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Fume Extraction Unit (10 suppliers)
Fume Extractor Filters (1 supplier)
Fume Extractors (21 suppliers)
Fume Free Heaters Rental (2 suppliers)
Fume Handling (38 suppliers)
Fume Hood Control Systems (6 suppliers)
Fume Hood Fans (2 suppliers)
Fume Hood Inline Exhaust Fans (3 suppliers)
Fume Hood Monitors (3 suppliers)
Fume Hood Testing (1 supplier)
Fume Hood With Cabinets (1 supplier)
Fume Hoods (67 suppliers)
Fume hood or fume cupboard is a scientific equipment commonly used in chemistry laboratories designed to limit exposure to hazardous fumes. It protects users from inhaling chemicals by constantly pulling air into the hood and exhausting it out of the building. It also provides protection in the event of an explosion or fire. Two main types of unit exist, ducted and recirculating. With the ducted type, old asbestos vent pipe has been superseded on health grounds, typically with PVC or polypropylene. Air is drawn from the front of the cabinet by a fan, and expelled either outside the building, or made safe through filtration and fed back into the room. It is used when handling chemicals with significant vapor pressure or working with compounds that have an offensive odor.
Fume Incinerators (4 suppliers)
Fume Purification Equipment (5 suppliers)
Fume Removal Booth (1 supplier)
Fume Removal Systems (4 suppliers)
Fume Removing Filters (1 supplier)
Fume Respirators (1 supplier)
Fume Ride Wheels (1 supplier)
Fume Scrubbers (27 suppliers)
Fume Scrubbers solves most industrial air pollution problems. These are especially effective on water-soluble fumes and odors. It has UV-resistant PVC, polypropylene and polyethylene for all outdoor installations. It has full cone spray nozzles. It also has fresh water flow meter, heavy-duty flanges and stainless steel hardware.
Fume Scrubbing Systems (11 suppliers)
Fume scrubbing system is used to absorb all acid vapors. There are two basic venting systems used most commonly such as vent through a fume scrubber open to the atmosphere; and completely closed system not open to the atmosphere. Both the fume scrubber and closed systems eliminate acid vapor emission to the atmosphere. The closed system must use a pump only for unloading and transferring acid and utilizes return vapor lines.
Fume Stacks (1 supplier)
Fume Ventilation Control Systems (2 suppliers)
Fume Ventilation Ducts (2 suppliers)
Fumigation Films (1 supplier)
Fumigation Treatments (1 supplier)
Fumigation/Heat Treat Certificates (1 supplier)
Function Analog Multimeter (3 suppliers)
Function Analog Snap Around Clamp Meters (2 suppliers)
Function Digital Multimeter (2 suppliers)
Function Digital Snap Around Clamp Meters (2 suppliers)
Function Generator Test Equipment (4 suppliers)
Function Generators (17 suppliers)
Function Generators, Programmable (3 suppliers)
Function Intelligent Charger (1 supplier)
Function Modules (1 supplier)
Function Relays (1 supplier)
Function Sweep Generator Instrument Driver (1 supplier)
Function Undercover Switch Box (1 supplier)
Functional Device Modular Panel Relays (1 supplier)
Functional Device Relays (1 supplier)
Functional Electrical Tests (3 suppliers)
Functional Equivalent Analysis (1 supplier)
Functional equivalent analysis is the process of identifying functionally duplicate items or suitable alternatives based on analyzing key technical attributes of the part. This normally entails identifying a list of the attributes by product class as well as defining a set of rules and tolerances for each attribute.
Functional Gable Vents (1 supplier)
Functional Gages (5 suppliers)
Functional Gauges (2 suppliers)
Functional LED Lights (24 suppliers)
Functional Prototype Parts (0 suppliers)
Functional Surfaces on Glass and Ceramic (2 suppliers)
Functional Test Development (1 supplier)
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