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Barytes Powder (6 suppliers)
Barytes powder is an inert powder used with titanium dioxide to make compositions for filling cracks, and in conjunction with other fillers to build up porcelain. It is useful in epoxy fills. It is suitable for noise reduction, fillers, paints, friction materials, glass, and thermoplastics.
Bascule Bridges (1 supplier)
Base Anchors (1 supplier)
Base Angle Installation Systems (1 supplier)
Base Assemblies (3 suppliers)
Base Blocks (2 suppliers)
Base Boosters (3 suppliers)
Base Bracket (1 supplier)
Base Burner Controls (3 suppliers)
Base Cabinet (2 suppliers)
Base Castings (9 suppliers)
A nickel-base casting superalloy consisting (by weight of the alloy) of 7% to 25% chromium, 0.2% to 7% aluminum, 0.2% to 6% titanium, 0.01% to 0.25% carbon, up to 0.2% zirconium, up to 0.15% boron, up to 3% hafnium, at least 5% of a matrix-strengthening element selected from the group consisting of 0 to 25% cobalt, 0 to 10% molybdenum, 0 to 13% tungsten, 0 to 6% tantalum, 0 to 5% columbium, and 0 to 1.5% vanadium, a carbide shape controller selected from 0.022% to 0.15% magnesium, 0.005% to 0.1% calcium, or mixtures thereof, and the balance nickel except for impurities said alloy in the as-cast condition having a fine grain macrostructure in thick as well as thin sections, exhibiting a microstructure having precipitated carbide particles which are substantially equi-axed in shape and well-distributed through the alloy with a substantial portion of the carbide shape controller content of the alloy concentrated in such particles and at grain boundaries, and displaying in its thick sections a tensile strength and elongation substantially higher than a corresponding thick-section alloy having a microstructure exhibiting script-like carbide particles substantially free internally and at grain boundaries of said carbide shape controller. Silver base casting alloys for dental use which have a yellow color. They are useful for the manufacture of crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis and such dental prosthesis are within the scope of the invention. The dental alloys consist essentially of 40-60% silver, 15-20% indium, 8-15% copper, 0.1-2% nickel, 0.1-2% zinc, from 0-10% gold and/or from 0-30% palladium. The total of gold and palladium content is between 10 and 30%.
Base Ceramic Grinding Fluids (2 suppliers)
Base Channel (3 suppliers)
Base Coater Mandrels (1 supplier)
Base Components (1 supplier)
Base Conversion Kit (2 suppliers)
Base Decoilers (3 suppliers)
Base Design Swivots (2 suppliers)
Base Drum Heaters (2 suppliers)
Base drum heater is made of robust steel. It is manufactured with silicone rubber insulated heater mat, which provides an even distribution of heat to the platen. It is constructed from mild steel for extra rigidity on uneven surfaces with tapered edges for safe ease of drum location and is protected by a resilient high temperature coating. Temperature adjustment is afforded by a front aperture in the control unit, with neon's indicating power on and load switching, all viewed through a window in the control unit top. The base drum heater is controlled by a 20° to 150°C capillary thermostat
Base Elements (1 supplier)
Base End Clevises (1 supplier)
Base Extensions (1 supplier)
Base Female Connectors (2 suppliers)
Base Flange Milling (1 supplier)
Base Fuel Tanks (3 suppliers)
Base Gear Drives (2 suppliers)
Base Girt (1 supplier)
Base I/O Racks (1 supplier)
Base In-Feed Cables (2 suppliers)
Base Lamp Sockets (1 supplier)
Base Metal Catalyst (4 suppliers)
Base Metal Processing (4 suppliers)
Base Metal Protection Tube Thermocouple (1 supplier)
Base Metal Thermocouples (6 suppliers)
Base Metal Thermowell Assemblies (3 suppliers)
Base Model Tachometer (2 suppliers)
Base Modules (2 suppliers)
Base Mouldings / Caps (3 suppliers)
Base Mount Bent Tube Assembly (1 supplier)
Base Mount Kits (1 supplier)
Base Mount Motion Detectors (2 suppliers)
Base Mount Refrigerators (2 suppliers)
Base Mount Resistance Detectors (1 supplier)
Base Mount Sockets (1 supplier)
Base Mount Solid State Timers (1 supplier)
Base Mount Spindle Sander Guards (1 supplier)
Base Mount Timers (2 suppliers)
Base Mount Voltage Detectors (2 suppliers)
Base Mounted Attenuators (2 suppliers)
Base Mounted Centrifugal Pumps (3 suppliers)
1751 to 1800 of 10780 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 [36] 37 38 39 40 >> Next 50 Results
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