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Programmable Digital Micro Ohmmeter (1 supplier)
Programmable Digital Process Meter (1 supplier)
Programmable Digital Temperature Controllers (9 suppliers)
Programmable Digital Thermostat (1 supplier)
Programmable Dispensing Machines (1 supplier)
Programmable Dispensing System (1 supplier)
Programmable Displays (2 suppliers)
Programmable Dosimeter (1 supplier)
Programmable Driver (1 supplier)
Programmable Drives (1 supplier)
Programmable Electronic Heat Gun Kit (1 supplier)
Programmable Electronic Horns (1 supplier)
Programmable Electronic Load (3 suppliers)
Programmable Electronic Load Instrument Driver (1 supplier)
Programmable Electronic Position Switches (1 supplier)
Programmable Encoders (3 suppliers)
Programmable Environmental Chambers (3 suppliers)
Programmable Feeding Devices (1 supplier)
Programmable Filter Wheels (2 suppliers)
Programmable Filter Wheels features a removable filter carrier system that enables the wheel to be configured for 25 mm diameter, 32 mm diameter filters, or any combination of 25 and 32 mm diameter filters. A proprietary built-in electronic shutter increases reliability and is designed for up to 20 million cycles. It has high resolution encoding is used to provides accurate filter positioning. Adapters are available to mount the new filter wheel to any commonly available microscope. It provides fast, automated and efficient optical filter changing for microscopes. The filter wheel position is digitally encoded which makes it immune to slippage and skipping errors. Accurate filter positioning is essential to eliminate imaging errors that affect the optical performance .The LEP filter wheel is driven by a DC servo motor specifically selected for smooth, quiet, damped wheel motion. It provides flexibility and expandability. The modular controller provides high performance and flexibility. It is widely supported by almost any available imaging software application.
Programmable Forced Draft Furnaces (1 supplier)
Programmable Frequency Protective Relays (3 suppliers)
Programmable Frequency Transducers (1 supplier)
Programmable Gain Amplifiers (3 suppliers)
Programmable Gantry Systems (1 supplier)
Programmable Hand-Held Controller (1 supplier)
Programmable Heat Pump Thermostats (2 suppliers)
Programmable Heater Timer (1 supplier)
Programmable Hot Air Reflow System (1 supplier)
Programmable Humidity Chambers (4 suppliers)
Programmable Humidity Chamber has two sets of controls featuring proportional, integral and derivative parameters. It also has reset windup inhibit and reset clipping facilities. This control system provides control setting and indication resolution of 0.1° and +/- 0.1% relative humidity. This controller has 200 program steps for up to 99 recipes and 16 programmable events. A host computer is used to communicate with the programmer. All recorder functions can be easily configured through the keys on the front panel. The special swing-out mounting bracket allows the recorder/controller to be pivoted from the side of the control compartment to the front if desired. The high efficiency air circulation system is delivering horizontal airflow that is an integral part of chamber construction. This direct drive design has an extended shaft electric motor coupled to a stainless steel centrifugal blower wheel.
Programmable Hygro-Thermometer Humidity Alert (1 supplier)
Programmable Indicators (1 supplier)
Programmable Intelligent Relays (1 supplier)
Programmable Isolation Amplifier (1 supplier)
Programmable Keyboards (3 suppliers)
Programmable LED Display (3 suppliers)
Programmable LED Indicator (1 supplier)
Programmable Length Counters (5 suppliers)
Programmable Lighting Control Panels (2 suppliers)
Programmable Limit Switches (10 suppliers)
Programmable Line Voltage Thermostats (1 supplier)
Programmable Linear Thrusters (1 supplier)
Programmable Load Channels (1 supplier)
Programmable Load Power Supply (2 suppliers)
Programmable Logic Controller Protectors (2 suppliers)
Programmable Logic Controllers (148 suppliers)
Programmable Logic Devices (4 suppliers)
Programmable Logic Devices, Digital (1 supplier)
Programmable Logic Relays (1 supplier)
Programmable Loop-Powered Temperature Transducers (1 supplier)
Programmable Metering Liquid Fuel Bypass Valve (1 supplier)
19251 to 19300 of 22185 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 380 381 382 383 384 385 [386] 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 >> Next 50 Results
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