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Pressure Switch with Disconnect Lever (1 supplier)
Pressure switch with metal bellows sensor (1 supplier)
Pressure Switches (126 suppliers)
Pressure Switches are actuated by a change in the pressure of a liquid or gas. They activate electromechanical or solid-state switches upon reaching a specific pressure level. Pressure switches have an electro-mechanical or solid-state switch construction. Pressure switches are a sensor element or chip, a sensor or transducer, an instrument or meter, a gauge or indicator, a recorder or totalizer and a controller.
Pressure Switches (99 suppliers)
Pressure switch is a control switch, which is used in commercial and residential refrigerator system. It consists of three elements: pressure sensing element such as diaphragm, metal elbows and piston, a calibrating spring opposing the deflection of the pressure sensing element, thus translating pressure into motion and an electrical contacts that are actuated when spring deflection reaches a certain point. Pressure switches are often used as safety devices to cut the equipment off if the pressure is dangerously high or low.
Pressure Switches (41 suppliers)
Pressure Switches (74 suppliers)
Pressure Switch is a device that senses pressure and changes state at the programmed or adjust point. This closes or opens a set of electrical contacts when a given amount of pressure is exerted on the switch diaphragm. This can be adjustable or non-adjustable and dual pressure is available. The pressure switch closes at a pressure level called the cut-in pressure and opens at a pressure known as the cut out pressure. The cut out pressure determines the lower temperature limit. To set the uppermost temperature limit, the cut-in pressure must also be determined. The difference between the cut-in and cut-out pressure of the switch is differential. This is used as refrigeration system's operating control as a safety device, or to operate a certain part of the total system. Some pressure switches are equipped with a manual reset button that locks in the open position. This is used in both commercial and residential switches.
Pressure Switches Line Filters (3 suppliers)
Pressure Swivel Assembly (1 supplier)
Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (1 supplier)
Pressure Tank Replacements (5 suppliers)
Pressure Tank Testing (1 supplier)
Pressure Tanks (45 suppliers)
Pressure Tap Fittings (1 supplier)
Pressure Temperature Dummy Gas Valve (1 supplier)
Pressure Temperature Miniature Gauge (3 suppliers)
Pressure Test Plugs (2 suppliers)
Pressure Test Pumps (2 suppliers)
Pressure Test Rigs (6 suppliers)
Pressure Test Tools (4 suppliers)
Pressure Testable Joint Closures (1 supplier)
Pressure Testable Joint Kits (1 supplier)
Pressure Testers (12 suppliers)
Pressure Testing (33 suppliers)
Pressure testing is a test performed on a two-stroke engine to ensure that the engine has no air leaks. An air leak in a two-stroke engine can cause a lean condition in engines air-fuel mixture. This in turn can result in serious engine damage.
Pressure Testing & Certification Services (6 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Clamps (1 supplier)
Pressure Testing Equipment (14 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Gauges (9 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Kit (4 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Pumps (17 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Regulators (3 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Service (8 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Units (2 suppliers)
Pressure Testing Vessels (4 suppliers)
Pressure Tests (1 supplier)
Pressure Tight Closure Systems (1 supplier)
Pressure To Electric Interface Devices (1 supplier)
Pressure Transducer Calibration and Repair Services (12 suppliers)
Pressure Transducer Controlled Pumps (1 supplier)
Pressure Transducer Displays (1 supplier)
Pressure Transducer for Cryogenic Environment (2 suppliers)
Pressure Transducer Recalibration System (1 supplier)
Pressure Transducer Sensors (1 supplier)
Pressure Transducers (197 suppliers)
Pressure Transducers are used in equipment such as plasticators to improve output and melt quality & enhance production safety. Pressure transducers operate on the principle of measuring the pressure-induced distortion in a flexible membrane. The transducer consists of two chambers separated by a thin flexible membrane.
Pressure Transducers, Hydraulic (1 supplier)
Pressure Transfer System (2 suppliers)
Pressure Transient Analysis (3 suppliers)
Pressure Transmitters (105 suppliers)
Pressure transmitters are used to determine the pressure in a vessel or sometimes the level of the vessel. It measures and transmits signal that provides information on these values at specific points in a water system. They provide the information needed to calculate an individual pump's performance or that for a complete pumping system. The differential transmitters are used to measure the hydrostatic level in closed vessels such as hydropneumatic tank. This converts applied pressure to an electrical signal that can be interpreted by a computer or other interpretive device, where it can be used to display or control a process variable.
Pressure Transmitters (73 suppliers)
Pressure Transmitters (147 suppliers)
Pressure Transmitters translate low-level electrical outputs from pressure sensing devices to higher-level signals that is suitable for transmission and processing. They use many different sensing technologies and measure the pressure of liquids and/or gases. Pressure transmitters are capable of performing various pressure measurements and displaying amounts in different units. The specifications for pressure transmitters include working pressure range, vacuum range, accuracy and operating temperature. Pressure transmitters produce several types of electrical signals, which include analog voltage and analog current.
Pressure Transmitters Extreme High Vibrations (1 supplier)
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