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Scraper Separators (1 supplier)
Scraper Straight Blades (2 suppliers)
Scraper Tractors (4 suppliers)
Scraper Type Grit Collectors (1 supplier)
Scraper-Mounted Tanks (1 supplier)
Scrapers (24 suppliers)
Scrapers (19 suppliers)
Scrapers are combined earth-excavating and transporting units under one-man control. The scrapers are either tractor-drawn or motorized units. These scrapers are useful in removing earth & weak or broken rock and for excavating hills & rock faces. Some scrapers are designed for long hauls.
Scrapers (60 suppliers)
Scrapers Brushes (1 supplier)
Scraping Chisel Bits (1 supplier)
Scraping Tools (1 supplier)
Scrapped Surface Heat Exchangers (13 suppliers)
Scrapper Feeder Chain Conveyor (1 supplier)
Scrapper Rings (2 suppliers)
Scrapper Type Agitator (1 supplier)
Scrappers (4 suppliers)
Scratch & Shear Resistance Testers (1 supplier)
Scratch & Shear Resistance Testers evaluates resistance to shearing, scratching, gouging, marring, scraping and engraving. It is used in quality control, materials and product development, the applications are diverse. It is ideal for evaluating adhesive qualities of surface coatings, detecting the lack of homogeneity in comparative materials, rating similar or competitive materials, or analyzing the effects of age under controlled environmental conditions. Precision, calibrated weights provide a flexible testing range for a variety of products. It test rigid organic materials, adhesive coatings, paints, powder coatings, anodized materials, soft metals, synthetics, linoleum, laminates, plastics, glass, plus many others. It offers tremendous versatility to simulate abrasion and scratch resistance of virtually any product. It incorporates a horizontal arm that reciprocates in a linear motion. It allows the operator to conduct wear tests using an abradant the diameter of a pencil eraser and to expand the range of testing, a variety of optional interchangeable attachments are available to evaluate a products resistance to scratch, gouge, scrape, rub, mar, coin scrape, and crock testing.
Scratch Awl Marker (1 supplier)
Scratch Awls (2 suppliers)
Scratch Brush Merchandiser (1 supplier)
Scratch Brushes (4 suppliers)
Scratch Drive Actuator (2 suppliers)
Scratch Off Labelling Systems (2 suppliers)
Scratch Pads (1 supplier)
Scratch Pin Probe (1 supplier)
Scratch Removal Kits (1 supplier)
Scratch Removal on Glass (1 supplier)
Scratch Start TIG Torches (2 suppliers)
Scratch Testers (3 suppliers)
Scratch Testers are used to assess the coating adhesion on many different types of substrates such as metal alloys, semiconductors, glass, and refractive materials. It is used to test the relative homogeneity of materials, the adhesive qualities of protective coatings and the effects of age on similar materials. It uses a small diamond stylus to test the adhesion of coatings. The diamond with a radius of 200µm is scratched across the coated surface of a substrate at a constant velocity whilst a load is applied with a constant loading rate. It causes stresses to increase at the interface between the coating and the substrate that result in delamination or chipping of the coating to occur. A variety of materials can be tested including coatings, metals, ceramics, composites, polymers, and other material surfaces. It can be easily interchanged to perform a wide variety of scratch tests. It feature includes uni-directional or bi-directional sliding, normal load is constant, stepped or ramped, separate parallel tracks possible on a single test sample, uni-directional or bi-directional passes over the same track possible, windows TriboDATA data acquisition software is included to record and graph test results, built-in CCD camera included to capture scratch scar image.
Scratch Wire Brush (4 suppliers)
Scratch-Guard Strip Doors (1 supplier)
Scratched Wire Detector (2 suppliers)
Scratcher Cultivator (1 supplier)
Screed Brackets (1 supplier)
Screed Plates (2 suppliers)
Screeding (7 suppliers)
Screeds (19 suppliers)
Screeds, Rental (2 suppliers)
Screeds are fitted with tampers and vibrators. Screeds are available with standard gas heating system or optional electric element heating. The purpose of a screed is to provide a smooth and level base for the laying of floorings.
Screen & Synthetic Separator Cartridges (1 supplier)
Screen Adapters (1 supplier)
Screen Balls (1 supplier)
Screen Belt Conveyor Dryers (1 supplier)
Screen Belt Direct Gas Conveyors (1 supplier)
Screen Blockout Units (1 supplier)
Screen Bolts (2 suppliers)
Screen bolts are designed to reduce screen maintenance downtime and ensure a problem free mechanical joint. These are fitted in minutes using a simple hydraulic pump. It is mainly used in mining applications.
Screen Bowl Centrifuge (21 suppliers)
Screen bowl centrifuges are applied in the separation of solids from liquid in suspensions containing proteins of superfine particles. In the screen bowl centrifuge, the discharge of a solid bowl is delivered to the screen portion. This provides for maximum dewatering with minimum retention time on the screen. Screen bowl centrifuges are also applied in plastic industries for extracting moisture from S-PVC, polyethylene, DMT and similar products.
Screen Bowl Decanter Centrifuges (4 suppliers)
Screen Bowl Screw Conveyors (1 supplier)
Screen Breather Vent (1 supplier)
Screen Bulkhead Sprinters (1 supplier)
1901 to 1950 of 32219 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 [39] 40 >> Next 50 Results
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