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Zero Toxin Fungi Controlling Air Purifiers (1 supplier)
Zero Toxin Odor Controlling Air Purifiers (1 supplier)
Zero Turn Lawn Mowers (5 suppliers)
Zero Turn Mowers (12 suppliers)
Zero Turn Tractor Baggers (2 suppliers)
Zero Turning Radius Lawn Mowers (4 suppliers)
Zero Turning Radius Mowers (1 supplier)
Zero Turning Riding Mowers (2 suppliers)
Zero U Patch Panel (1 supplier)
Zero Velocity Valves (2 suppliers)
Zero Voltage Switches (1 supplier)
Zero Wake Simulated Environmental Chamber (1 supplier)
Zero-Arch Roll Support Dryers (1 supplier)
Zero-Crossing Relays (2 suppliers)
Zero-crossing relay picks-up when the output voltage is near to zero and always dropout at zero-current. It is suitable for commutation for resistive and capacitive loads. It is supported with anti parallel double SCR output is the most used solid-state relay in industrial applications. It can be used for resistive, inductive and capacity loads. It is energized when voltage meets the zero point and disenergized when current meets the zero point, depending on the signal control on the input circuit. It is designed to stand high-value transitory applications. When the relay has to stand high currents for a long period, it is necessary to grant a proper dissipation and an adequate electrical connection between relay terminals and the load.
Zero-Force Palm Buttons (1 supplier)
Zero-G Connectors (2 suppliers)
Zero-Gravity Balancers (2 suppliers)
Zero-leak Guillotine Dampers (3 suppliers)
Zero-Leak Isolation Dampers (3 suppliers)
Zero-Low Crate Positioners (1 supplier)
Zero-low crate positioner is a lift table designed to lift loads up to 36 inches. Its retaining plate is adjustable at different heights.
Zero-Low Dock Lifts (1 supplier)
Zero-low dock lift is designed to lower flush to the ground level. With the table lowered, the beveled front edge allows for a load to glide on. The load is placed on the unit by a forklift or to be pushed on with a hand truck. It has side fenders that allow a pallet to rest level. It is available in capacities ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. A maximum lift height ranges from 32 to 96 inches.
Zero-Low Positioners (1 supplier)
Zero-Low Scissor Lift Tables (1 supplier)
Zero-low scissor lift table is lowered to ground level for loading of wheeled cart or pallet truck. Its cylinder is hydraulically activated. Its pressure relief valve prevents overloading.
Zero-Low Upenders (1 supplier)
Zero-low upender has a notched back-up plate in which one nests into the other. It allows the first unit to rotate the load smoothly and easily at 90 degrees into the lap or deck of the second unit. It then completes the turn the remaining 90 degrees or 180 degrees to the fully upended position.
Zero-Point Switching Integrated Heatsink (1 supplier)
Zero-Pressure Accumulating Conveyors (2 suppliers)
Zero-setup Wireless Ethernet Bridge (1 supplier)
Zero-Slot Adapters (1 supplier)
Zero-Switching Solid State Relays (1 supplier)
Zero-Turn Riding Mowers (8 suppliers)
ZIF Connector Sockets (6 suppliers)
Zig Zag Grounding Transformers (2 suppliers)
Zig Zag Neutral Grounding Transformers (2 suppliers)
Zig Zag Roll Feeders (1 supplier)
Zinc Air Batteries (3 suppliers)
Zinc air batteries employ oxygen from the air to use in its cathode, and use an anode primarily composed of zinc and an alkaline electrolyte. It produces electrochemical energy by using oxygen straight from the air. Oxygen becomes the cathode reactant, and is diffused directly into the battery. The air cathode uses an aqueous alkaline electrolyte to catalytically promote the reaction of oxygen. The cathode is compact, yet at the same time has an almost unlimited capacity, and achieves high energy densities due to the additional volume available for the zinc anode. The advantages of a zinc-air battery include flat discharge voltage, safety and environmental benefits, good shelf life, and low cost. Zinc air batteries are used for such things as hearing aids, pagers, and medical devices.
Zinc Al arc metallizing (2 suppliers)
Zinc Alloy (7 suppliers)
Zinc Alloy Cap Nuts (1 supplier)
Zinc Alloy Ingots (12 suppliers)
Zinc Angle Stock (1 supplier)
Zinc Anodes (34 suppliers)
Zinc anodes of various shapes and sizes are used on boats to protect other metals from galvanic corrosion. Dissimilar metals suspended in an electrolyte such as seawater form an electric cell when they are connected by a conductor, and galvanic corrosion eats away the anode. It sacrifices itself to protect important structural components made of bronze, copper and steel such as propellers, shafts, and through hull fittings.
Zinc Balance Weight (3 suppliers)
Zinc Battery Terminals (1 supplier)
Zinc Bonded Steel Grounding Rods (1 supplier)
Zinc Brush Unit (1 supplier)
Zinc Cap for Filter Assembly (1 supplier)
Zinc Carriage Bolts (2 suppliers)
Zinc Casting Alloys (9 suppliers)
Zinc Casting Anchor Fasteners (1 supplier)
Zinc Casting Development Services (3 suppliers)
101 to 150 of 767 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 1 2 [3] 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 >> Next 50 Results
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