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Propelled Stacker (2 suppliers)
Propeller Adapters (1 supplier)
Propeller Agitators (11 suppliers)
Propeller Agitators use three-bladed marine-type propellers. These units are characterized by rotational speeds that seldom permit the propeller diameter to exceed 1.5m. Propeller agitators are sized by horsepower according to the volume and viscosity of the batch. Propeller agitators have blades that extend over less than 25% of tank diameters and resemble marine propellers. They operate at speeds of 400 rpm to 1,500 rpm. The propeller agitators hydraulically transfer very high impulse forces, through which it is possible to maintain large basin volumes in continuous motion.
Propeller and Running Gear Coating Kit (1 supplier)
Propeller and Shaft Handling Trucks (2 suppliers)
Propeller Balancing Systems (1 supplier)
Propeller Blades (3 suppliers)
Propeller Caps (2 suppliers)
Propeller Filtered Supply Roof Ventilators (1 supplier)
Propeller Hooded Roof Fans (1 supplier)
Propeller Hooded Roof Ventilators (3 suppliers)
Propeller Hubs (2 suppliers)
Propeller Impellers (8 suppliers)
Propeller Inspection Systems (1 supplier)
Propeller Jam Nuts (1 supplier)
Propeller Meters (2 suppliers)
Propeller Nuts (4 suppliers)
Propeller Polishing (1 supplier)
Propeller Protractors (1 supplier)
Propeller Pullers (1 supplier)
Propeller Pump Drives (2 suppliers)
Propeller Pump Gear Drives (2 suppliers)
Propeller Pumps (12 suppliers)
Propeller Range of Mixers (1 supplier)
Propeller Reamers (1 supplier)
Propeller Reconditioning Tools (2 suppliers)
Propeller Repair Service (9 suppliers)
Propeller Shaft Bearing Systems (2 suppliers)
Propeller Shaft Clutches (2 suppliers)
Propeller Shaft Kit (6 suppliers)
Propeller Shafts (26 suppliers)
Propeller Turbines (2 suppliers)
Propeller Type Fan Blades (3 suppliers)
Propeller Type Flowmeters (12 suppliers)
Propeller Upblast Roof Ventilators (3 suppliers)
Propeller Wall Fans (5 suppliers)
Propeller Washed Bead Filters (2 suppliers)
Propellers (54 suppliers)
Propeller is a device which transmits power by converting it into thrust for propulsion of a vehicle such as an aircraft, ship, or submarine, by rotating two or more twisted blades about a central shaft, in a manner analogous to rotating a screw through a solid. The blades of a propeller act as rotating wings, and produce force through application of both Bernoulli's principle and Newton's third law, generating a difference in pressure between the forward and rear surfaces of the airfoil-shaped blades. Propellers of all types are referred to as screws, those on aircraft are usually referred to as airscrews. Changes to a propeller's efficiency are produced by a number of factors, notably adjustments to the helix angle, the angle between the resultant relative velocity and the blade rotation direction, and to blade pitch. Constant-speed propellers automatically adjust the blade pitch angle to alter resistance torque in response to sensed changes in rotational speed.
Proper Ball Position Three Way Flanged Ball Valves (1 supplier)
Proper Shipping Name DOT (1 supplier)
Property Estimation Software (1 supplier)
The property estimation software is used by field property adjusters to complete estimate reports on site, print them for review by the insured, then transmit the data via a secure internet connection to a back-end claims processing server.
Property Identification Labels (1 supplier)
Property Line Monitoring (1 supplier)
Property Maintenance Management Systems (6 suppliers)
Proportion ting Pumps (6 suppliers)
Proportioning Pump is used to continuously and simultaneously push fluids, air and gases through the analytical chain. In fact, it is the heart of the automatic analysis system. It is available either for single-speed or for two speed operations. The single speed pump has the capacity synchronous gear had utilizing 10 rpm output shaft at 50 Hz. The two-speed pump has a non-synchronous 45rpm motor. The slow speed in this pump is used for the ordinary working during a run and a much quicker one for filling the system with reagents before a run and for rapid washing to clear out reagents after the run.
Proportional & Delay Modules (1 supplier)
Proportional Air Flow Control Valve (1 supplier)
Proportional Air/Gas Mixers (1 supplier)
Proportional Amplifiers (1 supplier)
Proportional Bandwidth Units (1 supplier)
19651 to 19700 of 22185 results  Page: << Previous 50 Results 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 [394] 395 396 397 398 399 400 >> Next 50 Results
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