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Process Documentation (2 suppliers)
Process Dryers (2 suppliers)
Process Drying System (3 suppliers)
Process Dual Counter (1 supplier)
Process Duct Systems (2 suppliers)
Process Economic Analyzers (1 supplier)
Process Electric Heaters (9 suppliers)
Process Electric Heaters are designed for heating flowing liquids and gases. It can heat air, nitrogen, steam, water, oil, and chemicals. It consists of a tubular flanged immersion heater mounted in heating chamber. The chamber is equipped with flanged inlet and outlet connections, mounting studs, high temperature insulation and an aluminum jacket.
Process Electrical Power/Utility Requirements (4 suppliers)
Process Engineering And Consulting, Air Pollution Control (79 suppliers)
Process Engineering Consultants (133 suppliers)
Process Engineering Recruitment Services (2 suppliers)
Process Engineering Services (86 suppliers)
Process Engineers Recruitment Services (2 suppliers)
Process Enhancements (1 supplier)
Process Equipment (137 suppliers)
Process Equipment Installation (4 suppliers)
Process Equipment Sizing (5 suppliers)
Process Evaluation Services (1 supplier)
Process Evaluations (4 suppliers)
Process Exhaust System (2 suppliers)
Process Filter Gage (1 supplier)
Process Filter Internals (2 suppliers)
Process Fired Heaters (1 supplier)
Process Firing Systems (1 supplier)
Process Flare Systems (3 suppliers)
Process Flow Diagrams (14 suppliers)
Process flow diagram is a diagram, which is commonly used in chemical and process engineering to indicate the general flow of plant processes and equipment. The PFD displays the relationship between major equipment of a plant facility and does not show minor details such as piping details and designations. Typically, process flow diagrams of a single unit process will include the following process piping, major equipment items, control valves and other major valves, connections with other systems, major bypass and recirculation streams.
Process Flow Manual Wafer Butterfly Valves (1 supplier)
Process Flow Sheets (3 suppliers)
Process flow sheet is a deinking technology that is utilized in the production of newsprint from recycled fibres is well established. Major factors that influence this technology development and process design include: product quality requirements, resource availability, wastepaper characteristics, percent of recycled fibre in furnish and environmental regulations. This sheet provides details on the devices to be used, operating temperatures and pressures at key locations, compositions of flow streams, utilities, feed and product stream details, and other important data.
Process Flow Systems (3 suppliers)
Process Fluid Chillers (15 suppliers)
Process Fluid Coolers (21 suppliers)
Process Gas Analyzers (1 supplier)
Process Gas Blowers (1 supplier)
Process Gas Boilers (6 suppliers)
Process Gas Chillers (6 suppliers)
Process Gas Chromatograph (1 supplier)
Process Gas Compressor (8 suppliers)
Process Gas Heaters (2 suppliers)
Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers (1 supplier)
Process Gauges (1 supplier)
Process Gauges Recondition (1 supplier)
Process Gauges Recycling (1 supplier)
Process Grade Thermometers (2 suppliers)
Process Hazard Analysis (26 suppliers)
Process Heat Exchanger (8 suppliers)
Process Heat Transfer System Installation (3 suppliers)
Process Heat Transfer System Maintenance (1 supplier)
Process Heaters (32 suppliers)
Process heaters contain a process fluid in the tubes, rather than water. The process fluid is usually a hydrocarbon. These heaters come in tow main varieties: vertical cylindrical and cabin style. Vertical cylindrical heaters comprise a cylindrical flame zone surrounded by process tubes. Cabin style heaters are rectangular with wall and roof tubes. The radiant section comprised of overhead tubes that cannot directly view the flame. Convective tubes receive their heat from the direct contact of the combustion gases. The transition from the radiant to convective sections is known as bridgewall.
Process Heating Consulting Services (8 suppliers)
Process Heating Ovens (2 suppliers)
18601 to 18650 of 22185 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 [373] 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 >> Next 50 Results
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