individual casings. Acoustic Enclosures are significantly reducing the distracting background noise level caused by noisy IT equipment. These enclosures are designed to reduce noise. Acoustic enclosures are used to reduce the noise radiated by industrial machinery.
Acoustic Engineered Home Theater Interiors (4 suppliers)
Acoustic Engineering Services (16 suppliers)
Acoustic Equipment (12 suppliers)
Acoustic Filters (4 suppliers)
Acoustic Filters are necessary to eliminate high-frequency noise caused by vibrations of the motor and driving mechanism. Acoustic filters operate at high cell retention efficiency with minimal fouling. Acoustic filters are used in many devices such as mufflers, noise control materials and loudspeaker systems. These filters typically used in air-handling systems.
Acoustic Flooring (24 suppliers)
Acoustic Flow Monitors (1 supplier)
Acoustic Foam Spray Adhesive (6 suppliers)
Acoustic Foam Systems (2 suppliers)
Acoustic Foams (26 suppliers)
Acoustic Gas Guns (1 supplier)
Acoustic Gas Leak Detector (20 suppliers)
Acoustic Glass Walls (2 suppliers)
Acoustic Hoods (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Horns (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Horn is used in horn-loaded loudspeakers, signaling horns such as those used on cars, trucks, trains, boats and bicycles. It has one moving part, the titanium diaphragm. It produces vibrations at relatively low frequencies in order to remove soot and other buildups of particulates from chimneys, catalyst beds, or other process vessels. It works in the infrasonic or near-infrasonic frequency range that is used mainly with boilers and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) reactors. It includes fundamental frequency, output power level and materials of construction, weight, length, air consumption and shape. It also uses compression drivers, transducers that provide relatively high pressure and low displacement. They are designed to provide smoothness of frequency response, smoothness of power response, tonal balance, low distortion, high efficiency and time alignment.
Acoustic Induced Vibration Studies (1 supplier)
Acoustic Inspection (5 suppliers)
Acoustic Installations (1 supplier)
Acoustic Insulation Foam Products (7 suppliers)
Acoustic Insulation Units (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Insulations (37 suppliers)
Acoustic Insulation is used to prevent any unwanted noise and sound from entering a certain room. It changes the energy contained in sound waves into heat. It blocks the sound depending on the frequency, size and shape of different materials.
Acoustic Interior (9 suppliers)
Acoustic Leak Locator (1 supplier)
Acoustic Leak Sounding Systems (1 supplier)
Acoustic Level Recirculating Chiller (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Liquid Level Instrument (1 supplier)
Acoustic Louvres (9 suppliers)
Acoustic Materials (28 suppliers)
Acoustic Measurement Sound Level Meters (1 supplier)
Acoustic Monitoring (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Mountings (1 supplier)
Acoustic Noise Generator (11 suppliers)
Acoustic Noise Generator is designed to defeat wired microphones inside walls, contact microphones, audio transmitters located in AC outlets and laser/microwave reflections from windows. The acoustic noise generator is designed to create a perimeter of noise around a target area where most sound masking systems inject noise into an otherwise benign environment.
Acoustic Pad Insulation (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Pig Trackers (3 suppliers)
Acoustic Privacy System (1 supplier)
Acoustic Processors (1 supplier)
Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Services (1 supplier)
Acoustic Pyrometer (1 supplier)
Acoustic Rods (2 suppliers)
Acoustic Sensors (6 suppliers)
Acoustic Systems (2 suppliers)
Acoustic Systems, Sonar (4 suppliers)
Acoustic Test Chambers (1 supplier)
Acoustic Test Enclosures (7 suppliers)
Acoustic Timber Panels (6 suppliers)
Acoustic Treatments (8 suppliers)
Acoustic Vehicle Trim (3 suppliers)
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