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Water Hose Couplings (4 suppliers)
Water Hose Fittings (4 suppliers)
Water Hose Nozzles (1 supplier)
Water Hose Reels (1 supplier)
Water Hose Washers (1 supplier)
Water Hydraulic Cartridge Type Control Valves (1 supplier)
Water Hydraulic Lifts (1 supplier)
Water Hydraulic Systems (3 suppliers)
Water Immersion Chambers (1 supplier)
Water Immersion Heaters (2 suppliers)
Water Immersion Retorts (2 suppliers)
Water In Oil Analysis Equipment (1 supplier)
Water in Oil Monitors (1 supplier)
Water Indicator Tapes (1 supplier)
Water Industrial Submersible Pumps (2 suppliers)
Water Industry Nozzles (5 suppliers)
Water Injection Filters (2 suppliers)
Water Injection Manifolds (1 supplier)
Water Injection Pumps (1 supplier)
Water Injection Services (2 suppliers)
Water Injection Skids (1 supplier)
Water Injection Systems (3 suppliers)
Water injection system is used to lower in-cylinder temperatures and burn the air or fuel mixture, which helps to avoid detonation. It is useful in forced induction and internal combustion engines. The system consists of water injector, high pressure pumps and inlet air temperature sensor. A pressure sensor is connected to the inlet manifold. It is engaged when the inlet air temperature is exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. It provides 3D cartography.
Water Inlet Accessories (2 suppliers)
Water Inlet Assembly (1 supplier)
Water Inlet Backflow Check Valve (2 suppliers)
Water Inlet Hoses (1 supplier)
Water Inlet Valves (2 suppliers)
Water Instant Hot Water Systems (2 suppliers)
Water Intrusion (3 suppliers)
Water Ionizers (3 suppliers)
Water Isolation Valves (1 supplier)
Water Jacket Autoclaves (1 supplier)
Water Jacket Heaters (3 suppliers)
Water Jacketed Melters (2 suppliers)
Water Jacketed Steel Meting Tanks (3 suppliers)
Water Jackets (3 suppliers)
Water Jet Cleaning Machine (5 suppliers)
Water Jet Cut Ejection Rubber (1 supplier)
Water Jet Cut Gaskets (12 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting (339 suppliers)
Water jet cutting is a powerful variance on the conventional metal cutting tools. By means of high-pressure water jet and some abrasive, munitions can be cut with high speed. Nevertheless it is a relatively safe method as the water cools the metal and possible ignition of the explosive is suppressed. This technique can be utilized on those munitions that cannot be opened by reversed assembly e.g. munitions in bad condition. Water pressures of 400 MPa are commonly used for industrial purposes, although pressure as high as 1400 MPa is possible. The nozzle diameter can vary between 0.05 and 1mm. The outcome is a fine water jet that can cut a narrow groove. Materials for which water jet cutting is used include cardboard, insulating materials, rubber, soft gasket materials, fabrics, plastics, and food produce.
Water Jet Cutting Equipment (45 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Foam (3 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Intensifier Type Pump (1 supplier)
Water Jet Cutting Services (102 suppliers)
The water jet cutting service operated on the principle of using a granular abrasive medium contained in a high pressure water stream to accomplish its cutting. It cuts faster than wire EDM, and can handle thicker material than most lasers. It has a process where a jet stream of water is forced through a tiny nozzle at a very high pressure. It provides many unique capabilities and advantages that allow the cutting of materials and parts often considered too costly or even impossible with other methods such as laser and die cutting.
Water Jet Cutting Services, Hardened Steel (2 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Services, Plastics (5 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Services, Radio Frequency Interference Shielding (4 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Services, Stainless Steel (6 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Services, Steel (5 suppliers)
Water Jet Cutting Services, Stillages (3 suppliers)
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