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Automation Sheet Metal Components (17 suppliers)
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Automation Systems (337 suppliers)
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Automobile Oil Filters (12 suppliers)
Automobile oil filters look simple, but they are the subject of continuing research and development to make them work better. Physically, spin-on oil filter resembles a metal can that houses varying types of filter media. These are the materials that capture organic or inorganic contaminants as oil flows through. Organic contaminants include bacteria and other organisms that form gross sludge. Inorganic contaminants consist of dust that is ingested into the engine, along with trace amounts of wear metals from bearings and other internal parts. The oil enters the oil filter under pressure through the holes on the perimeter of the base plate. The dirty oil then passes through the filter media where it is cleaned. It then flows to the central tube and back into the engine through the usually threaded hollow center mounting stud. Early designs used steel wool, wire meshes and metal screens. Latter, bulk cotton or various woven fabrics like linen were used. When disposable filters became popular, cellulose and papers were used to minimize production costs. Finally synthetic media oil filters were introduced where special man-made fibers are utilized. Fiberglass and metal fabrics are also sometimes used for oil filtration. Today, most low-cost disposable spin-on oil filters use cellulose filter media. Better quality oil filters use synthetic media, while top end oil filter use micro glass or extremely fine metal mesh.
Automobile Polishing Brushes (2 suppliers)
Automobile Rear View System (2 suppliers)
Automobile Recycling (2 suppliers)
Automobile Relays (5 suppliers)
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Automobiles (158 suppliers)
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Automotive & Food Processing Control Systems (3 suppliers)
Automotive A/C System Calorimeter (1 supplier)
Automotive A/C System Test Stands (2 suppliers)
Automotive Acid Brushes (1 supplier)
Automotive Adapter Kit (3 suppliers)
Automotive Adhesive Tapes (6 suppliers)
Automotive Aerosol Paint (2 suppliers)
Automotive Air Bag Inflators (3 suppliers)
Automotive Air Conditioners (13 suppliers)
Automotive Air Conditioning Accumulators (2 suppliers)
Automotive Air Conditioning Compressors & Parts (22 suppliers)
Automotive Air Conditioning Condensers (2 suppliers)
Automotive Air Conditioning Driers (3 suppliers)
14951 to 15000 of 15750 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results [300] 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 >> Next 50 Results
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