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Ocean Submersible Solenoid Actuators (2 suppliers)
Oceanguard Seals (3 suppliers)
Oceanographic Consulting (2 suppliers)
Oceanographic Equipment (21 suppliers)
Oceanographic Software Development (1 supplier)
Oceanographic Temperature Sensor (2 suppliers)
Oceanographic Winches (4 suppliers)
Oceanography Blocks (1 supplier)
Octagon Box Extension Ring (1 supplier)
Octagon Boxes (1 supplier)
Octagon Collars (1 supplier)
Octagon Compaction Containers (1 supplier)
Octagon Concrete Box Covers (1 supplier)
Octagon Receiver Containers (1 supplier)
Octagon Receiver Roll-Off Container (1 supplier)
Octagonal Column Tombstones (2 suppliers)
Octagonal Columns (1 supplier)
Octagonal Heavy Duty Poles (1 supplier)
Octagonal Hollow Stem Augers (1 supplier)
Octagonal Hollow Stem Cutter Heads (2 suppliers)
Octagonal Light Duty Poles (1 supplier)
Octagonal Medium Duty Poles (1 supplier)
Octagonal Metal Gaskets (1 supplier)
Octagonal Metal Ring Type Joint (2 suppliers)
Octagonal Packer (1 supplier)
Octagonal Shape Pin Vises (1 supplier)
Octagonal Tree Grates (1 supplier)
Octagonal Type Ring Joint Gasket (2 suppliers)
Octahedral Stirrer Magnets (1 supplier)
Octal Cables (1 supplier)
Octal Pin Header (0 suppliers)
Octal Sockets (0 suppliers)
Octane Analyzers (2 suppliers)
Octane analyzer is ideal for instant octane rating of motor gasoline, corresponding to motor and research methods (RON and MON) as well as for cetane number of diesel fuels. In addition, temperature rating of the analyzed liquid and diesel fuel solidification is also provided. It has the portable compact design and is used for on-line inspection of motor fuel quality in the field and laboratory conditions. The octane analyzer is calibrated with the help of the PC.
Octane Gas Cylinders (5 suppliers)
Octave Band Analyzer (1 supplier)
Octave Band Filters, Rental (1 supplier)
Octave band filters are used in basic acoustic engineering design and analysis work. By observing the frequency band in which the maximum sound pressure level occurs, the system characteristics that relate to the noise generation may be identified. Octave band filters has the ability to split the audible spectrum into smaller bands, identifying the frequency content of the noise. An octave band is defined as a frequency range in which the ratio of the upper and lower frequency limits for the range is equal to 2. Octave band filters are often included as a feature of sound level meters. If the filters were perfect all the energy outside the octave band frequency range would be attenuated. Typically the attenuation of the octave band filter is on the order of -25 db at a frequency one octave below or one octave above the center frequency of the octave band.
Octave Band Mixers (1 supplier)
Octyl Phenol (1 supplier)
OCXO Oscillators (4 suppliers)
OD Air Rings (1 supplier)
OD Cartridge Assemblies (1 supplier)
OD Collets (1 supplier)
OD Cylindrical Finishers (2 suppliers)
OD Cylindrical Finishers operate on the center less principle, but they are not the same as center less grinders. They do not produce close tolerances because of the resilience in both the finishing medium and the regulating wheel or belt. These finishers are suited to a wide range of applications including decorative finishing, surface improvement, cleaning, deburring and roughing prior to center less grinding. One of the strengths of these finishers is that the regulating wheel is mounted on a pneumatic slide, allowing it to finish parts of a widely changing diameter, such as aluminum baseball bats.
OD Cylindrical Grinding (7 suppliers)
OD Disk Grippers (1 supplier)
OD Grinding Center Adapters (1 supplier)
OD Grooving & Forming Services (6 suppliers)
OD Hard Solid Jaws (1 supplier)
OD Tube Scarfing Tools (3 suppliers)
OD-ID Profile Grinders (5 suppliers)
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